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Chapter 4

Sam opened his eyes with a start as he heard various footsteps in the hall outside his room. Sunlight was starting to creep through the curtains, it was Christmas morning, and the Moores were getting up.

Jessica! Sam quickly turned over to find the bed empty beside him and breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment he'd thought they were busted for sure.

He pulled on some clothes and emerged into the hallway, just in time to see Jess's father making his way downstairs and Jess disappearing from her bedroom into the bathroom across the hall. As she closed the door he thought he saw her wink at him.

Sam went downstairs to find the rest of the family noisily getting breakfast together. There was a chorus of "Merry Christmas!" which he returned as he helped Jess's mom hand out plates and mugs. He took a seat opposite Amy who was spooning some sort of beige mush into her son's mouth, as Jess came in and took the seat beside him.

"So Sam, you sleep well?" Amy asked straight-faced but for a small smile twitching at the corner of her lips. She shot an accusatory look at her sister.

Jess started to laugh but covered with a cough, returning the look to Amy that Sam seemed to think said Leave the poor boy alone!

Sam could only manage a mumble and a nod, whilst checking that her parents were blissfully unaware and still fixing breakfast, and not about to throw him into the street. It seemed ok.

Sam managed a genuine smile this time, and found himself laughing with Amy and Jess at the thought of the panicked look that would've been on his face a moment before.


After breakfast came the presents, the whole family gathered round in the living room handing out gifts. Sam couldn't help but think it all seemed a little too perfect, like some scene in a feel-good Christmas movie, but then realised that those scenes were in those movies so often because they were usually true. He was starting to feel less out of place now, mainly because of the kindness of Jess's parents and the good humoured teasing from Amy. He was actually beginning to feel an attachment to these people, and not just because they meant so much to Jess.

It was Sam's turn to give Jess her gift. He handed over the small box in its shiny wrapping paper, and gave her a small kiss.

"Merry Christmas Jess," he smiled as she tore off the paper.

Jess was silent for a moment as she gently pulled out the delicate chain from its box and held it to the light. The fine gold chain glistened and there, in the centre, sparkled a tiny golden star.

"Sam, it's beautiful! I love it" Jess beamed as Sam went to help fasten it around her neck. She didn't miss the approving look between her mom and sister, which she knew meant He's giving her jewellery, that's a pretty good sign. He can stay. And she had to agree.


The only light filling the room came from the dying embers of the fire, and the tiny lights on the Christmas tree.

Sam was sat on the couch, phone in hand, staring at it as though he expected it to ring. The clock on the mantel read 1:10am, and Sam had been having difficulty sleeping. They would be leaving the next morning, and Sam felt suddenly sad about leaving this warm, welcoming family behind. They'd had such a perfect time here, and he'd finally started to get over some of his shyness towards Jess's family. He could see himself becoming good friends with Amy and Joe, who'd spent most of the day laughing at his wife and sister-in-law as they goofed around like they were kids again, occasionally throwing Sam looks that warned You've got this to come buddy.

He just wished he could return the kindness this family had shown him. But what was he supposed to do?

'Come home to meet my family Jess, let me just track them down to whichever skeevy motel they're holed up in,' or, 'Come in and meet my dad Jess, don't mind the pile of weapons in the corner or the salt across the door.' It was useless. He knew his dad didn't care if he never saw him again.

He still held onto a tiny glimmer of hope about Dean though. After all, he had called that night in November, so he figured he must at least have been thinking about him. If only he hadn't argued with him. He wanted so much to share this life he was building for himself, to show off Jessica to the one person whose opinion had always mattered. Maybe give Dean a little glimpse of what it was like to have a regular family, they way they never had.

Sam turned slightly, swiping away the tears that had started to threaten his eyes, as he heard a small creak on the stairs.


"No Sam, it's Cathy. I was just getting some water," Jessica's mom came into the living room, and could see immediately that Sam was upset about something.

"You ok honey?" she asked noticing the phone in his hand again, "thinking about your family?"

Sam just nodded.

"Yeah, holidays can be tough," she said, perching on the arm of the couch.

"I hope you don't mind, Jessica told me a little about your situation," she gave him a kind look. She seemed torn for a moment, then made her decision. She continued.

"I know it's none of my business really, but for what it's worth Sam, I can't for the life of me figure out how your family could let such a lovely young man like yourself can get so far away. I can only say, it's their loss."

Sam looked up at her, lost for words for a moment. Were all moms so, well, motherly?

"Thanks Cathy," he gave a small smile

"Don't even mention it," she said, giving him a quick hug, "you're family now, that's what I'm here for."

She gave his shoulder another squeeze and went back upstairs, leaving him to his thoughts in the dimly lit room.


Sam glanced over to look at Jess who was concentrating on the road ahead. They'd left her parent's house a couple of hours ago, after a dozen rounds of hugs, and handshakes, and thank you's.

They'd been loaded up with leftover food and sent on their way, Jess's mom giving Sam an extra hug and making him promise to come back soon.

As Sam watched Jess, and saw the little gold necklace glinting at her throat, he knew they would be back next Christmas, and next time he was pretty sure he'd be giving her a piece of jewellery that had far more meaning. And who knows, maybe the year after that, her parents would come to Sam and Jess Winchester's house to spend Christmas, and they would create little traditions of their own.

Sam smiled to himself. There was plenty of time for that, he thought. Jess was his family now, and they had all the time in the world.


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