Destiny Decision


Luna had just left Makoto and Ami, and the two girls stared at each other over their lunches in amazement. The cat hurriedly told them everything, and then said she had to dash off to find Rei, Minako, and Artemis to relay the happy news.

"Well... I guess we know why Usagi-chan isn't here." Makoto blinked repeatedly, staring down at her lunch in her brown skirt clad lap. "It's... it's amazing!" She breathed, unable to process it.

Ami felt her blue eyes brimming with tears. "Mamoru-san is alright... oh, it really is a miracle! So the Ginzuishou worked! It saved him!" Her voice rose into a squeak, and she felt like she could start jumping around.... except for the fact that the entire school would then look over at their place under the tree and she would probably never live the episode down. So she refrained.

Makoto reached over and put a hand over Ami's. "Are you alright now, Ami-chan? You did the right thing."

The blue haired girl nodded. "Yes... but... a few more seconds and I would have told Beryl that I agreed..."

Makoto blinked. "But..."

"I couldn't stand to watch him suffering so much," Ami wrung her hands on her blue skirt. "I knew Serenity would never forgive me if he died, but I... I would have never forgiven myself for watching him die without doing anything." She shut her eyes. "And then he died because I was too late. It was... it was torture." She paused for a long moment, and then her eyes opened and she smiled brightly. "But he's saved! I'm... so... so relieved!"

Makoto nodded happily and chomped down into a bite of shrimp.

That afternoon after school, Ami waved goodbye to Makoto and made her way home through the park. She walked slowly, basking in the warm sunshine and sighing happily.


The girl snapped out of her dreamy reverie and turned to see Mamoru waving at her. She gasped in delight and ran to him. "Mamoru-san! Mamoru-san, I'm so glad to see you!" She stopped a few steps from him, her face flushed happily. "I couldn't believe it when Luna told Mako-chan and I this morning. We had been worried about why Usagi-chan was out of school, but... I'm so glad she skipped school today!"

Mamoru chuckled, shaking his head and sticking his hands in his pockets. "She just ran home now to tell her mother that she's going to dinner with me tonight. I have a feeling that I'm going to be roped into a dinner at her house instead, which will be perfectly fine by me. I like her family." He smiled warmly and stepped closer to the blue haired girl. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and reached out to embrace her, pulling her close. "Are you alright, Ami-chan?"

She nodded into his shoulder, but a few tears were escaping from her lids as she spoke. "I was so afraid I had killed you, that it was all my fault."

"You saved everyone, Ami-chan." He pulled back, but still held her arms, smiling down at her. "It was an impossible thing for you to have to do."

Ami pursed her lips. "Usagi-chan said something very like that."

Mamoru laughed. "Maybe Usako and I think more alike than I thought."

"Maybe so," Ami giggled. Then she abruptly stopped and looked up at him with shy, worried eyes. "Are we going to be alright, Mamoru-san?"

Mamoru raised his eyebrows. "Of course, Ami-chan! Why wouldn't we be? I would hope that we're always going to be the best of friends... don't you think?"

Ami's eyes lightened, and she nodded. "Yes, I hope so, too." She smiled. "I think everything has worked out alright."

Mamoru nodded as well, and then he turned when he heard his name being called. Usagi was running up to them, waving her hand happily. Her eyes practically danced when she saw Ami. "Ami-chan!" She launched onto the girl and hugged her. "Ami-chan, isn't it amazing? Mamo-chan is alive!"

Ami giggled and hugged Usagi back, and she looked up at Mamoru with happy eyes as she replied to the girl. "Yes, Usagi-chan, it really is amazing. I'm so happy everything is going to be okay now."

Usagi pulled back and nodded once. "Definitely so!" She grinned and then turned to Mamoru. "Mamo-chan, Mama wants you to have dinner with us tonight... is that okay?"

Mamoru wagged a finger at Ami. "What did I tell you? Did I not say five minutes ago that I was sure I was going to have to have dinner at Usako's house tonight?"

Ami laughed. "Yes, you did, if I remember correctly!"

Usagi blushed. "Well, it wasn't my idea!"

Mamoru laughed and loped an arm around Usagi's shoulders. "It's alright, Usako. I really don't mind at all." His girlfriend beamed, and the two said goodbye to Ami with happy smiles, turning in the direction of Usagi's house.

Ami waved to them and then turned to head toward her own home, her heart feeling much lighter and happier since she knew things had worked out. Mamoru was alright, and she was sure their friendship was going to last. Even though she knew that she would always hold special feelings toward Endymion, he was so well blended with Mamoru that there was no way she would want anything more with the man that was her good friend.

Sighing happily, Ami continued her walk and exited the park. She walked along peacefully for quite some time, simply basking in the warm sunshine and listening to the happy sounds of birds chirping in the trees.

However... She was in front of her house when a young man suddenly barreled into her. She squealed as her book bag fell to the ground and her books toppled out of it. She gasped and dropped to the ground, beginning to pick them up.

"Oh, wow, I am so sorry!" The guy who had run into her fell to the ground as well and began helping her.

"Thank you," she murmured when he handed her a book. Her hand brushed his and she gasped. She looked up and suddenly she found herself staring into the face of Zoicite, or.... the Zoicite she remembered from the Silver Millennium, the man who might have won her heart so many, many years ago.

This Zoicite was wearing running clothes and glasses, and he blinked at her. His light face broke out into a warm smile, his light blue eyes lighting up with warmness. "Hi. I'm... really sorry about this. When I run, I kind of get in this zone where I don't really see anything. Even pretty girls."

Ami raised an eyebrow at his extremely obvious flirting, but she couldn't help but feel flattered. She stood up and brushed her skirt off, taking her book bag from him. "Well, it's alright. And thank you for helping me pick my things up."

"No problem." He grinned. He stuck his hand out. "I'm Zach. I'm new here; studying at the Azaba Institute with my brothers. We're exchange students from America."

Ami raised both of her eyebrows. "Your... your brothers?"

"Yeah, I have three." Zach rolled his eyes. "A total pain sometimes. I was actually just taking a break from them. Really needed a run."

"I see." Ami's eyes remained wide as she took in his appearance. He was definitely back to the Zoicite she had known, but now he was someone that was... completely different. Yet... she couldn't help but feel intrigued. Was it because she and Zoicite might have had something before? Or was it because Zach, standing in front of her, was smiling at her in such a sweet, charming way? For whatever reason, she suddenly found herself smiling at him in return. She nodded her head to her house. "I... actually live right here. Would like you to come in for some tea? I don't want to interrupt your run, of course."

Zach glanced at her house, and then he looked at her with another wide, happy grin. "Of course! I would definitely love some tea. It's a total Japanese thing, isn't it? The whole tea thing."

"I... suppose that yes, it is." Ami nodded, laughing lightly at him, and led the way up to her doorstep. They walked inside, and Ami's mother stared with an open mouth when her daughter brought in the young, handsome man and introduced him to her as her new friend Zach.

Ami's mother was intrigued, and she ushered Ami out of the room, where Zach was sipping tea, for a moment to make sure to tell her that if she ever needed to talk about.... but Ami quickly escaped back into the dining room before her mother could even begin her speech about 'what happens between a man and a woman.'

Many Weeks Later

"Usako, where are we?"

"Did I not say that you had to wait?" Usagi led Mamoru by the hand, a blindfold tied around his eyes.

"But... Usako..."

"Okay, okay... now!" Usagi took the black blindfold off Mamoru's face, and the man blinked and looked around him in confusion.

"Where are we?" Mamoru looked in front of him at the old Japanese styled home in front of them. It looked abandoned, with weeds growing around the yard and all the lights off in the house. Mamoru felt a strange tug in his chest toward the place.

"This is where you grew up." Usagi beamed, tying her arms behind her back and walking up the pathway. She spun around to face him, her hair whipping lightly in the wind. "It took a little work, but I started looking up some records in the library... er, with Ami-chan's help, of course. It took a lot to pry her away from Zach, just so you know. Ah, but anyways, I found some information out through old newspapers about who your parents were. About the car accident and stuff... by the way, you should have told me sooner that they died in an accident, and that you were in the car... and that's why you had amnesia. Would have totally helped to have more information, you know. Anyways... so I went back and found out where they were from. Rei's grandpa had to drive up north for the day anyways, so he drove the girls and I up here last weekend, and we started looking through old records until we found out where your parents lived. This was their home. Where you grew up."

Mamoru stared wide-eyed at the house in front of him, and he took a tentative step forward. He reached the steps and wrapped a hand around one of the posts. He felt tears brimming in his eyes, but he choked them back and turned to Usagi, who stood just a few steps behind him. "Thank you, Usako. I can't ever tell you how amazing you are."

Usagi rocked back and forth on her heels, pursing her small lips together. "Mmm, you can try. Would be worth the effort."

He laughed and walked up to her, leaning down to place both hands on the sides of her face caressingly. "I will try, for the rest of my life." Smiling softly, he brushed his lips with hers, before reaching down and taking both of her arms to pull her forward. Together, the couple walked up the old steps of Mamoru's childhood home.

The End

YAY! It's complete! Omg, I am so amazed that it's really finished!!! I've been writing this for so long that I never thought I would actually finish it in exactly the way I wanted to end it, but here it is, and I love the ending!!!

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