Story Title: Ditching Sammy

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE – Word of the Week: Ditch. Just a few ways to connect Sam with the word ditch.

Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are not mine. Just the ideas and the mayhem they bring.


Challenge Date: August 02, 2009

Word Count: 730 (total count)

A/N: *Frankenstein-style* "I livvvveeee!" Yes I shockingly still exist and am finally able to give this to you all. Anyway, hope you like it. The next and final chapter will be posted sometime tomorrow.


Chapter One: Is A Girl A Girl?

Word Count: 100


"Ditch, ditch, we're here to ditch."

The sing-song styled voice sang in time to the "schunk-thud" sounds of someone happily shoveling. After fifteen minutes of this, Sam had had enough.

"Dean! Would you quit it already?!"

The blonde head popped up over the edge. "What?" he inquired innocently.

"Stop singing."

Dean's quirky half-smile grew full fledged as he watched his brother's deadpan request. "Aww Sammy, ya wake up on the wrong sid'a the bed again?" After a quick moments "reflection" added, "or was this 'cuz you ditched when you realized the girl in the bar wasn't really a girl?"

Sam's flaming face said it all.



P.S. If you find the location where my two wayward muses decided to hiatus off to, (and yes I have both a female and, surprisingly enough, a male), please let me know… I'd love to continue writing and sending out stories for your viewing pleasure.