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And when I told her I wanted to keep her, the look Bella returned was priceless, gut-punching, fucking stunning. I reached for her warm little hand, everything about her was so damn warm, and pulled her along. Every time I glanced at her face, I got the same confusing stare in return; I was starting to wonder what could possibly be going on in her head. When we reached the edge of the sidewalk, about to cross the street, she grabbed my attention by taking back her hand.

I turned to face her, and the look she returned was priceless, gut-punching, fucking frightening. Her hands were fisted against her hips, her eyes hard and squinty, her sexy high-heeled foot was tapping anxiously, violently. Afraid to say, well, any-fucking-thing which might get me in trouble, I worked so hard not to smirk at how adorable she was when she was mad; it wasn't intentional her cheeks flushed pink and her eyes flashed.

Running through all of the possibilities, I couldn't figure out what I might have done wrong. All I'd wanted when I saw her tonight was to drag her into the backroom, push her against something hard and fuck her with more passion and heat than the night before. But I hadn't. She needed to know I wasn't the kind of guy who was just after a fuck, and I hadn't given her any reason to think otherwise. So, with every muscle tearing toward her, I kept my ass in that uncomfortable chair and waited, thankful every fucking minute for the smell of coffee camouflaging her scent. If I could have smelled her clearly, we would still be in that back room, not exchanging cryptic glares on the damn street corner. Watching her eyelashes shutter open and closed sharply, I started to convince myself she was speaking in Morse Code; she sure as hell wasn't speaking Edward.

And then I was distracted by her huge, gorgeous brown eyes, glaring at me, and I diverted my attention to something which couldn't glare back. Her mouth, gloss and red and sex. And that was probably the worst decision I'd made all night. I should have followed my first instinct and fucked her. She'd seemed to like that last time, and now, with my More Talking, Less Fucking plan, she was clearly unhappy.

"What makes you think I'm someone to be kept?" She looked pissed, and God, that tone. What exactly was the legal penalty for fucking someone against a brick wall on a street corner?

And how was it possible she didn't mind me attacking her at her place of employment before she knew my last name, but she got mad because I told her I wanted her?

I wasn't sure if I should be happy or hurt. I settled on appropriately apologetic, though I wasn't completely sure why.

"Shit, Bella, I didn't mean it like that."

"Oh, no?" and there was that bitchy fucking eyebrow. A sticky, thirsty haze clouded my eyes as I stepped toward her. She instinctively stepped away, and I couldn't help the surge of desire telling me to follow, pursue.

Two steps back, and I was pressed against her, she against cold brick. Everything about her was so damn warm, and the challenge on her face was an open invitation. Her lips, gloss and red and sex. Fuck. If I was planning to take her anywhere besides my car, my stairs, my bed, I wouldn't be responsible for making her look like a mess. I skimmed my nose down her forehead and along her nose. My lips hovered over hers for a long moment, sweet breath contrasting angry twist, and her eyes flashed when she realized I wasn't going to kiss her. I smirked and dragged my nose out along her cheek and across her jaw. I took a deep breath and smelled nothing of roasted coffee, steamy milk; she was sweet and spicy, cardamom and clove, cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar, and I wouldn't be responsible for making her look like a mess. I wouldn't, but my lips were against her skin.

My teeth nipped at her throat, my tongue tasting. She exhaled into my hair, and her hands gripped my shoulders, half pushing, half pulling, and so warm.

"Edward . . ." it was a warning, a request and a question all at once. I stepped back to distance myself from her, my lips the last to relinquish their hold.

"I would like to take you somewhere, but of course, what you do is completely up to you; I wouldn't want to diminish your independence or make any assumptions." I smiled with that smile I knew was too seductive for my own good; that smile that, most of my adult life, had accidentally garnered attention from women which I didn't typically want. I knew the provocation behind it.

"Where?" she growled.

"Just, come on." I tugged her hand when I was sure she would come. Despite her petulant pout, she giggled infectiously, and fuck. I wouldn't be responsible for making her look like a mess. I was starting to have resentful feelings about her goddamn lipstick. Glossy, ruby tease. Like a Christmas present with knotted ribbons. You could open it, but there was no putting it back under the tree, good as new. And, shit, I wanted to unwrap her.

We fell into a swift rhythm, walking side by side, and I swung her hand playfully between us. I watched her, and her eyes moved in a curious circle. To our joined hands with a brief grin which shifted into the most deliciously hungry expression, rolling slowly up my arm, my ink, and to my face. She was an unschooled master of the eye-fuck. Then, she would realize I was watching her, and her brow would scrunch, her eyes sharpen; grumbling, she would look away only to drift to our hands again. I should have been remorseful, but I couldn't. I should have cared she was irritated, I was irritating her, but I just fucking couldn't. Not with the way her angry gaze and puckered mouth made her so insanely adorable and sexy, oh, and were in direct communication with my cock. She was embarrassed because I caught her porn-worthy eyes, only not actual porn-worthy, like dream porn-worthy, like if I could have a porn made of me and her and . . . this train of thought was not conducive to the I wouldn't be responsible for making her look like a mess mantra. But here's the thing, I was eye-fucking her too. The only reason I caught her doing it was because I was doing it to distraction. I narrowly avoided a telephone pole a few steps back; so, she could be annoyed, and I would just want to fuck her more and smell her and, Jesus, I would be happy to just touch her all over, which would most likely lead to fucking her. Vicious cycle. Best Catch-22 ever.

Pulling out a cigarette, I offered her one, which she declined, and lit it with an apologetic look. She waved me off with a slight smile, informing me she didn't mind and would probably filch one later. She actually said 'filch,' and it was so fucking adorable. I directed us a couple more blocks to my intended destination, something I knew she would like or at least wouldn't hate. Figuring she would be happy with the club I'd chosen, I had not expected her to walk up to the doorman and punch his shoulder before jumping . . . no, hugging him. At first, it looked like an attack. God, she was irresistible. Seeing her jump into someone else's arms didn't make me jealous, but I wanted to drag her into a back room or onto a dark balcony or around the corner and claim her body again. It made me jealous as fuck, apparently. Not because I didn't want her touching someone else; I wasn't that kind of guy. Because I didn't ever want her to stop touching me, letting me touch her.

I greeted the doorman by name, Sam, and it was her turn to look surprised. I paid for our cover, and thank the fucking lord, she didn't fight me on it. She smiled and said 'thank you' with a bright, glossy, crimson grin. And I think I fell in love with her right then, or maybe I already was because, damn, she was perfect. Not the prettiness of her and the soft and curves and confident glare. Well, all of those things, for fucking sure, but more and different. How she contorted her animated face into mysterious masks with no thought to the prettiness of them, wearing her emotions folded into her skin, but in a language I surely didn't know yet. How she contradicted her smooth, elegant body with hitched movements and clumsy steps, as if she didn't quite know what to do with such beauty and grace; I sure as hell didn't, but I was willing to try as many things as I could think of. How she was so fucking caustic, acid flowing from her sharp tongue (which I wasn't completely sure wasn't forked), and yet she didn't seem negative or hateful. I didn't know when I started finding that attractive, but I would have wagered a guess around two months ago, shortly after 8:00 a.m.

Her hips swayed her through the door as I admired the heels on her feet and what they did for her legs. I heard Sam chuckle loudly, fist blocking his mouth, and I realized I hadn't moved. I flipped him off as I stubbed out my cigarette, started forward and muttered, "Shut the fuck up," evoking a bellowing guffaw from the asshole.

A few feet inside the door, she stood facing the stage; she glanced to the entryway and beckoned me with an infinitesimal flick of her hand. I made my way over to her, wrapping my hand around her waist and tilting my head to her hair. And, yes, I was fucking smelling it. Turning her head to me, she gave me a twinkling grin.

"This is -" we both started, both gesturing at the stage. My eyebrow mirrored her eyebrow in an inquisitive arch.

"What were you going to say?" If it was she or I doing the talking, I'd always choose her.

"This is Wills' band -"

"Last Man Jacks -"

"Yeah," she drew the word out, peering at me suspiciously.

"What?" I shrugged, smirking. "I listen to music too."

"It's just . . . . I've never - Why haven't I ever seen you at a show before?" She blurted and blushed.

"Well, I've only seen them a couple times, and not at all since my best friend took over for the old guitarist." I pointed at the tall blonde cat looking completely at home onstage. "That's him, Jas -"

"Jasper. I've met him a few times. Huh," she finished with a thoughtful tone.

"So then, I'm sure you've met Alice?"

"Yep. She sort of made friends with my roommate Rose. Why?" Instead of replying, I just stepped to the side, out of the way, as Alice approached.

"Bellaaa! I'm so fucking glad you're here." She spared me a glance, "Hey, Edward." I waved to the side of her face as her attention went right back to Bella. "Rose and I were just bitching about the excess of fucking beef baton in this place tonight; I need more goddamn estrogen." She grabbed Bella's hand, "Come the fuck on, no reason to stand around in the entrance. We're sitting over here."

Alice didn't bother to invite me or make sure I followed, but I sure as fuck did. No way I semi-abducted Bella out on an impromptu, somewhat forced, quasi-date just to lose her to Alice. It could happen in one split second of distraction. Constant vigilance, Edward. I approached the table last, Bella just leaning in to an imposing blonde with one arm sleeved in bright ink seated closest to me as Alice flung herself into the open chair on the other side of the table. The imposing blonde wore a similar bitchface to Bella's, but instead of being ridiculously fuckable, it was fucking frightening. The closer I got to Bella, the more menacing the angry blonde bird's face became; frankly, she looked cunty, and I was internally cringing at my shit luck while externally my balls were withdrawing back into my body. A reverse descension because she looked like a junk puncher, this one.

Then the strangest thing happened. My hand found the small of Bella's back because I would risk cracked marbles to touch her; Bella's eyes cut sheepishly to my face, chasing the most genuinely happy smile across her features, and that was a language I understood. And do what you will to me for it, Tattoo Barbie; it's so worth it. I peeked over to the scary woman across the table, and bitchface was gone! Curiosity, a challenge, some sass maybe, they were all there but no more meat grinding attachment for a Kitchenaid. Luck, when I said 'Fuck you,' I didn't mean it.

She smirked at me and redirected her attention to the girl standing next to me, who was standing because I was the douche who hadn't gotten her a chair yet. JesusfuckingChrist, Edward. I turned to an empty table nearby, and grabbed two chairs to pull back to our table. It was maybe thirty seconds, and I was never out of hearing distance; somehow when I turned back, the blonde looked smug, the midget with a trucker mouth looked excited - more than usual - and Bella looked a little bit self-conscious, a little bit embarrassed and a lot bashful, which was doing quite a bit for both her blood flow to the brain and my blood flow away from it.

"Edward, this is my roommate Rose . . . Rosalie." She introduced me, turning vermillion.

"Nice to meet you," I nodded, and she snorted. Rose snorted at me. At least it felt like a friendly snort. And why the fuck was I analyzing a stranger's snort?

"Edward? Hmmm? No nicknames? That's sort of odd, isn't it?" She decided with an antagonistic tweak of her features.

And like the parting of the Red Sea, Bella's face went from flushed to ferocious.

"Oh Rose, I forgot to tell you today, you're a HUGE whore." She defended me, cuter than a taxidermied kitten, and Rose cackled loudly, tossing her head back for a moment and whipping it forward sharply.

"Well, Eddie, good luck finding the key to her chastity belt; I'm pretty sure she accidentally left it on the key ring when she sold her car last year." At this, my jaw dropped, Alice brayed, Bella's cheeks bloomed again, her eyes darted every-fucking-where but Rose's face, and I got the distinct impression this was normal. But that normally, Bella would laugh louder than Alice when Rose said something like that about her; instead, her eyelashes fluttered anxiously, and the table top apparently became desperately interesting.

Rose's lips pressed together as she sucked in her cheeks with an appraising leer. She lifted herself from her chair and extended her hand out toward me. Weird. It was like she wanted to shake my hand. Had to be a trick. She stood frozen for a moment. Eventually she shook her head and reached for my hand. Before I could logically evaluate her actions, I flinched back. Because she was still a little fucking scary, and while I wouldn't hit a broad, protecting my ability to procreate was a necessary reaction. Without pausing, she grabbed my hand and shook it soundly.

"It seems I've underestimated you, Eddie. It's very nice to meet you. I believe thanks are in order." She smirked at Bella who blushed through a feline scowl.

"Um, you're welcome? Shouldn't I be directing that to Bella with a reciprocal 'thank you', though?" I flashed a smirk between them, Bella snorting through a smile, Rose's mouth dropping open in amusement.

"You're spunky, Eddie. I like it," she said, smacking her hand against my chest with a stinging thwack. "I'll have a Guinness, since you offered," I didn't. "Alice, do you want another drink? Eddie's buying."

"Oh, um, yeah, just get me what-the-fuck-ever," her face twisted with devious amusement. "You know what I like, Eddie," she giggled wickedly, and I knew it would be a painfully long time before she let that shit rest.

I asked for Bella's order, insisting she stay at the table when she stood up. Eventually, her pigheadedness won out, and I dragged her playfully to the bar, lifting her onto a barstool and tickling her ribs mercilessly. Anything to touch her, really. She tilted her head into me, gently pressing her sticky, sultry lips against my neck, and when she pulled away I wanted to hitch her over my shoulder and take her somewhere private, or just less public. I settled for the satisfaction of knowing a glossy, cherry brand staked her claim on my skin.

We carried the round back to the table, relaxing into our seats, just as the band played the last few notes of a song. I watched her with bemusement as she wolf-whistled and screamed, clapping her hands loudly. The lead singer started addressing the crowd, thanking everyone for showing up, and I watched her face. Her eyelashes fluttered and her cheeks dimpled and her lips quirked. She leaned into her chair, laughing at the lead singer as he joked on stage. Her fingers fidgeted, adjusting the bra at her ribs, as she wiggled slightly. I groaned as her tits shifted in vibrating shimmies under the thin conforming fabric of her dress. Fuck me. She was such a contrast, uncomfortable yet comfortable, pretty sweetness swirled with an irascible fire like a double flavored corkscrew of soft serve on a cone. I was completely in love with this curious, often hostile almost-stranger. I barely knew her. I was completely fucked.

Vaguely I heard the singer continue to talk, mentioning some of the songs they were planning to play, while she held my attention with the bright eyes and easy smiles she gave freely to the table, the room. As he mentioned doing a song which wasn't a regular for them because of some shit to do with instruments and singers, her eyes became suspicious and beady, her lips pursing dubiously. Suddenly she was a bundle of restlessness, teeth chewing fingernails, and eyes shifting nervously every fucking which way.

She turned to me with a relieved gleam in her eye, as if she had tinkered out the solution to a harrowing dilemma in her head, and asked with exceptional speed, words tumbling, "Can I have that cigarette now? Let's go take a smoke break, yeah? I mean, out back where we can smoke?" The anxious lift in her voice made everything into a question, and I tried not to grin ridiculously at her, because I realized it was really fucking bad form for me to find her so irresistibly fuckable when she was obviously uncomfortable. Even though I really did.

"Sure, Bit," I nodded slightly, and she was dragging me from my chair before I could try to stand. Weaving through the tables and people, glancing anxiously behind her, she tugged me to the back of the room, through a swinging door, past a stairwell and out the heavy steel fire door which was propped open. That surely wasn't fucking fitting with fire code.

Her fidgeting fingers with stubby, bitten, red-flecked nails dug hungrily in my pocket as I leaned back into the cool cement wall. I swatted at her hand, throwing her a teasing smile. "Hey now, fiend! You'll get your fix, but I might need something in return."

"Oh, is that so? Well, Mr. Masen," holy fuck, she just said that. "What could I possibly have that you would want?" Her palms were flat against my chest, and her tits were flat against her hands as she leaned into me, tilting her chin up and to the side, exposing her milky white neck. Even though I knew it was an act, the confused, vapid expression, all swimming eyes and batting lashes, made my dick stiffen, and my thoughts fucking cease.

Goddamn that fucking lipstick. Goddamn it straight to Hell.

Trying to clear the haze in my head, I rooted the pack out of my pocket with one hand while I stroked the dewy soft skin of her arm. As I grumbled to myself about the under-appreciated virtue of self-control, telling my dick to give it a try sometime, I spun her around and pulled her into me, my arm around her waist forcing her to lean against me as I relaxed against the wall. With a flip of my free wrist, I shook a couple of cigarettes from the pack, pulling them both out with my lips. Trading the pack for the lighter in my pocket, I lit them both and took one between my fingers. I slid my open hand from the joint of her jaw, just in front of her ear, lightly to her chin, holding the filter millimeters from her lips.

I was pretty fucking sure it was intentional when her lips brushed across my fingers as they surrounded the little white cylinder, when she pressed them against my skin firmly.

Maybe we didn't have to stay any longer.

We didn't even have to leave. I eyed the quiet parking lot we were standing in thoughtfully as I pushed my hips against her ass, pulled her ass against me. She rolled her hips into me, and I saw the hint of a grin as her plump cheek lifted, her pretty fingers lifting the cigarette from her lips with her drag of breath.

I could fuck her here. Right?

She seemed somewhat interested in the overzealous, hard cock I pressed into her back.

She would know how much I wanted her if I fucked her here, now. Right?


No, no, fuck no.

I needed to maintain an iota of respect for her if I ever wanted her to really understand when I fucked her, it was to feel her heartbeat pulse out of control, her breath catch with pleasure, not mine.

I pressed the stain of red on my fingers into my own lips as I pulled the butt from my teeth, smiling at the faint smell of her mouth lingering on my skin. I tried to calm down my very overly-excited cock, leaning into her hair, her neck, inhaling a deep, spicy breath and drawing an easy smile against the glossy bay locks.

A soft, contented sigh rose in her chest and fell from her lips, and I was stupidly fucking happy to think I might have something to do with her ease. I wanted to ask her a thousand questions, maybe more, know every little detail I could learn and memorize and fantasize about. But I didn't. She had been so fucking jumpy, and honestly, she usually seemed to take offense at my most innocuous statements. A warm, smooth arm settled to rest over mine around her waist, and I was fucking sure I wanted to keep my mouth clamped shut. For now, I wanted just this. This comfortable, quiet silence. Even if I was still desperate to bend her over the closest car and shove my dick into her tight, wet heat. Or maybe, against the wall.

Definitely against the wall.

Long after we had both flicked our filters onto the pavement, as I hummed quietly into her neck, she turned her warm body to face mine, nuzzling against my chest. She wove her fingers within mine and leaned back to drag me reluctantly from my private perch, back to the room full of people who were not simply Bella and me. Her impish eyes smiled knowingly with the sexy fucking curve of her lips as I grunted my objection half-heartedly, because she could drag me to Hades, and I'd fucking follow.

Instead of towing me past the stairwell, back to the crowd echoing its jovial, raucous din in waves toward us, she ducked quickly through the door under the stairs. I stopped just inside the darkened hallway as Bella turned to close the door behind us.

"Where the fuck are we?" I hissed a whisper. I didn't know why; it just seemed like a fucking good idea to be stealthy.

She giggled deliciously at me and stage whispered back, "A hallway."

She was teasing me. And she was fucking sexy as hell.

I could feel a dark haze of lust wash my vision and weight my eyelids, and hers registered the shift too as she pushed me back into the wall roughly. I closed my eyes, trying my damnedest to regain some composure, and my dick screamed at me to fucking fuck her right the fuck now. I was having a truly difficult time resisting the little brain. All at once, I felt the curved edges of her hips, the tight stretch of her abdomen, the indulgent, fleshy cushion of her tits pressing against my already electrified body.

And her hands. Her fucking hands.

They tickled up my arms, tracing artwork to my shoulders, and slid purposefully over my chest, flicking playfully at the steel in my nipples through my shirt. Her warm, sensuous body lowered in the path of her hands, making way for their reconnaissance. My fingers skimmed lightly along her back with her descent and settled on her neck, under her hair.

I tilted my head back, eyes closed and jaw slackened as her arms reached above her, pads of fingers rubbing circles into my abdomen, teasing out across my hipbones. When I felt a tug at my belt buckle and a loosening around my waist, my eyes popped open. I hadn't realized until her hands started working at my jeans that she was on her knees in front of me. Holyfuck.

"Shit, Bella, I don't want - I mean . . ." I pulled gently at the hair threaded through my fingers, willing her to get off the damn cold, hard floor.

Totally ignoring my prodding, she continued unzipping my jeans, shoved her hands inside my underwear and gripped my raging hard cock. Shitfuck.

"You don't want?" she asked with incredulity as she smirked up at me under fluttering eyelashes, pumped her hand up and down my shaft. I groaned; she giggled then, taking me out of my boxer briefs, shoving them down my hips.

I watched her as she watched her hand working over me with fascination. It was her and it was hot as hell, and it felt so fucking good. Her fingers came up again, her thumb tracing over the wetness at the tip of my dick, and without removing her hand, she leaned forward to wrap those glossy crimson lips around her thumb, sucking hard, leaving a red ring close to her hand, releasing with a pop. Indistinguishable fucking nonsense escaped me on a deep raspy breath, and her slick, wet tongue darted out to lick across my throbbing head. Jesusfuck!

She tipped her chin up, lower lip jutting in a mock pout contrasted by the challenge in her arched eyebrow. "You don't want?" she asked, exaggerated disappointment turning the corners of her lips down adorably.

"Mother of fuck . . ." I muttered disjointedly. "Of course I fucking want . . . shit, Bella, I just don't want . . ." Well, that cleared up all the fucking confusion for her, Eddie; way to explain those feelings! I grunted in frustration, stroking her hair unconsciously. Goddammit, I was fucking petting her while she kneeled on this fucking uncomfortable, dirty floor in front of me.

I continued to stutter, trying to articulate any thought fucking possible at this point, as she swirled her tongue around my head teasingly, watching me under thick velvet lashes with those fiery golden-brown eyes swimming with ferocity and amusement. Eventually, she relented the pleasurable torture, her plump candy-apple lips breaking into a sly, satisfied grin.

"I want your cock in my mouth, Edward." She emphasized her words by pumping her hand in a steady rhythm. I knew my jaw was hanging open like a fucking idiot. I knew she was actually making a request, even though it sounded like a demand. I knew I was supposed to say something, anything. I knew she was waiting.

All I could think about was how much I was in love with her, even though I was crazy for it.

How beautiful she was on her knees for me.

How she was the physical realization of my dream girl.

How I really wanted to fuck her mouth.

With the curious quirk of her brow, I realized some of that, if not all of that, had been audible.

But then she leaned forward again, and I couldn't give a fuck about the uncontrolled babble falling straight out of my brain by way of my loose lips. Instead, I laced my fingers tighter in her hair and communicated what I wanted with a gentle pull.

I felt her tongue sliding along the underside of my dick as she moved further and further toward my pubic bone. When my head hit the back of her throat, a rumbling moan escaped me, and her lips closed precisely around the base of my cock, constricting tightly, causing me to harden even more. She relaxed the tension slightly and slid her hot, wet mouth along my length, hollowing her cheeks, sucking.

"Fuck . . . mmphff . . . shit . . . Bella . . ." I guided her head as she continued to thrust her mouth down over me and suck back up my length. Okay, I didn't exactly guide; I gripped her silky hair desperately in an attempt not to buck my hips into her face and choke her with my dick.

Her warm fingers pushed into my muscles, wrapping my hip as she gripped hard for stability, her other hand groping and then teasing my balls, tickling the sensitive skin. I sputtered gasps and breaths, shortened by the heat and need and pressure building in my gut. My heart felt like it was going to crack my fucking ribs, it beat so violently inside my chest, and I squeezed my eyes shut as I leaned my head back against the wall, just feeling nothing but my breath, my heart and her beautiful, warm mouth, slicking along me quickly, goading my hips.

I hastily removed one of my hands from her hair, smacking the cold cement wall with a stinging slap, hoping to anchor myself to the unrelenting cinderblock. I searched for purchase with the pads of my fingers, the minute restraint it offered disappearing as her mouth came down over me, fast and hard. At the same time, my dick hit the back of her throat again, my hips pumped without my permission, and I whimpered my frustration with my uncontrolled body. I glanced down apologetically to narrowed, suspicious eyes above the most erotic fucking thing I'd ever seen. Her mouth on me. The ghost of her once-laquered lips imprinted around my cock. Fuck.

She pulled back, sucking hard until her lips caught on my head and released me with a popping, suction sound. "Edward," she growled as her eyes flashed with wanton fire. A shudder vibrated up my body and electrified my nerves, my skin. "I want you to fuck my mouth."

"Bella, I-"

"Fuck my mouth, Edward." She enunciated each word, ferociously quiet, unwavering, sure gaze.

That was it. No more cement wall. No more self control. No breathing. No heartbeat.

Just her mouth on me, my hips thrusting as she gripped my thighs and groaned around my hard, desperate need.

She molded her mouth around my length and met my now desperate, erratic bucks by plunging forward with each pump of my hips. She moaned and whimpered, and I worried for a split second something was wrong. When my eyes found hers and clear, raw lust was written allover her face, painting her cheeks a lively pink, flashing her eyes with bright sparks of gold fire, I let go.

"Oh . . . Bella, fuck!" was all I managed as a warning with my last two thrusts. The burn migrating from my limbs balled tightly into a combustible ache in my abdomen, hips and thighs, and exploded out of me with incredible force.

She held my throbbing cock buried deep in her mouth. My release pulsed hot and hard into her throat as she swallowed in forceful, quick gulps. For a moment, my whole body disintegrated, shattered and fell away, enervated by one small part of this astounding girl, every fucking part of her.

Slowly, my muscles relaxed, and my body became mine again; my knees wavered, and my fingers shook as I pulled them through her smooth, chestnut hair. I rubbed small circles on her scalp, petting her, but I didn't care. Apparently, she didn't either, and she hummed, eyes rolling closed, as she pulled her mouth slowly off my cock, swirling her tongue delicately around my head last. Fucking perfect.

"Oh God," I rasped almost inaudibly, grasping her upper arms. She giggled lightheartedly as I pulled her hastily off the floor. I couldn't help the growl against her lips as I crashed into them. She was gorgeous and funny and sultry and bitchy, and she tasted spicy and delicious and like me, and I was fucking sure, now, she wanted me almost as much as I wanted her. I kissed her hard; my tongue found hers forcefully and evoked the most lurid, cock-twitching feminine sounds from her chest.

She kissed me back with equal passion, fingers wrapping around my neck as her body pressed flush against mine. Without missing a beat, I was thinking about turning our bodies around so I could pin her against the wall, push my dick into her. I had to get a hold of myself, or we would end up locked in the damn bar when they closed. Besides, no matter how eager my horny fucking thoughts were, I wasn't that fast; I needed at least a few minutes of recovery time, especially after the full-body orgasm she'd just gifted me.

Lazily, she softened our kisses, drawing them out in languid licks, nips and pecks. Her talented lips hovered warmly over my ear, sending a smooth buzz into my skin, and she licked lightly at my earlobe before whispering, "I'm going to the Ladies' Room. Why don't you visit the Little Boys', and we'll meet back at the table before our friends send a search party."

I chuckled at the thought of Rose and Alice discovering me with my dick hanging out of my pants, because it sure as fuck still was, and I inhaled her, cinnamon and cardamom and clove, and kissed her cheek lightly, just catching her as she shifted away to sway down the hall. As much as I wanted to locate a sleeping bag and hold her hostage, we were in a bar, in a hallway. I slumped against the wall, not quite ready to relinquish my perch in my new favorite hallway. I was going to miss this hallway; maybe we should make this a regular occurrence and visit this hallway weekly.

My chest swelled with demented elation as I looked down to tuck myself back into my pants. It was probably all kinds of creepy and just fucking weird, but the residual red echo around the base of my cock made me shiver with a deep, visceral need. It was sexual, but not simply that. It was combined with an intrinsic, fundamental ache. An ache I'd experienced since the first time I laid eyes on her two months ago. It was her mark on me, a reminder of everything she did for me, to me, physically and emotionally; I felt branded, claimed, like the sticky red imprint on my neck from earlier sitting at the bar, and I never wanted to wash it off.

Shaking my head at myself, I adjusted my pants and steered my feet toward the bathroom. I leaned over the sink, splashed cold water on my face, careful to preserve the lacquer below my ear, and reached for paper towels which were fucking nonexistent. I watched water roll in little beads down my reflection as my gaze settled on my own eyes. They were brighter green than I could ever remember seeing them, and my skin was flushed and fucking rosy like a winded little boy fresh from playing in snow. I wanted to be pre-embarrassed for what I knew Alice and, most likely, Rose would recognize in a second, but I couldn't.

My feelings for Bella had exceeded embarrassment. I would admit anything humiliating about myself if it meant the difference between her being mine and not, even that I hurled after my right nipple was pierced. I still maintained it was the excess of whiskey, not a weak stomach; I puked and rallied for the left nipple anyway.

I chafed my hands briskly over my face a few times to remove excess water then pressed my damp palms into my denim covered thighs. After taking a few deep breaths, I felt calm enough to brave the potential inquisition from the trash-talking munchkin and her new scary blonde sidekick. It would all depend on how generous Alice was feeling and probably me picking up her goddamn tab.

My eyes were instantly scanning the crowd for our table, more specifically Bella, as I pushed past the door and shoved my way, as politely as possible, through the mass of bodies. When I found the table, I was pleased to see Angela had decided to join us and was chatting amiably with the other two, watching the stage excitedly. While I continued to search the room for Bella, becoming more anxious when I didn't see her at the bar either, the curious music coming from the stage filtered into my quickly panicking consciousness.

Perfunctorily, I recognized a violin playing and assumed this was the song the lead singer was going on about earlier. A violinist would be trickier to find than your average band musician, lucky for them Jasper was a strangely eclectic and talented fellow. Having no more thought available to expend thinking about the music while I still had no idea where the fuck Bella was, I dismissed it and turned to the table.

"Hi Angela," I held up a hand momentarily in a stagnant wave before looking at them each in turn. "Did Bella ever come back from the Ladies'?" I could feel the worry in my eyes betraying the ease I struggled to overlay smoothly into my tone, but I was about two seconds from violating the Ladies' Room in a crazed search.

Faster than I could take in each of their expressions, they were all smirk-grinning at me. Alice did a tiny bounce on her seat, nodding emphatically. Rose just quirked a brow, and Angela's smile softened, her eyes darting past me to watch the stage.

"I had no fucking idea she had that in her; granted, it took a shitton of motherfucking coercion!" Alice's hands gestured wildly, exaggerating her already comical expression and rambunctious words.

I was still confused as fuck, and I looked to Rose, who laughed lightly, tossing her head back, and Angela, who pointed hesitantly at the stage. My eyes followed her gesture in what felt like slow motion as I realized a female voice complimented the uncharacteristic song the band played. How in Hell had I missed that before?

Her eyes were closed tightly, her knuckles white with her death-grip, one hand clenching the mic, the other squeezing the stand. Her feet were crossed at the ankle, right over left, as she stood; the right coming up to rub the side of her sexy-as-fuck high-heeled shoe smoothly over the outside of her lower calf when certain notes and words rolled off her tongue. It was clear she was really nervous, the flush I was sure washed her whole body speaking volumes about her embarrassment. And even though it was really shitty of me to enjoy her discomfort, I couldn't stop myself. She was so beautiful under those stark stage lights; the bright colors in her skin seemed to glow. I wanted to memorize every contour of ink with my touch, my tongue. I chose to believe the confidence in her tone, the apparent pleasure in the rich sounds escaping with the rise and fall of her chest.

A firm hand wrapped around my wrist, simultaneously pulling me out of my awestruck stupor and into a hard wooden chair. "Why don't you sit down and relax, Eddie, close your mouth and tame your trouser-snake," Rose purred, throwing a suggestive look at my lap, taunting wickedly.

I couldn't care. I barely noticed.

Now that I saw her, heard her, I couldn't see or hear anything else. Her voice wasn't perfect, but it was rich and sultry and hypnotic. And it was her. It sounded like she smelled, the full, seductive roughness of autumn spices and brown sugar.

After she was a few lines further into the song, she relaxed slightly. I was sure she might even be able to feel her fingertips again. And then, just as she sang a line about devils dreaming of a blue angel, the corners of her mouth tucked barely into her cheeks with a tiny enigmatic smile, her eyes opened, and behind those sleepy, heavy eyelids, she was already looking directly at me.

Her eyes were swimming with bashfulness and mirth and joy and sensuality all at once, and they were glittering gold and amber, like this huge Citrine ring my grandma used to wear. I was sure it was a trick of the spotlights shining down on her because no one's eyes could seem so transparent and clear, yet so bottomless at the same time.

I couldn't look away from her eyes and she didn't break my gaze.

As her eyes held mine, I watched her discomfort disintegrating. Replacing it was a confident, teasing demeanor directed solely at me. When she winked at me, I couldn't help leering at her like I wanted to devour her.

Because I did.

Want to devour her.

I fought the urge to tear her from the stage and run to the closest private bedroom at our disposal. She was too beautiful to watch for me to do anything like that.

Toward the end, she started to swing her hips from side to side with the music, watching me the whole time, and Rose's finger pushed my chin up to close my mouth with a snap of my teeth. Bella almost giggled then; the vibration came through in her voice, and I groaned out loud, remembering what that vibration felt like when her mouth was on me. Suddenly, I wondered if she would enjoy it as much as I did and it was my new mission to find out. As soon as possible.

When she was done singing, I clapped but not nearly enough. I was still entirely too stunned to cheer appropriately.

She turned abashedly to the other musicians, her back to the bar; they were all talking to her, cajoling with big goofy grins on their faces. I couldn't blame them, she was fucking adorable and apparently had that affect on everyone. Finally, she fluttered her hands in an acquiescent gesture and turned back to the house. She took an awkwardly giggling curtsy, blushing all over again, and stumbled slightly in her rush to get off the stage and out of the spotlight.

I think I might have purred. Jesus fucking Christ. I did. I purred when she walked right past the rest of the table without a glance and came straight to me. She stood in front of me with a challenge on her face, but her eyes were fucking begging. Without surrendering any of her control, because there was no goddamn doubt she held it all, she lowered herself onto my lap.

Her eyebrow shot up quizzically as her body leaned in so close to mine I shivered with her heat. Her ass shifted intentionally against my hard cock, and her lips grazed my ear as she whispered, "You seem to be having a problem in your pants, Edward."

She pulled away, smirking and shifting her hips again as I growled at her. I saw the pleasure flare in her eyes, burning with wicked enjoyment, and then she was seemingly ignoring me. Laughing at whispered comments with Rose, blushing when Alice gushed compliments laced excessively with the word 'fuck' all over her, smiling openly as Angela told her about her evening class.

And all the fucking while she was discreetly dry-humping my painfully throbbing dick in a disjointed rhythm.

After a few minutes of the best torture ever and self control I didn't know I possessed -- she was wearing a motherfucking dress for shit's sake, it wouldn't take much work to fuck her on my lap -- I couldn't take it anymore. We were either leaving, or I would fuck her right here. In front of her friends.

Leaning to her and exhaling a warm breath over her ear, I grabbed her hips and pulled them down hard against me. Her own breath huffed out with a quiet moan, and I bit the soft lobe of her ear, feeling the bite of metal rings against my tongue.

She panted as I rasped a whisper into her ear.

"Say 'good bye', Bit. I'm taking you home." She shuddered; I growled, "Now."

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