She stared at the screen, her longhair tumbling over her shoulders, her silvery blond hair looking white in the faint light of the room, the only light coming from the TV, her pale blue eyes watching the couple on the screen kiss as romantic music filled the room from the speakers. She sighed longingly as she watched, completely unaware of her surroundings. She giggled happily as the couple on the screen started to make love. She sighed happily as the screen flashed the end. She turned off the TV, grabbed her glass, walked into the kitchen, put her glass in the sink, and walked up stairs, pulling her hair out of its clip, making it seem much longer as it tumbled down her back. She unbuttoned her top as she walked into her bedroom and turned the light on and threw her shirt into the wash hamper at the foot of her bed. Suddenly the phone started to ring. She looked at the caller I.D. which just flashed 'incoming call' over and over again… She finally picked up, just before it flashed 'home'

"Hello? Thank you for calling. You're speaking with Lora Weitherspoon. How may I help you?" She answered, her voice taking on a sweet note as she sat down on her bed, crossing her legs and kicking off her heals.

"Hello Lora." A male voice came sounding gargled.

"Hello. Can I ask who is calling?"

"Sure… doesn't mean you'll get an answer…How's Sydney? And Lorel? Oh, and my favorite Tania? You know them… How are they?" Lora started choking in horror.

"Missing." She gasped.

"Yeah… I know…"

"Then why'd you ask?"

"Would you like to speak to them? They spoke highly of you. They loved you, adored you… little s… Now… what's your favorite horror movie?"

"I don't have one… I've never watched a horror movie. Why are asking?"

"Well… I'm going to introduce you to one… "

"Um… how did you know Tania, Lorel, and Sydney? Who are you?"

"I'm the man they went to you about."

"what are you talking about?"

"Lora, when was the last time you were in the basement?"

"I don't go down there."

"Why not? Too scared?"

"I have no need to. My power works fine, I work most of the day, watch TV in the evening, sleep during the night and hang with my friends on the weekend. I have never found need to be in the …base…ment…"Lora paused, listening. " How did you know I have a basement?"

"Would you like to see them again Lora?"

"Yes… but they're missing. Assumed to be . How can I see them again?"

"Well… I happen to be with them… do you remember the day you came home from work to find your basement door open? And your front door opened waay to easily?" Lora gasped.

"How did you know about that?" She cried. She listened to the man chuckle. She grabbed the caller I.D. thing and read it.


"Who are you? Where are you?"

"I'm the man of your dreams Lora… I'm the last man you'll ever see. " The lights flickered. " I'm going to meet you real soon Lora. But I do have one question though… where is Aria? And Saphire?"

"Uh… On Rex of course. Always on Rex with Harrier. How do you know about them?"

"I have a few…"The lights flickered again. "lose ends to clean up. You see… someone blabs too much and then you got a mess to clean up. So how do you feel about… ? And ?"

"You pig! Who are you?" The lights went out and the house was heard whirring to a stop, all electronics no longer working.

"I'll meet you soon. You might want to fix your electricity. Don't want to be in the dark do you?" click. Lora grabbed the flash light and turned it on and walked down stairs muttering something about stalkers.

"I'm a womans crisis worker… gods… when do they get stalked? I've never heard of it." She walked into the basement and across the floor to the power box and opening it. She reset everything and listened to the house roar to life around her and the basement light come on behind her. She blinked, staring at the box.

"Funny, I don't recall turning on the light. Maybe I left it on before… that doesn't—" She turned around and dropped the flashlight and screamed at the sight before her. Lorel, a tall with the most amazing green eyes and high cheek bones was hanging on the wall, her intestines tied around her neck, hanging from a post coming out of the wall, her liver a few feet away from her. Tania hung from the ceiling fan from her intestines as well, her hazel eyes gauged out, and Sydney, a shapely blond with light blue eyes lay on the floor beneath Tania, completely hallowed out, her organs surrounding her. Lora, clasped her hand over her mouth, her eyes darting to the thing at the foot of the basement steps. She grabbed the flashlight as it moved toward her.

"Now now now… you make this easy on yourself unlike these s did or you can end up like them." The man said, his face hidden by the ghost mask, his body hidden by the black outfit.

"Scream… that's the movie…" She gasped. The man laughed.

"That's right… I'm going to introduce you to Scream. Now... make it easy on yourself and save yourself the pain they had… all I want is your virginity. You are one right?"

"N-n-no…" She gasped. She listened to the man tisk.

"Tisk tisk Lora. Premarital … that's a no-no… and cost you your life." She tackled her and pinned her to the ground. She smacked him with the flash light which he grabbed and threw at Tania who fell from the fan.

"YOU!" Lora Shrieked. The man laughed.

"That's right Lora. And you know I always get what I want. So if I can't have you're virginity, I'll have to take your life."

"NOOO! " She screamed, fighting him as he quickly removed her clothes. He cut her open, watching hr scream, smiling as he did, wrapped her intestines around her throat and dragged her up the stairs and then hung her on the back of her front door smirking watching her gasp for breath. He smirked and cut her eyes out and then started cutting everything else out, taking her liver and putting it in the fridge, taking her spleen and dropping it in the sink before going and cutting out her heart and freezing it. He smiled at his work and walked out of the house smirking to himself.


Saphire flipped her hair over her shoulder, the blue and purple yarn braids nearly w Harrier in the face as she put her cards down.

"I win." She triumphantly declared. Aria laughed as Harrier groaned and pushed the pile of cash and coins toward his sister as Starling laughed next to him.

"You just can't win any game against her tonight can you, Harrier?" Aria asked. Harrier shook his head.

"Can't win , can't win flux, can't win go fish, can't when hearts, can't win cheat, can't win cards, can't win anything."

"Thank heavens it's not strip ." Aria laughed.

"At least the money is within the family." Harrier exclaimed and then stopped and looked at Aria. " did you say strip ?"

"Yeah…" She laughed even harder. " dude… last time you played that you were in for a surprise!"

"How do you know when I last played that?"

"That party on Hallow… oh god what was… um… I don't remember what it was for… but they had alcohol, cotton candy machines, a game of in the back room, and when the s joined it, it became strip , hell they even had strip twister. That party was hot." Aria exclaimed.

"A lot of cute boys. Hell, I was alright with not being able to keep my balance that night. Dude, so many guys fell over with me…" Saphire exclaimed, laughing. Harrier glared at his sister.

"You..." He pointed at her," were drunk. I still have no idea what you had. You're lucky I didn't turn you in."

"You would have bailed me out too. And it was wine. Red wine. Good for the heart." Saphire retorted. Aria snickered.

"Not that much red wine it's not. I remember that guy, that motorcycle guy, god what was his name, Blade, Laid, Glade, Rade, slate, or whatever was eyeing you the whole party. y little guy…. Tall, dark, mysterious, y, buff, and holy … was he fly…" Aria exclaimed. Harrier turned to Aria and pointed at her.

"You were worse for wear. You were twice as drunk as Saphire. What did you drink? You were puking it up half way through the party."

"Beer, wine, more beer, a little vodka, more beer. Damn… I was slammed. No wonder I can't remember that guy's name. But he was hot."

"Can't say the same about the guy we had to drag you away from. You two were so drunk you couldn't see straight and you two were making out… a lot." Starling exclaimed.

"Eww… don't remind me… I saw his pic on Face book… he was UGLY! As hell!" Aria squeaked.

"hope you brushed well. Brushed your tongue? Your gums, your lips?" Saphire teased.

"Oh yeah. I even ate soap to clean out my throat." Aria exclaimed.

"Is that where all the soap bars went?" Harrier teased. Aria rolled her eyes as Saphire fell over laughing.

"Ha ha ha ha… Very funny." Aria retorted, playfully punching Harrier in the arm as Starling giggled. They all knew Aria was experimenting with the soap bars, attempting to make them pretty decorations for the bathroom, carving them, dying them, you name it, most of them just exploded into a bunch of little pieces. So they constantly teased her about it. The phone rang.

"I'll get it." Saphire exclaimed getting up and heading over to the phone. She picked it up as the caller I.D. Light up with 'incoming Call' "Hello, Hewitt-James residence, how can I help you?"

"Hello Saphire." Came a gargled voice, male, with a faint trace of Finn.

"Finn what do you want?" Saphire asked glancing at the I.D. 'Condor'

"Damn it how did you know it was me?" Finn demanded.

"I have caller I.D. and you left too much trace of your voice in it. Try again another day. You're not scaring me. I've watched too many horror films with Emerald, Topaz, you, Aria, and Chase. And occasionally Chris. Either way, I've seen too many to get scared." Saphire answered, studying her nails as Aria laughed.

"He did that to me the other day. He'll call you and however picks up he'll do that to." Aria laughed. Harrier rolled his eyes and walked out of the room, Starling following before sticking her head back into the room.

"Don't stay up too late." Starling said.

"We won't." Aria answered. Starling winked at them and left.

"okay… so I'll try again another day. When I get you, you'll let me know. " Finn exclaimed. The phone started ringing, line two lighting up.

"Hang on someone's on the other line."

"Kay." Saphire hit the button that said line two.

"Hello, Hewitt- James residence how may I help you?"

"Hello Saphire." A garbled male voice said, still with a little too much trace of Finn.

"Hi Finn. What'd you do pick up you're cell and call me…" She looked at the I.D. "yep you did. Don't you have anything else to do?"

"No. That's why I bug you."

"You bug me at..." She glanced at the clock,"12 30, at night. What the hell are you doing still up?"

"I could ask you the same thing. You sound too wake to have only just woken up. I figure you'll be sleep when I call. I'll get you when you're half asleep."

"Well, I just finished a game with Harrier. I won a hundred bucks. That's a hundred bucks toward my next prize. Who doesn't love a in a fast, sleek, y vehicle?" Saphire exclaimed.

"Don't you have to finish paying off your loan that you took out to get your doctor's degree?" Saphire's face paled.

"Well, no one is gonna take me seriously and give me a job if I am being driven to work instead of driving to work. You know? And besides, I'm not using it so what the hell else am I going to do? Not like they can revoke knowledge."

"Yeah well it goes on your credit score. Just ask Piper, she gave me a run on it this morning."

"Go to bed Finn. Or call up your friend and go see a horror movie. How about that new one…. Orphan?"

"Saw it yesterday."

"Really? Saw it opening night with Aria. It was something."

"It was good."

"So go see it again."

"Fine. I'll call Emerald up. "

"Night Finn."

"Night Saphire, sleep well, and don't let the bed bugs bite."

"I can say that same to you. And mean it too."

"Ha-ha-ha. Night."

"night." Click.

"Finn called on another line to scare you?" Aria asked. Saphire nodded and walked up the stairs and into her room. She and Aria changed into their pajamas when again, the phone rang.

'Terra Natura Police'

"Hello, Hewitt-James Residence. How may I help you?" Saphire greeted.

"Hello miss. I am Officer James Jameson of the Terra Natura Police. May I speak with a miss Sap hire?" (Yes, I put the space there on purpose he's saying sap and then hire to say her name.)

"Miss who?"

"Sap hire Hewitt, Sky knight Harrier's sister."

"This is she and it's pronounced Sapphire, you know, the crystal, just spelled with one less 'p'. What can I do for you?"

"Well Miss, you can start by coming down to the station sometime tomorrow to speak with us. We have a situation and somehow you are involved. We would like to know how you are involved and we just have a few questions for you. Can you do that for us?"

"um… sure… what time do you want me there?"

"Oh, 11 ish. I'll be here. Do you know where the Terra Natura Police station is?"

"No but Harrier will. I'll have him bring me."

"Alright. Now, do you have Miss Aria Storm staying with you?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well, we also need to speak with her. I'll explain more tomorrow. Or I guess at this point, later on today. Please, get some sleep. I know I won't but you'll see why later. Thank you."

"Your welcome."

"Good night."

"Good night." Click.

"What was that about?" Aria asked.

"Well, our presence has been requested on Terra Natura. The police wish to speak to us."


"I don't know."

"Isn't Natura Lora's Terra?"

"Yeah. Probably just a coincidence."

"Kay. Well, night."



On the condor, Piper was looking through some records, looking through some old news paper clippings. She smiled as she fingered them. She tucked them away before turning off her lab light and walking out, almost walking into Aerrow.

"How did I know you were still up?" He asked. Piper bit her lip.

"I dare say you know me well enough. What are you doing still up?" Piper asked. Aerrow leaned over and kissed her.

"Wondering where my favorite is. Now, it's time for bed. What you doing still up?"

"Looking over old news paper clippings. Remembering the day you became a sky knight, the Day Cyclionia Fell, The day we first kissed, many things. The Atmos is safe again." Piper answered, smiling, her eyes glittering with happiness.

"You saved those? Goodness, All that happened like two, three years ago." Aerrow exclaimed.

"When we were only sixteen we saved the atmos. Three years ago. They are old, but they are also new. Time is a tricky thing. When they are twenty they will be old, for many things will be newer, making them old news." Piper exclaimed. Aerrow smiled and nodded.

"Now miss Piper, it's time for bed."

"Alright, I'lll go willingly, on one condition."

"What's that?"

"You come with me."

"Well, I see no problems with that." Piper giggled as Aerrow kissed her again before leading her to her room. He kissed her and started to part way until piper grabbed his arm.

"Ah ah aha… you said you would come with me." Piper teased. Aerrow glanced at her and smiled. She opened her door and pulled him into her room where she took off her uniform and threw on a large shirt, one of Aerrow's and laid down on the bed. Aerrow got on the bed behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Night Piper."

"Night Aerrow."


Me: boo. Okay, I'm sure you lot have realized I'm attempting to write a ' scream' gone storm hawks thing. Sorry, I had just watched the scream trilogy on Youtube. I had to write it. I had ideas bursting out of the sides of my brains man, I had to write it. Well, we all know that I don't own the storm hawks but you all do know who I do own though. Or at least I hope you do. I'll update another story later today. But for now, just review and keep your eyes open. Oh, and I've never seen the movie orphan. I've only seen trailers. But I want to see it. Review!