"John! What do you think you are playing at?" George pushed John's head away as he started to kiss her stomach. John resisted her and started again; George put her hands on his head and played with his hair instead. Lying back she let him continue to kiss her stomach as she thought about her husband, the father of her unborn child, the man so intent on showering his child in love even before he ever met them. John lifted his head to look at George. She was gorgeous, fierce and tremendously clever and he loved every part of her.

"I love you." He said the three words simply as his kisses resumed moving their way up. George smiled as she felt John planting kisses all over her neck.

"It was that sort of kissing that started this whole thing!" George said in mock exasperation.

"Well maybe we should do more of this kind of kissing…" John was looking her straight in the eye now,

"How many children do you think we're going to have?"

"well…one would get lonely on their own…" George looked at his longing eyes and laughed,

"We should see how this one goes first of all! They might be a total terror, they might need constant attention or…"

"or… they could be a perfectly behaved angel who wants a little brother or sister…" George thought about it in less than five months time she was going to have a little baby, a George or a John, to look after and she'd have to become a normal mother. Normal was never a state George had particularly experienced but she was willing to give it a go for this little baby. John lay across the sofa, his head on George's lap, his brain ticking over as George played with his hair,

"What do you think we should call the baby?" George shook her head, John was impossible, so impatient,

"Well we don't know if it's a girl or a boy so…"

"What names do you like though?" Though George couldn't see John she was sure his little face had lit up at the thought of his little baby so she thought she'd indulge him,

"I like the name Harry…"

"For a boy?"

"I was actually thinking more about a name for a girl, well you know I'm George, and she could be Harry, or he could be Harry, it could go either way."

"Though people call you George, you name is actually Georgina and if we had a girl called Harry, her proper name would have to be Harriette wouldn't it? Can you imagine calling a little girl Harriette?" George thought about it,

"I like Harriette…"

"Well…how about, Samantha?

"Samantha? Sam. Samantha Deed, Sam Deed. That sounds rather good doesn't it?" John looked up at his wife, at six months pregnant; she was even more beautiful than he had ever seen her and he couldn't wait for their family to be complete.