Awesome shades. Where did you buy them?

I bought them in a store, of course.

Where did the BOHAHAHA laugh come from?

What do you mean? That's my regular laugh, girlie!

What made you take up ghost hunting?

I don't hunt all ghosts! Just the bad ones!

You look like a Rudolf. Is that your real name?

Hmm… so you seem to have figured out that "Don Kanonji" is a stage name…

Do you wear your hair in braids or dreadlocks?

What? How can I possibly wear my own hair?

Why do you think that Zangetsu is a bad spirit?

How can you ask that? Just look at him! He looks like a bad spirit, so he is one!

How do you smell a bad spirit?

Girlie, the real question here is how you are not able to smell a bad spirit!

Where did you get your staff from?

It's not a staff! Call it a stick!*

Do you have your own fan club?

Of course! All great heroes have their own fan clubs!

How long did it take you to grow your mustache?

Oh, just a few months.

Have you ever met Aizen?

Of course, girlie! Haven't you been reading the recent Japanese Bleach chapters?

Do you think that you should be the main character of Bleach?

No. After all, I have my own T.V show!

Have you ever seen a movie called Ghost Busters?

Ah, it was such an inspiring movie!

Do you play video games?


You're easily influenced, aren't you?

Why would you say that?

How come you never run away from a fight?

Foolish girl! Heroes never run away from a fight!

Where do you buy your clothes?

What? Silly girl! I design my own clothes!

What do you think of Ichigo?

He has a bad spirit inside him!

Do you ever take off your shades?

No. There is no reason for me to.

What was your catch phrase again? I forgot.


*He actually said this in a recent manga chapter

**Super Smash Brothers is a video game.

AN: Tatsuki is next.