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I lost my shoe!

Chapter 2: Hard to find shoes.

"Now, that wasn't bad huh?" Dean asked, knowing what his brother's comment would be.

"I'm not a kid anymore Dean, getting a bullet removed and a few stitches don't really bother anymore," Sam wasn't joking nor really serious so Dean changed the subject.

"Now, I promised you those shoes right, let's go!"

"Now? Hmm, okay then," this time, though, Sam smiled.

At the first store, Sam didn't like any shoes, so they drove of to the next. I the next store the shoe's he liked in he's shoe size, we all sold out. In the third and fourth shop no shoes were available in his shoe size.

"What's wrong with this city, I mean I'm not a woman, so shouldn't men's shoes be bigger? I've never had that problem before!" Sam said when they walked down the street to the next shop.

"I'm not quite sure about that women quote of yours, but yeah, this is the city of small feet," Dean smirked and could see Sam smile beside him.

"Ha ha, very funny Dean, but if they haven't got any shoes in my size I'm turning them in for discrimination."

"Discrimination of people with big feet, that would just be hilarious Sam," Dean laughed, "but if they haven't got any we go back, and I just owe you a pair of shoes okay?" Dean was still laughing.

"Sure," was Sam's short answer.

"You gotta be kidding me! No shoes? Not even a single pair?" Sam didn't know if he should yell or laugh.

"Sorry sir, no shoes in your size is available," the assistant said, trying to apologies.

"No no, that's okay, we just leave," Dean interrupted, given the assistant a smile, and grabbed Sam by his arm and pulled him out of the store.

When they got out Dean started to laugh again.

"What," Sam asked.

"Talking about giant's feet, shall we climb the beanstalk tomorrow?" Dean couldn't stop laughing, his brother had feet as a giant and the problem was finally showing.

Sam laughed with him, knowing it wouldn't help sulking over it the rest of the day, and hey, they were alive, after everything with that rabbit's foot they were both alive, and had each other, and then he laughed even more, much to Dean's joy too, and Sam sure wasn't going to sulk over a pair of shoes.