Hey guys!

I thought I better post a quick introduction to my story to give you guys a little bit of background, because I suck at summaries. I'm not actually American but I tried my best with the American-isms, so forgive me if I got any bits wrong. :]

Okay, so this is obviously a Jacob + Bella story. This story will at some point [if you guys like it enough for me to post more chapters] become lemony. There will be times in the story when the point of view shifts between characters but when this happens i'll label it accordingly. :]

My story is loosely based around New Moon except, instead of Bella going to Italy to save Edward, he jus' showed up and begged her to take him back. Bella did + Edward demanded that she didn't hang out with Jacob anymore because he was jealous [he can see the thoughts in Jake's head, remember].*

So she did, but she only lasted three weeks without Jake when she finally stood up to Edward. Anyways, Bella has started to realise that she doesn't feel the same about Edward anymore + she decides to go visit her best friend..

Okay, now a little about Jacob.

Jacob knows he's in love with Bella but he thinks she's still in love with Edward so he's resigned himself to that fact that he's gotta jus' be friends with Bella.* He starts to let this Cheyenne girl hang around him before he realises what's going on in Bella's head..

Oh yeah, thoughts + dreams will be highlited in italics.

* Btw none of that is actually mentioned, it's jus' sorta given knowledge by now.

Please read + review, this is my first ever story though so don't eat me alive, please? :]

Thanks, SuPrincesa' :]