Archie struggled to get out of the door onto the wet ground with his crutches. He started down the cold, lonely sidewalk, looking around in the dark night. As soon as he left from under the canopy over the door, he was soaked. He started rushing down the sidewalk, his cold, wet crutches in hand. His wet hair clung to the front of his forehead, and his wet pants sloshed along the ground.

"Man, I have to get home. Where am I? I can't see through this rain," He said to himself. He could barely see a thing. It was like wearing sunglasses at night.

Kendra walked alone down the cold street, her feet aching from the long walk. She kept her jacket over herself and her shopping bags as best as she could. Where was the pedestrian walk near the stoplight? She couldn't tell. It felt like the clouds were pouring buckets of water over her.

"God, I'm gonna get friggin' pneumonia. Why does Lucy always have to be so selfish with that dang umbrella?"

Archie could see the stoplight ahead. He came up to the light, the lines painted on the ground were already so faded. He looked up to the sky, the grey clouds were covering the moon and the night sky.

"Finally, red light," Kendra said, she starting walking down the long street. Archie looked up and started walking, he could see the faint figure walking towards him.

"Is that Kendra?" He asked himself. He squinted to look as she approached half way towards his side of the walkway.

Then, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard the sudden honk of a loud horn. His head shot to the left, he could see a car coming. It was sliding on the wet pavement and couldn't stop.

"Oh no, Kendra!" He looked towards her, she could hear over the sound of rain and her own thoughts. "KENDRA, LOOK OUT!" He screamed. Her head jilted up.

"What!" She screamed to him. She heard a honk and looked around. The car was a mere 20 feet from her. "AHHHHHHH!" She screamed.

"NO!" Archie yelled as he dropped his crutches and ran toward her. She stared into the headlights like a frightened dear, then, Archie tripped over his own bad legs and rammed into her, she went flying across the pavement. Her head collided with the pavement, and she looked up at Archie in horror. The left of the car's front bumper hit him right in the legs; he went flying onto the side of the road and the car skidded to a hault.

She rubbed the back of her head and stumbled to her feet. She looked around towards Archie, and ran to him. He was laying on his back, his limbs were twitching and covered in blood. She started tapping the side of his face. His eyes were clamped shut, his teeth tightly gripping his lower lip. His hair was blood-stained, his bloody crutch severely bent and laying around his body.

"Archie! Archie! ARCHIE!" Kendra screamed. People from the local shops came out and rushed around them. Kendra started crying, "Don't die… please Please PLEASE!" Tears ran down her face.

"Someone call 911!" A man yelled.

She was in shock. She kept her hand calmly on his face, looking at her blood-stained arms and clothes.

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