Lucy and Kendra were walking around inside Von Maur.

"Oh my gosh!" Lucy squealed holding up the shirt.

"What, Lucy?" Kendra asked turning her attention away from the pair of jeans in front of her.

"Look at this!" Lucy exclaimed, holding the shirt up to her chest. It was a hot pink blouse with purple air-brushing on it. It had a hot pink belt going across the waist.


"I know," She said jumping up and down.

"How much!?" She asked the sales attendant.

"39.95." She replied.

"Omg! I'll take it! This is the cutest blouse ever!" Lucy said, handing it to her, along with her platinum credit card.

"Man, Lucy's parents are gonna have one huge bill this month," Kendra mumbled


Archie, Evan and Patrice were sitting together in the Dairy Queen. Patrice looked out the

large window and heard a clap of thunder and frightened. She shrieked and let go of her soda as she cuddled into Evan's side.

"Oh!" Evan said holding her closer. She shivered and held him closer. Archie smiled and chuckled.

"It's just thunder!" He said laughing.

"Stop it!" Patrice said burying her head in Evan's chest.

"Yeah, Archie! Come on." He said glaring at him. He rubbed Patrice's back in a very

soothing way. He heard her sigh and felt her warm breath travel up to his neck. He felt the muscles in her back relax. Just then, a louder clap of thunder came down, this time scaring Archie.

"Ha-ha!" Evan and Patrice said at the same time.

"Oh, shut up you little-"

"Hey guys." Eddie said walking up to them, interrupting Archie.

"Hi Eddie." Archie said sarcastically.

"Are you two done snogging yet?" Eddie asked Evan and Patrice. Evan blushed, turning a dark red. Archie let out a short, snort of laughter.

"Why are you even here, Eddie?" Evan asked, shaking his head.

"I... don't know. I've been bored for a while." Eddie said squinting down at the table.

He smiled menacingly, and waited a few minutes as he sat down with them. Then, without warning, he grabbed Evan's soda, and ran out the door.

"Hey!" Evan yelled, jumping up from his seat. He ran out the door, into the parking lot, rand chased Eddie around for the soda. Eddie tripped and fell on the ground. Evan reached down and grabbed it from him. Everyone inside Dairy Queen was laughing really hard. He walked back in, soaking wet, and sat on the red bench of their white table.

"UGGHH!!!" He yelled. Archie and Patrice looked at each other and burst out into laughter.

How was that!? Ok, prob'ly not TOO bad for my FIRST 13 story.... MORE TO COME!!!