Still working on an update, little bit of Author's block, but here is a cute drabble to enjoy till then…

It was time to see who in the class would represent the eighth grade class in the spelling bee. Only three in the class would be chosen. Usagi Tsukino looked around in the cafeteria where the teachers had made the whole class gather. Usagi rather be at the arcade guzzling milkshakes, like she would normally be doing at this time.

"Alright class, now I will tell you a word and you are to put a number down and write the work next to it." Haruna-sensei droned on.

Usagi realized she would never get to the arcade if she didn't at least try to pay attention. Usagi started to write down the words she heard to the best of her knowledge, already knowing she wouldn't be one of the top three; that would be Melvin, Ami, and Molly.

Haruna-sensei called the word Architect.

Usagi wrote down arcetech.

Haruna-sensei called out the word Architecture.

Usagi wrote down arcetecher.

Usagi huffed, what was an arcetech? Serena wondered this as Haruna-sensei droned on in the background.

4 Years Later…

Usagi was filling out a college application. Somehow she had managed to become valedictorian, even beating out Ami. Her eyes bore into the form trying to figure out which major to chose, Architecture or Engineering.

"Mamo-chan," Usagi called out, "Which major should I chose? I can't decide."

Mamoru chuckled, "Oh Usako, would you rather design buildings or engines?"

"Oooh," Usagi smiled, "Buildings of course." Usagi looked down at her application realizing how ironic and sweet life is, as she recalled memories of Eighth grade.

This is based on a real story, Mine in 8th grade I couldn't spell the word and decided that if it was that hard to spell, why wouldn't anyone want to become it, and then a few months into my freshmen year at college I realized that what I swore I wouldn't become I eagerly became.