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Ways to annoy Harley Quinn.

I will not, under any circumstances, make fun of her relationship with the Joker.

I will not ask her if she is plain desperate.

I will not tell her that her outfit is tacky and bad fashion.

I will not throw a fish at her.

Although Harley Quinn is generally a nice person, she will hurt anyone who attempts to grope her.

Harley Quinn's name is not "Jester-ess"

I will not make fun of her parents by asking her "Which parents would name their daughter 'Harlequin?"

I will not ask Harley Quinn what a harlequin means.

If I am taking the SAT and the word harlequin comes up, I will not put the blame on Harley Quinn if I get the question wrong.

I will not try to date her, under any circumstances.

A/N: Not my funniest, but Harley Quinn is a very awkward character . lmao.