Chapter Eight: Missing James

Mary Anne sits in her room, working on her English homework, when her phone goes off. She reaches over and picks it up and says, "hello?"

"You do know caller ID was invented for a reason, but what are you doing that you forgot about my call," James asks in a teasing voice.

"Sorry, working on my English homework," Mary Anne says.

"What's the homework," James asks, hearing the struggle in her voice as she talked.

"Informational essay APA style on the Berlin Wall," Mary Anne says looking at her computer screen.

"How long does it have to be," James asks.

"It has to be at least six pages, no greater than twelve double spaced," Mary Anne says as she looks at the web information on her screen.

"I had to do a paper on it a few years ago, can send you my bibliography for it," James says.

"That would be amazing, I can never find a decent site that I find has different information on it, each site is like that," Mary Anne says.

"Yeah that was my struggle too, I'll talk to Lawrence and see if he can also send you his," James says.

"Thanks, I owe you guys," Mary Anne says.

"Don't worry about it. So how have you been holding up," James asks.

"I miss you guys, stressed with the amount of school work, clubs, and sports that have been occupying my time," Mary Anne says closing her internet browser, looking at the picture of the six of them.

"Hey be excited for graduation, so you think you have won valedictorian," James asks.

"I don't know, I mean I have busted my butt off this year, triple sport, multiple school activities, top 5% of my class," Mary Anne says.

"Stop worrying than you've got it," James says.

"I don't know, than you have Joey who is always on top, every school activity, sometimes does two sports a trimester," Mary Anne says.

"So he's an over achiever yuck, but if you need me to, I'll bring Lawrence and together we'll knock him down a few levels," James says.

Mary Anne starts laughing.

"See there are things to smile and joke about," James says.

"You are right, so ready to get you butt kicked again," Mary Anne says as she begins to laugh and joke with James. 'Oh how much I have missed him, wait what?'