"Oh… my… god…" Aria's Hair was jet black with red vibrant highlights, lips glossed in a deep red, with hair so fine and poker straight. She wore a black dress that hugged all the curves with with empress sleeves with two tries dangling down just underneath each wrist, a sweetheart neckline revealing an abundance in cleavage that Aria did not have, a dark grey waist cincher in a matte leather, silver lacing up the back revealing creamy skin behind it, and a slit up the front of the skirt coming to stop two inches above the knees. On top of Aria's head lay a silver circlet with a black Celtic knot moon dangling on her forehead.

"I look insane." Aria snipped. Saphire shook her head.

"You look unrecognizable and so out of our league." Saphire answered. Sheena nodded.

"Damn straight. She is the evil priestess… though I'm wondering if her outfit is supposed to be for the queen… mmmm…. Have got to think about this…" Sheena murmured. Saphire looked at her reflection at the tutu skirt and corset she wore.

"The skirt doesn't work on my outfit, but I don't anything wrong with that outfit for a priestess." Saphire answered. Piper walked into the room, stopping dead in her place.

"Okay, Who transformed Aria into Preistess of Darkness?" Piper asked. Sheena Glowed.

"Isn't she gorgeous! She just needs her little bag I have selected out for her and the evil bible." Sheena gushed.

"She is gorgeous… " Piper trailed off.

"uh… it doesn't look right on me does it?" Aria whined.

"No, I was just wondering how chase is going to act to your new hair. And should it be red highlights? Doesn't silver make more sense? You know, the moon." Piper asked. Sheena looked at Aria.

"I know, I didn't think about that until after but then I thought its blood." Sheena exclaimed, grabbing a necklace off the table and putting it around Aria's Neck.

"Sorry to burst your bubble that is not the right color for blood." Saphire answered.

"A little photo manipulation and it will be." Sheena answered, sitting in front of the vanity to finish playing with her hair, pulling on her long black sleeves for a moment before snapping her fingers and grabbing a funny looking hair clip before wrapping her hair around it and pinning it in a huge bun and resting the back of the crown on it. "I got it!"

"Do you?" Saphire asked as the crown slide backwards and off Sheena's head making her glare at the vanity as Piper and Aria start laughing. Sheena glared at them in the vanity. Saphire came up behind her and let Sheena's hair down while reaching into the vanity and pulling out a long thick braid.

"What is that?"

"A Braid. I use it to at thickness to hair dos." Saphire answered, taking the braid and wrapping Sheena's hair around it, rolling the hair up the scalp to create a 'horseshoe' of hair around the top of Sheena's head. Saphire took the crown and dropped it on Sheena's head, it covering the 'horseshoe' and staying put.

"Wow…. Nice trick." Piper exclaimed.

"Very neat." Sheena exclaimed.

"Yeah. I usually use it to thicken up buns and such but this works too." Saphire exclaimed with a grin. Sheena nodded her approval.

"Oh, back to why I came in here. Aerrow wants to find all of his hawks and get them together ASAP. Normally Stork is the suspicious one around here but Aerrow is getting really nervous since stork isn't being paranoid." Piper explained. Saphire raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms as se leaned against the vanity.

"Since when isn't Stork being paranoid?" Saphire asked.

"Since he disappeared. None of us recall seeing stork in the last few days. The room he shares with Finn, his part seems untouched. We know he's a freakish cleaner but the fact that it seems completely untouched is freaky. And Finn doesn't remember seeing his roomie for a while and isn't when he last saw him." Piper answered.

"I remember seeing him the same day as Lily got her head in the mail, or rather the day she received it, not the day she opened it." Aria voiced.

"That seems to be the last day any of us remember seeing him." Piper answered. Saphire looked thoughtful.

"Actually, The day they sealed us in. That was the last time I remember seeing him. I was outside, trying to select a flower to use as a bookmark for my random poems to Slade when I saw him. I went up to him and he said something outrageous like, Shayne would be the death of us, and couldn't understand how we didn't smell the stench of betrayal, and started rambling. I told him to drink some peppermint tea and relax. I went inside, haven't seen him since." Saphire announced. Piper looked at her in slight surprise. Aria looked thoughtful.

"Do you think he might not be here?" Aria asked. Piper looked at her confused.

"Meaning…" Saphire probed. Sheena shrugged.

"Meaning, the last time any of us saw him he was outside. Who is to say he didn't sneak out before they sealed us in and he's out there?" Aria asked. Everyone looked thoughtful.

"It's possible. I… I don't know why he would be though." Piper answered.

"But Think about it. He was rambling about betrayal, about death and Shayne killing us. Doesn't it make sense, if stork ran? Paranoid, not brave, that's our Stork. He runs, and what he doesn't run from it's because he knows all the antidotes and its weaknesses and how to fight it." Saphire answered. Piper hummed in acceptance.

"But the question is, would he do it without letting us know?" Piper asked. Saphire started to respond, lifting a finger before faltering and letting it fall.

"Where's Topaz? We've all been watching him be head over heels for the girl. Odd considering they are flat out opposites. I don't think he'd just abandon her." Saphire answered. Piper looked like she was weighing out the idea.

"Possible. Where is her room?" Piper asked.


Piper walked through the mansion, leaving Saphire, Aria, and Sheena posing for the camera, looking for Topaz. She stepped into the library to find Emerald and Finn laughing.

"Have either of you seen Topaz?" Piper asked.

"Probably with Junko and Radar. Still looking for them?" Finn asked.

"Yeah, and Stork." Piper added. Finn looked startled.

"You mean he's actually missing?" Finn asked.

"It's Stork we're talking about. More likely he's just hiding. You know, paranoid Stork?" Emerald exclaimed.

"When was the last time you saw Topaz?" Piper asked. Emerald looked thoughtful.

"Last time I saw her, I think was the day that we were told we were shutting the gate, being sealed in. I haven't seen her since. " Emerald answered. She looked over at Finn. " Though she tried talking to me and I was so busy and I didn't get the chance to."

"Any idea what about?" Finn asked.

"None. She said it was a matter of Life or death. I told her she'd been listening to Stork way too much. She said she had been listening to him." Emerald announced.

"Keep an eye out for her, Stork, Junko and Radar. We need to talk to them." Piper declared, before walking from the room. "And Hope to god they are wrong…"


Emerald walked into her room later, looking around it when she found an envelope addressed to her. She opened it and pulled out a letter.

'Dear Emerald,

I tried to get you to leave with me and Stork, actually, I tried to get to several people, but no one seemed to have the time to listen to me, or Stork. But I couldn't just leave, not without good bye. Stork and I are sneaking out. We will not be here when they seal us in. With two of Piper's crystals, we will look like look different. So Fear not, I am completely safe.

But I have to tell you, I am completely convinced that Shayne is behind all of this. All the little clues scream it. His little surprise about the killer being caught on camera, his little 'I'm offering you salvation and you refuse me' nonsense. I'm convinced. Stork and I are leaving, to find the evidence to prove our theory, and save our families.

I'll be back soon, I promise. I just need the proof, that We're right. Stork and I, well, You know I've always had something for him, but I love him. So I had to go with him, for us, and for the band and our family beyond them. I need to prove us right, or wrong, as long as it saves us. Let Aerrow know. He'll flip but, Stork and I will deal with it later.

I love you! Keep an eye out for Shayne. Never be Alone. And most importantly, remember all the rules to Horror movies. If you need a refresher, I tucked our horror movie rules, most from Randy in Scream; they are in the hidden pillow. The yellow one.




"Love Gemini?" Aerrow asked.

"It's a clue. She's leaving us hints. She may not be as paranoid as Stork, but she's up there." Emerald answered, pacing across the library. Aerrow stood in the middle holding the letter . Harrier and Starling stood behind the table, where Saphire sat with Lily and Slade. Chase and Aria stood side by side by the door as Finn and Chris leaned against the wall. Carla Yawned, stretching across the Sofa.

"Your sister is a Libra." Aerrow countered.

"I am well aware of my sister's sign considering she is my twin." Emerald snapped, pacing. "problem is I don't know what the clue means. What hidden pillow? "

"What is Gemini?" Piper asked, causing everyone to look at her like she was insane." Gemini were twins. What do you or Topaz have two of? What is there a Twin of?"

"Pillows. Mom when she was alive hand stitched and embroidered us pillows. They matched identically expect that Topaz's was yellow and mine green. But how can that be hidden pillow? It doesn't fit." Emerald answered.

"Maybe she took hers apart." Piper suggested. Emerald looked like she was about to object when she looked thoughtful.

"Hold on, I'll be right back!" Emerald exclaimed, sprinting from the room. Finn's eyes widened before he bolt after her.

"Not without me, and you never say that in a horror movie!" Finn shouted. Aria and Saphire started laughing.

"Good thing this isn't a horror movie." Carla answered.


Emerald was looking through her room, trying to find the yellow pillow. Finn stood in the doorway keeping an eye out. Emerald threw Topaz's pillow across the room in frustration.

"It was here! She was snuggling with it at the Sleepover! I…" Emerald trailed off, spotting the pillow under the other pillow. Finn turned and watched as Emerald picked it up. She examined the seams and found a zipper, unzipping it to reach in and find a piece of paper and a Crystal. She unfolded the piece of paper and stared at it.

'There are no rules to horror movies. They each have their own. You found the Yellow Gemini. Get the green one.


1-Turn lights on before going into rooms.

2-Do not scream, do not shout. It helps the bad guy find you.

3-Never be alone.

4-Never have sex.

4-Never be unarmed.

5- Never Say I'll be back. On second thought that's just a horror movie buff.

5-If something quakes and waddles like a duck, it is. If something seems off, it's because it is.

6- If something seems suspicious, do not investigate. Investigate with at least 1 friend. It may save a life, including your own.'

"Green Gemini…" Emerald walked over to her bed and pulled her matching green pillow and examined it until she found a zipper and unzipped it. She pulled out a small piece of paper, a title page, which had been ripped out of a book and then in half so only the title showed.

'Love at Last'

"I don't get it." Finn exclaimed, reading over Emerald's shoulder.

"I don't either. Let's Get back to the others."


"Good tips. What's the crystal though?" Aerrow asked.

"I don't know." Emerald answered.

"It's a holographic." Piper announced. " It's used to record and send messages."

"Awesome, so how do we activate it?" Emerald asked. Piper held her hand out for the stone. Emerald handed it over for Piper to drop it on the ground and back away.

"Password…." A cool, mysterious female voice asked.









"What would the password be?" Piper asked. Emerald walked to the other side of the room where a bookshelf sat and peeked through the titles before pulling off Love at Last. She flipped it open to the title page to find half of the page still there with a sentence written on it.

"Family is the key, but only where love lies." Emerald read out loud.

"Correct. Transmitting…" Emerald turned around to watch her sister shimmer into appearance.

"Hello everyone. Piper, sorry We stole your crystals without asking. It was an emergency, and I know you'd rather we steal your crystals and be safe than us not and be unsafe." Topaz exclaimed. Stork peeked around her.

"I'm not Piper, I don't exactly trust your crystals." He said before disappearing.

"Hush." Topaz exclaimed, waving him off. "Any way, Shayne is behind all of this. I am convinced of it. On our first day here, Stork set up a surveillance system. We have some very curious footage that hammered the nail into the coffin of our suspicions. "

"Curious is an understand." Stork declared, peeking around Topaz.

"Is this live?" Emerald asked.

"Hush Stork. Some of it is curious the rest of it is downright suspicious and some of it outright obvious of what's going on." Topaz continued as Piper answered.

"No it's not live. That would be for Telecrystals or Helia Crystals." Piper answered.

"I can't show the footage via crystal, however I can guide you to the control panel to view it. Stork…" The view paned from Topaz to Stork.

"I have the control panel hiden in the library. Actually… it's all done by crystal. I ordered the kit a long time ago… haven't used it yet. There is a Crystal hidden in one of the books in there." Stork explained. Topaz appeared.

"In case this Crystal ends up in the wrong hands, we can't tell you out right where the book is let alone what it is. But Emerald, Aria, Saphire, the three of you know my favorite books. Between all of those books, you will find the title of the book the Crystal is hidden in. Piper, Starling, you two know or have the password to get in. But you might have to do a little searching in your memory to figure it out. Piper, remember that stone I gave you for your birthday? Starling, your key?"

"MY key?" Starling asked.

"I have complete faith in you guys finding it. Stay Safe." And with that Topaz and Stork disappeared.

"Transmission complete." Said that cool voice.

"Find the books." Aerrow commanded. Saphire and Aria nodded, disappearing into the library to grab the books. Emerald followed at a slower pace.

"I'll be right back." Piper started. Chase shook his head.

"Not alone." Aerrow said. " If they are right, which we've all had thoughts about this since the beginning. No reason to confirm them."



Thema stood in the kitchen mixing butter and sugar before pouring eggs in. She wandered over to food processer where she poured almonds, nuts, and vanilla flavored cookies into. She pushed the process button when a hand grabbed the back of her neck. And making her scream as a hand clamped over her mouth.


Piper stood in the library staring at the stone Topaz had given her. It was mix of silver, gold, purple, orange, and blue. The colors swirled around it and it's jagged edges.

"I never did figure out what this thing was." Piper announced. Saphire chuckled as she wrote down all the words that were written on the last page of all of Topaz's Favorite books.

"Well, we can figure out that part as soon as we figure out where we can find the crystal. Now what titles can we come up with using these words?" Saphire asked. Everyone looked over the list.

'Lilth j.










"I'd Say Lilth J. is the Author." Harrier suggested. Starling looked up.

"Lilth J. Rolings?" She asked. Saphire looked down at the list.

"Yeah, why? You have a book title?" Saphire asked.

"No. She's a cookbook writer. Not very famous but my mother loved her. She never made it big time before she died. She did a lot of small time work. She was a teacher, she taught in one of the most prestigious culinary schools. She was also a friend of my mother's. " Starling explained. Emerald walked over with one more book.

"Put Lara Sellet on that list." Emerald added. " I am pretty sure she was an author."

"Co-writers?" Saphire suggested.

"Guide for Desperate Housewives- Quick gourmet food by Lilth J. Rolings. And Lara Sellet." Carla stated, sounded quite bored. Everyone turned and looked at her.

"How in the world do you know that?" Chris asked.

"First off, I have a copy. Second, I saw Stork holding it at some point. And I know where it is." Carla answered, walking through the library before returning holding a slightly thick book. She opened it to reveal that the book had been cut into. Inside was Crystal that glowed silver but was in fact a vibrant purple. The Holographic crystal lit up and Topaz appeared.

"Good you found the found the book. On to find the password. Starling, think about your key, what's it say. Piper, what did say it looked like? There is your new password. When you get in there will be highlighted videos that you MUST watch. Stork has access from here, so anything up to this point, for you, we are still able to see so anything that happened after we left, we have videos highlighted there too. We also have one crystal with us so then we can put in videos for you to see of us, things we need to share. Find one of our surveillance crystals and leave a message for us if you need to. Depending on how long it's taken for you to get here, we might already have a few for you. There is one more Transmission for this Crystal. I'll be back again when the right keys have been activated. Stay Safe, I love you. Which is pass 2." And with that Topaz disappeared again.

"Wait, stay safe. There are two passwords. She just told us the second one." Emerald exclaimed. She turned to piper. " What did the two of you say about that crystal?"

"It looked like a rainbow. We called it the Rainbow Unicorn, because it looked like a horn." Piper answered. Emerald turned to Starling.

"What did your key say?"

"Tropica." Starling said.

"Tropica Rainbow Unicorn."Emerald said."That sounds so stupid."

"But hey, think about it. We'd never have guessed that." Chase stated. Carla picked up the crystal and stork's voice filled the room.


"Tropica Rainbow Unicorn."

"Next Password?"

"Stay Safe."


"I love you."


"WHAT?" Emerald cried. Saphire shushed her before speaking.

"Stay Safe, I love you."

"Correct." The crystal projected a menu with a bunch of highlighted pictures. The first one qued up.

"Good, you made it this far. The last transmission on the crystal is if need be, a distraction. Throw it to the ground when in trouble and Stork and I will appear and cause chaos. It hopefully will be enough to distract your attacker so you can get away. There are 6 others with simuliar, but not the same hologram in your rooms. Piper and Aerrow's… Sorry guys, I know no one is supposed to know you too are sharing a room.." Piper and Aerrow seemed to almost blush." One in Finn and Stork's Room… which finn, I'd share a room with someone else. No one should be alone at this time, even at night. There is another in Starling and Harrier's. Chris and Chase. I left one in Saphire's. One in Carla's Room. Carla, keep in mind what I just said to Finn. Condense rooms so there is at least one person in each room."

"Thanks Topaz, I lost my roommate." Emerald snipped. Carla chuckled. She put her arm around Emerald's Shoulders.

"That's what you got me for roomie. She has a point. We need to." The video minimized and another one qued up. You could see Shayne disappearing into a door behind a painting and then coming out another door on the other side of the house three hours later his hair messed up and with a slightly purple jaw. Then another Video of a man in a black rob wearing a scream mask sneaking through the house and finally out before returning with a cooler which disappeared when he came out of the kitchen. Several Video's later they found Saphire Running down the hallway in her night gown screaming with the same man chasing her down the hallway up until she tripped and he went over the railing.

"I TOLD YOU I WASN"T DREAMING!" Saphire shouted. Harrier shook his head.

"I guess not." Harrier started.

Topaz and Stork appeared.

"You lot are in deeper shit than we thought. But maybe safer. We have video footage from a different attack, from outside of the mansion after you were sealed in." Topaz announced. In the lower part of the 'screen' there was footage of an attack on one of the other houses, dated after they were sealed in.

"I don't know what to think now. Expect for that you are in trouble. Evidence says theres a killer in there, but there is also a killer out here. So, there has to be two. Or another way out. Look for passageways, something. Either there's two, which doesn't make sense, or, there is another way out." Topaz looker straight at Emerald. "Stay Safe." And she was gone. And then there was Stork.

"Aerrow, I hope you aren't looking for Radar. I found him. Sorry, your little buddy is long gone." Stork exclaimed. Aerrow expected Radar to pop up behind him. " I have a list of people I haven't seen in the house recently. Junko, Radar, though the mystery was solved there. Kerla, Stella, Shawn, Sean (she-En), Ryan, Evan, Carlie, Carlyle, April, and Patty. Not to mention missing cops. The only Cop not missing is Krishna. Find them call the Chief. Let him know the killer is inside, because you found their bodies." Stork announced.

"How did Radar go?" Aerrow demanded.

"Two cops were last seen in the pond room. I have views to all the hallways, they are last seen entering the room, but never seen leaving." Stork informed them. Stork's eye twitched. "Surely they met a painful and slow end."

"I hope it was quick for them." Saphire whispered.

"Oh, and uh… Aerrow…" Stork started. "Radar, um… was… he died quickly. Um… I'll spare you the details. Save you some pain. I'll miss the little buddy." The screen went black before all of a sudden Topaz was in front of them.

"Hey, you guys are watching this Live. I can see you watching this on our Crystal. You need to go! Go to the Kitchen! NOW! Thema is in Trouble. I just saw the Killer go in there. GO!" Topaz disappeared. Piper grabbed the crystals as they all bolted from the room and threw the Mansion.


Krishna walked through the house. She stepped into the Pond room.

"Hello?" She called when she heard some drop into the water. She looked around the room to see nothing but lots of shadows.

"Hello, Krishna." A voice said.

"What are you doing?" Krishna asked.

"Oh, Thinking about your brother. I was the last one who saw him."

"Oh really. When was that?"

"oh… a night or two ago." Krishna stared.

"What are you wearing?" She asked.

"Same thing I wore when I took my last several women." Krishna tried to scream when a hand clamped over her mouth and dragged into the shadows.


Harrier Cried out the moment he reached the Kitchen and Barely managed to stop everyone else, but missing Aria entirely who screamed at the sight of a knife sticking out of Thema's most private parts as her face had been shoved into the food processer, her clothes ripped and blooded as blood dried were it had dripped from between her legs and down her body to the floor. Chase Grabbed Aria and Dragged her out as she started hyperventilating and Slade dragged Saphire away so she couldn't see. Slipped into the room to check Thema's pulse, trying not to look at her. He walked out and closed the door, locking it.

"She's gone. And I think no one else wants to see that." Harrier announced. Sheena Started crying.

"She's… she's really gone?" She asked. They had passed Sheena in their run to help Thema and informed her Thema needed there help.

"I'm afraid so." Harrier said."That… that is scarier and more disgusting than I think of anything else we can possibly imagine."

"It was." Chase agreed, holding Aria as she just cried.


A/n: Would you look at that, it looks like we might finally be reaching an ending here. I can't wait. And I know that Seen with Thema, if you knew the whole story, you will soon, you would be out right disgusted, but that is why it's a horror. It's a combination of my 'favorite' horror scenes from books, movies, and of course, TV shows. So keep an eye out, looks like this story will be over soon. But the real question is; will it be a good ending, or a bad one? What will happen next?