Of Jinkurichi and Alchemist

Summery: After the time skip and Naruto's return, we know team seven and team Gai are sent on a mission to rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki. Well what if they actually made it in time? What if in a fit of rage, our favorite hyper active blonde used his Rasengan on the King of Hell statue to stop it from sucking out Gaara's bijuu and eventually killing him? What if the resulting explosion sent team seven, team Gai, Chiyo baa-chan, Deidara, Sasori, and Gaara to a different dimension? What if I told you that is the beginning of a fanfic? This fanfic.

Warning: YAOI!!!!!!!! Don't like don't read!!!! Strong, smart, Demon/hanyou Naruto! Possible Sakura and Tenten bashing! This is a crossover between fma and Naruto if you don't like these types of fics, there should be a button on your browser click it I believe it's called the back button. I might mix what little Japanese I know and English if that annoys you don't read

A/N: EDITED! Naruto (and maybe Gaara) might fully merge with their bijuu. However the bijuu have the chose of staying or leaving. They will not disappear. If there's a pairing it will be a massive harem. I know some who will be in it but I need help with the rest.

Known people in harem; Naruto, Gaara, Neji, eventually Envy.

You can vote for anyone else you want in this fic including fma characters. By the way this is my second fic first crossover and Naruto (and fullmetal alchemist for that matter) I'm still kid of new at writing them.



"Demon/summoning/enraged Jinkurichi talking"

'Demon/summoning/enraged Jinkurichi talking'

"Talking in demon language"

"Talking (people from Amestris when in the presence of Naruto people)"




Naruto POV

I watched as bushy brows and his team got all pumped up before they left to take care of the other parts of the barrier. "Cool!" I said as I turned to my own teammates, "Let's do that to!" I said as I held out my hand, only to get rejected by each one of them (Kakashi, Elder Chiyo, and Sakura).

As the signal was given everyone (Kakashi, Gai, Rock lee, Neji, and Tenten) pulled off their piece of paper and Sakura destroyed the rock.

When the dust finally settled, we were able to see inside of the cave. What I saw in that cave Royally pissed me of; there, in the middle of the floor, was Gaara. His back arched up in pain, mouth hung open in a silent scream and his eyes opened wide, as red chakra flowed out of both eyes and mouth. The Suna no Yoroi was cracked and starting to fall apart, and the rest of him was surrounded by blue chakra that trailed back to the mouth of the huge statue situated in the back of the cave. The statue's hands were pointed up with the fingers spread wide. And on each finger stood the shadowed figure of an Akatsuki member.

I saw red. A growl bubbled up from deep in my chest as I rushed forward, Rasengan forming in my hand.

"Naruto don't!!" I heard Kakashi-sensei and a few others yell out just as my Rasengan connected with my target.

What happened next no one could have expected. Shukaku's chakra slammed back into Gaara. The statue exploded sending us all flying out of the cave, before it imploded, sucking everyone, including Gai's team back in.


Normal POV

Everyone watched in horror as Naruto's Rasengan connected with the King of Hell statue. The five conscious shinobi (Kakashi, Sakura, Elder Chiyo, Deidara, and Sasori) turned to run away when they were all caught in the explosion. All eleven shinobi were sucked back into the portal before it closed itself, leaving behind a thin scar where the King of Hell Statue had been.

On the other side of the spiraling vortex, the eleven shinobi found themselves in a multicolored empty space.

"Where are we?" Naruto asked, voice echoing. His body was spinning freely in the zero-gravity void. "Naruto you idiot! What did you do?!" he heard Sakura screech from a little ways to the right of him.

"What's happening? What did he do?"

Tenten's voice.

"Now, now everyone just settle down. Everything should be alright." Came Kakashi's bored voice.

"Yes, it's as Kakashi my eternal rival says, let's not worry. You have nothing to fear with Konoha's sexy Green Beast here! I shall protect you with my youthfulness and my life!" That said, he still managed to strike his good guy pose.

"Gai-sensei you are so youthful!" Lee yelled out a little ways off to the left of Gai.


"Gai-sensei!" Called out the spandex wearing duo as, to the horror of everyone else, both swam towards each other to embrace with the usual unbreakable sunset genjustu behind them.

Turning away before they can get sick, the others shuddered before the continued talking. "This must of be the cause of the blonde Jinkurichi breaking the statue un," said the blonde Akatsuki member.

"Deidara shut up." Replied the oddly shaped Akatsuki partner in a monologue tone of voice.

"GAI-SEN-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Suddenly a white light enveloped them all.

With that white flash, they were thrown out of the sky and using their shinobi skills, they flipped and landed gracefully, Naruto catching a still unconscious Gaara. Each shinobi took in their new surroundings: a desert by a small oasis.

"Oh great, how the hell did we get in the desert un!" Deidara said pouting slightly. "I said shut up," was his partners reply.

"Sasori-Danna!" Deidara whined out, as his pout grew bigger.

"No buts," Sasori said turning to his partner to glare at him.

"Ano, guys I don't think we're in the elemental continents anymore. It smells different here," said Naruto looking around worried.


A/N Well that was the prologue i hope you liked it. I only made minor edits so there shouldn't be to many errors left. Sorry if any of the characters are too OOC. Please R&R and know that any and all flames shall be used to roast marshmallows.

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