Something to Sing about: Drabbles of Eliza Dushku characters

Author notes: This series is a series of stories based upon characters played by Eliza Dushku on movies and TV shows. I wrote fifteen drabbles about Faith first, then around 25 of other Dushku characters in order from the age when she played them. I came up with the titles and focus of each drabble by doing random shuffle on my mp3 player- the first fifteen songs, then the next 25, were the ones that I would use as titles and inspiration. You'll see as it goes. Of course, I own neither characters nor songs. Because I have so many more of Faith than the other characters, I'll be alternating her drabbles between the drabbles of other Eliza characters. Some of these, based solely on title, and when given to certain characters, were quite the challenge.

1. Nazi Halo (song: "Nazi Halo" by Jack Off Jill) (Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

His face is twisted, smiling so widely it seems to distort his heavy features. His mouth is close, so close she can feel his hot breath against her, and she feels her jaw tighten. The ceiling seems to be closing in on her, pressing closer as he slides his body slowly over hers.

He has a thin penciled mustache, and it confuses her, for he was always clean shaven before. It reminds her of Adolph Hitler… and as her heart races, her hands sweating, she thinks how very appropriate that is. She finds her eye fixating on the mustache, blocking herself from seeing his sneering mouth, the savage satisfaction in his eyes. The lamp shines dimly on the nightstand, and she realizes as her eyes unwillingly drift upward that it casts a sheen of light around his head that almost resembles a halo.

"Lie still…" he growls in what he must think a seductive tone, and his hands are rough, roaming, as she fights back screams she knows cannot escape. It would do no good…she would never-

Faith's eyes snapped open, a gasp escaping before she could stop herself. She felt the dampness at the nape of her neck, at her underarms, and registered it dimly as sweat, though she could also feel herself shivering. As she attempted to calm her heartbeat, to bring her breathing back under control, the remnants of the visions from the dream were slow to leave her mind. Every night, it was the same…

Well, at least the mustache had been different this time.