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Chapter 1

"Thank you very much for accepting me in your family," said the purple haired man who was bowing at all the Vocaloids reunited in the living room in a low voice.

A few days ago, they were told that a new member would be living in their house; they were worried at first because the Vocaloids didn't know if it was a good idea having an addition to the group now that they were like a real family. But they were actually pretty excited about the whole situation in the end.

"I'm Kamui Gakupo; pleased to meet you all," said Gakupo with a gentle smile. They meanwhile were astonished with the man's looks. His clothes were somewhat simple but they fitted him perfectly; a black wool coat letting them see a slightly unbuttoned white shirt, finishing with a plain blue jean and leather shoes. His expression was gentle and cool, and his silky, incredible long hair was falling gracefully down his hip until almost touching his knees. He undeniably had a strong presence amongst them.

"I'm Hatsune Miku! Nice to meet you too!" Said the girl with a sweet smile. "I hope we can get along! For now, let me show you our home."

"Yeah! I'm Kagamine Rin!"Rin just came out of nowhere to join Miku. "Come with us!"

"Me too! I'm Meiko, come along!"

The three Vocaloid females were standing around Gakupo, trying to get a better view of him. The three were lost at the elegant frame of the man beside them, they could almost feel the dazed expression on their faces as a faint winter light from a near window caressed his gentle face and accentuated the brightness in his eyes.

"Thank you for your kindness and I also hope we can be friends. It will be my pleasure to come and join you guys for a tour. Let's get going then Miku-chan, Rin-chan and Meiko-chan."

He finished with a dazzling smile; he was reflecting happiness in his eyes, something that made the three Vocaloids turn into an adorable shade of pink. Kaito and Len were standing in silence at the large amount of attention the women were giving him. They went to introduce themselves to Gakupo before Miku, Meiko and Rin could take him away.


Two and a half weeks had passed since Gakupo's arrival. He went along perfectly with all the house inhabitants. For Meiko he was like the older brother she never had; she could talk her problems with him and always received a good advice. Miku was in the same state as Meiko—she trusted him as much as the other Vocaloids and had learned a great deal since he got there. Rin and Len didn't look like going apart from him since the time he showed them that they had many hobbies in common, such as wrestling and video games for Len and, manual arts and drawing for Rin. Kaito on the other hand, was a different case entirely; they had become best friends.

"Kaito-san, can I come in?"Asked Gakupo knocking the door of Kaito's bedroom.

"Sure." Was Kaito's only response.

Beside the enormous window with entrance to a balcony was Kaito sitting. He closed the book he was reading as Gakupo watched with an intense glare at Kaito's silhouette, which had been illuminated by the moonlight. His icy blue eyes were glistening while looking back at him, a soft smile plastered in his delicate face. Gakupo got out of his trance to walk to the window as slow as he could, trying to leave in his mind with that perfect image.

"Can you read only with moon light?" Asked Gakupo to start a conversation.

"I know it's bad for the eyes, but I can still read well as even if there is a minimum source of light."

"Well, you should stop. Anyway, you remember there's going to be a new song releasing soon?"

"Yeah, of course. It will be your first one," Kaito smiled at him widely, still sitting by the window.

"Well, yes. I already finished the lyrics and the music, so I would like you to read the letter and tell me what your thoughts about it are. Is that alright with you, Kaito-san?"

"Sure, I'd like to help," To Kaito it was somewhat funny, the speaking way of his friend that is.

"Butterfly? Nice name… (1)"

Gakupo made his way to the bed, allowing Kaito to have some space to read the lyrics. After a while, Kaito finally spoke.

"Wow, it's beautiful," The man had his eyes glued to the piece of paper. "I like them…but I would like to hear the music as well."

"We can do that, let's go to my room."

Kaito stood up, leaving his book in the little table next to the bed. They walked together out of the room, talking about the lyrics. They still couldn't believe how fast they had become so close to one another, they had just barely met two weeks ago, yet were already spending so much time together they were barely separable. That was indeed very odd, the two of them agreed, but couldn't deny they needed it. They needed the company and the warm feeling close enough to someone and get rid of this loneliness they felt.

They finally arrived Gakupo's bedroom, the owner closing the door as they entered. There was no balcony in that room but space enough for a big bed, a bookshelf, a desk and a sofa. Kaito sat at the brown colored sofa while Gakupo reached for his instrument. (2) He sat beside Kaito, both of them dangerously close as he started singing the new song.

Kaito was now lost at the sight before him, the mix of a dazzling Gakupo and his deep voice was just too much for him. He tried to concentrate in the song but he slowly went to another state, he looked at those amethyst eyes following the rhythm, his hair falling in his broad shoulders and back, and his delicious lips moving constantly letting go around the room that beautiful voice of him.

Kaito came back to earth as he realized the thoughts that had been running in his head. "He's my friend," thought the blue-haired man as he listened to the song. "He is just—just my friend. But the things I was just thinking… Do I have feelings for him? Right now, I was pleading god that I could be with him forever, to be embraced by those arms, to be kissed by those lips." Then he came to a conclusion: he was actually falling in love with the man singing before him "Love? Is that right in any sense? Can I love a man? Can I love him?" He just sat beside Gakupo, trying to end his confusion and accept what he felt.

"Well, what do you think about it?"Asked his friend as he finished the song.

"I think people is gonna love it, it really shows a true feeling."

"I didn't ask if people are going to like it. I asked if you like it," he said as he looked away, putting aside his instrument.

"Y-yeah! I-I like it! I love it!" Now Kaito couldn't help but blush, he noticed his heated face and stood up, walking to the door.

"What happened? You didn't like it?"Asked Gakupo following him.

"N-no! I love it! R-really!" He went faster to the door.

"Kaito!" Gakupo took him by his arm and turned him around. He met with his flustered face and trembling eyes. Their faces were just centimeters away from one another; Kaito saw how Gakupo's eyes traveled from his own eyes to his mouth.

"Kaito…"They stood like this for some seconds until Gakupo let go of his hold and took Kaito's face in his hand.

"I will look forward to the record day, so you can listen even closer to my song. It's a little late, have a good night."

Kaito just stood there, watching how Gakupo turned around and avoided meeting his deep gaze.

"Yeah—you're right. Good night."

He was going to say something more but hesitated and quickly left of the room. When the door was once again closed, Gakupo wandered around his room until he sat on his bed and dejectedly put his face in his hands.

"Kaito…I want you to love me… but how?"He whispered to himself. A second later the door flew open to reveal a cheerful Rin.

"Gakupo onii-chan! Len is looking for—you…what happened?"Rin closed quickly the door and walked to Gakupo when she saw him sitting with his face and hands between his knees surrounded by shadows. She sat next to him on the bed and noticed he was trembling slightly.

"Gakupo onii-chan? What is it? Are you crying?"She asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"No, I'm not crying."Gakupo raised his head to looked at her, his voice still filled with a hint of sadness.

"Do you not like it in here? Anyone treated you bad?"

At this comment, he smiled gracefully. He sat up straight and hugged her, trying to appear strong for the moment.

"I'm fine; I love to living here with all of you. It's just that I'm a little tired today, that's all."

Rin didn't believe him, not at all. That was not a tired face he had, he was grieving something and she could sense it. But for now she would let it pass; she would ask Miku and Meiko for advice later. She forgot about Len looking for him and left the room, letting him rest for tonight.


1)Butterfly: yeah, it's a pretty good song, you should listen to it!

2)His instrument: it's the multicolor sword.

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