Jasmines, Orchids, and Cherry Blossoms

Rated M

I don't know Inuyasha, if I did the story would be much different/well somewhat different :)

Chapter One: Three Years

Inuyasha looked quietly down at the body by his feet. Her lips already had a bluish hue to them. Her chestnut brown eyes had lost their light and luster, and her wounds had stopped bleeding once her heart quieted. Sobs racked through Inuyasha's body, 'How could you leave me? You were supposed to be with me forever.'

Kagome had died saving the group for Naraku by sealing their souls within the completed Jewel of Four Souls, forever locking them in an eternal battle. Good against evil, just like the priestess Midoriko before her.

Shippou sat by himself crying, he wouldn't let anyone comfort him. Inuyasha and the rest were worried about him. He had started crying when Kagome had passed two hours ago and had yet to stop. Inuyasha had never wanted to knock him out more than now just to put the poor kit at peace, if only for a few hours.

"I'm so sorry, Shippou." Inuyasha whispered before picking up Kagome's limp body.

Sango screamed and tried to take the body back, not quite ready to bury another one of her dearest family members, not ready to bury her sister. This made Shippou cry even harder. Miroku held her back even though she fought hard against him, but she was tired from both the battle and crying. "Please! Please! Not yet, just not yet!" She yelled, her vision so blurred by tears she couldn't even see Inuyasha's distressed face.

"Sango my love, please it is her time to be at rest." Miroku whispered to her gently.

"No it's not!" She screamed at him, throwing him off of her regaining some strength. "This wasn't her time! She gave up her life, it's different!"

"Sango it doesn't matter, we need to put our dear friend at rest." Miroku looked at her softly and caressed her face.

"Ok, ok," she agreed quietly, dropping to her knees. More tears ran down her face, she didn't blink as Inuyasha speed off toward the village where they would bury their friend.

Three Years Later

Inuyasha sat up in the Go-Shin-Boku, staring at the sun as it set for the day. Today was the anniversary of Kagome's death. They had buried her ashes under this tree, where Inuyasha and she had first met four years ago, facing the sunset. Inuyasha had thought she would like to be buried here if she had a choice.

Sango had placed flowers there earlier with Kohaku, who had been saved thanks to the dearly departed Kikyo. Sango visited Kagome's grave once every week, she would talk to her and tell her all about how everyone was doing, that they missed her kindness and warmth. Miroku or Kohaku would join her sometimes, watching over Sango and comforting her if she were to start crying.

Shippou would come every evening just like he did today and watch the sunset sitting next to her grave. He never said anything just watched the sky turn from light blue, then pink before going purple.

Inuyasha took a deep breath, his eyes flashed open. Someone was near, someone he didn't know. He spun around just as a hand connected with his neck knocking him unconscious.

"Sorry dear, but I couldn't have you warning anyone I was here," said the demon before jumping down from the sacred tree, landing next to the priestess' grave. She plunged her hand into the soil and ripped the urn holding Kagome's ashes out of the earth. She put it in her kimono fold next to another urn and headed off to the North.

The demon was fast and reached the Northern Territory before morning arrived. She stopped at the base of a large, steep mountain to gather her breathe before lunging herself up the mountain side. She slipped on lose rocks and half way up she had to stop jumping and climb the rest.

"Ugh! Why is this mountain so steep?" She yelled and suddenly the root she had a hold of broke. She screamed as she free fell for a few moments before she reached out and grabbed a think tree root that was jutting out of the mountain side. Dirt rained down on her and fell into her mouth, "Yuck! I hate this!"

She pulled herself up," Great now I have to do that all over again." She sighed but started climbing again anyway. This time she watched her step and made sure to only grab strong and solid packed dirt and rocks. She finally made it to the ledge were the cave she had prepared for this was located. She pulled herself up the ledge and sat there for a moment to catch her breath. "I'm getting to old for this!"

She sat there for a little longer before finally standing. She brushed off her white kimono then headed over to the cave. It was a big cave, larger than most she had come across and safer, too. She went inside the cave to make sure she had all that she needed; three futons, chests full of kimonos and such, food and dishes, as well as weapons and charms.

"Good I have all that I need. I'll probably need to make breakfast soon." She wondered aloud tapping her chin daintily. "Well that'll have to wait until I'm done."

She walked to the middle of the cave and sat down placing both urns side by side in front of her. She opened Kagome's carefully and reached in to fish out the Shikon jewel her friends had placed in there with her ashes. She understood why her group would leave the jewel, but still leaving it alive was a bad idea no matter if their friend's soul so trapped in it. Not that she was complaining, it made her job much easier this way.

She set the jewel in the triangle her thumbs and pointer fingers made, then she closed her eyes and focused on the removing her soul from her body. Her body pulsed once and the jewel lit up brightly. Her body pulsed again making her soul leave her body in a thin strand of light. The jewel sucked it in like a thirsty man who had found water at last.

She collapsed on the ground. Her eyes were open but unseeing. The jewel stayed in the air, brighter than before.

She was floating, darkness surrounded her, embraced her. It left her feeling cold and shivering, she could even see her own breath puff out in little white clouds. She rubbed her arms while her teeth chattered uncomfortably.

She looked around in the darkness and saw nothing for a few moments till a bright light caught her attention. She turned toward the faint light that grew brighter as it moved closer. Soon she could make out two figures and a few colors, no facial features though. The figures became clearer and Kaname could now tell one was the woman-child Kagome, the other was the long dead priestess Midoriko.

Midoriko was ragged looking, her hair unkempt, and her clothes splattered with blood. There was a large hole in the left side of her chest, where the jewel had been born no doubt and she was missing an arm. She looked the same now as she did in the moment of her death.

Kagome looked much the same, only she was wearing the strange clothing of her era. Her once white shirt was red with blood, she looked tired and drained. Her hair was caked in her own blood. Her once sweet face was hardened by the burden that all the fighting had forced on her.

Both women stared at her, wondering who the new comer was and if she was friend or foe.

"Demon," Midoriko called out. "Who are you and what business do you have with the jewel?" Her voice was stern and rang loudly in the dark void of the jewel.

"I am called Kaname. I seek out the priestesses of the Shikon jewel." She bowed toward them, but couldn't wipe the smirk off her face. Priestesses were a paranoid bunch to say the least. They never trusted anyone, human or demon.

"And what would a demon desire from two priestesses?" Midoriko asked suspicion laced her voice while she glared at the beautiful smiling demon in front of her. The demon was inu she could tell, her hair was long and such a gray that when in light it turned blue. Her eyes were the most frightening thing about her though. They were wide shaped and the color of bleached bone.

"I desire your help and for your help I offer you freedom from the jewel, your prison." Kaname said watching their faces. Kagome gasped in shock while Midoriko's glare intensified.

"What do you speak of demon?" Midoriko questioned her.

Kaname sighed. She knew this wasn't going to be easy though she had wished it would be. "Not too long from now a great evil will arise. More evil than the half demon, Naraku, and even more powerful than him as well, I cannot defeat this evil alone. I need your help, no one else will do."

Silence filled the air, Kagome stood there her face blank, and Midoriko stared in horror at Kaname. Kagome couldn't believe it, first Naraku and now this. She felt helpless and useless, what was the point of sealing Naraku if only more evil was going to come and destroy the world? She didn't see the point, that's for sure. She had damned herself and for what? Sure Miroku was free now and so was everyone else, but now another threat was here. More of the same problems could arise and this time she might not be able to do anything, not to mention she was trapped in the jewel.

"What can we do?" Kagome asked quietly. She needed to know that there was some way she could be of use before agreeing to help. She had to know she could save her loved ones.

"This is a good question. You two are the most pure souls and most powerful ones anyone has seen since time began. Midoriko, you gave your life to keep a terrible monster from being unleashed into the world. Kagome, you saved all of Japan from a horrible demon who used and destroyed lives and families.

"Midoriko your soul a brave one, full of valor and courage, Kagome you are so kind and understanding, your soul is the meaning of benevolence. Those are the key factors in wiping this evil out." Kaname stated, her voice was stern and she spoke slowly to allow them to absorb the information she had given them.

"But we are trapped in the jewel," said Kagome softly.

"Which brings me back to what I said earlier, I have the power to bring you back to life, to the world of the living again." Kaname said with a smile.

"Bring us back?" Kagome's face was blank, "Like in clay bodies?"

"No, not clay bodies, real ones with skin and bones and real blood rushing through your veins," Kaname reassured her.

Kagome breathed a sigh of relieve, she had had troubles in the past with meeting her past life, Kikyo, who had been reborn in a clay body. She didn't want to turn out like that, born in a fake body that fed off souls. Poor Kikyo had to go through with that, and that was enough for one soul.

"There is something you are not telling us, demon." Midoriko stated rather than asked. "Tell me now."

Kaname was unsure of herself for a moment wondering if they would go along with her plan or not. "Well the thing is, for this task the requirements are quite high."


"In order for you to help and have real bodies you must be reborn as demons, or half demons, it doesn't matter which." She rushed out as fast as possible.

"What?" Both Kagome and Midoriko yelled at the same time.

"Now, now I know what you are thinking. Mikos' becoming a demon is something not imaginable, you have fought against demons all your lives, but being a demon doesn't mean that you will be evil, in fact you will be able to keep your purification powers." Kaname looked each one of them in the eye wanting them to understand what she was saying and what she was offering them. "Not only is this to help me, but it's to give you another chance at life. Don't you want to be free of this place?"

"How can we be demons and still have our miko powers?" Kagome asked Kaname, she was confused by all of this, by all of what this demon was telling them.

"You should know better than anyone. Your friend Inuyasha was a half demon, born of a human mother and a demon father. Usually demonic energy clashes with a human's energy, but when born with both bloodlines they merge together to become one. The same can happen with your powers, the jewel is a perfect example of that," Kaname explained.

"But we were born as priestesses, how can we merge with demonic power?" Midoriko asked her, she was doubtful of this plan and this dog.

"You will need to be completely reborn. I cannot simply put your souls into new bodies as the ogress, Urasue, had done with Kikyo. You will have to be born in your new bodies straight from birth." Kaname said, her expression was full of exhaustion.

"But how will we do that?" Kagome was as doubtful of this plan as she was confusion. She still wasn't following with Kaname was saying.

"She means that we will be reborn from a demon's womb, we will start life again from the beginning, as infants. But tell me Kaname, what demon would give birth to children with priestess powers?" Midoriko practically stared Kaname down.

"I will."

Midoriko looked at Kaname in shock. She knew this birthing could be very dangerous to a demon, surely the dog knew that. The powers of a miko could destroy her from the inside out. "Are you certain that you are willing to do this?"

"Worry not, I know the costs of this and how to protect myself." Kaname smiled a beautiful smile, one that left Midoriko with no words of disagreement.

"Fine I'll do it." Midoriko stated firmly.

It was Kaname's turn to be shocked. She had thought Midoriko would be the last to agree to any of this. She had been locked in this jewel for five hundred years battling demons, it would have been understandable for her to hate demons. Then again, she had been trapped fighting in the darkness for a very long time. She might take any chance she could to be free of the jewel. "Kagome what is your choice?"

Kagome looked away from the two powerful women. She knew her choice, being alone here fighting demons wasn't something she wanted to do, and she didn't want to be alone. "Ok."

"Thank you, thank you." Kaname whispered, "Thank you so much."

Kagome smiled at her and reached out to the demon. Kagome took her hand, "So what do we need to do?"

Kaname smiled back, "Right! Now because the jewel contains both of you and a mass horde of demons, you will need to be separated from them. Then you will need to move your souls to my womb. I will take care of the rest."

"I understand. Kagome are you prepared?"

"Yes, I'm ready!"

They faced each other and began to purify the demonic power of the trapped demons from themselves. Horrible screams filled the air, demons of all kinds tired to get close to the priestesses, but were burned away by their power. They began to glow a bright, blinding pink color. Kaname flinched away from the light, covering her burning eyes.

Kagome and Midoriko's figures began to blur and they faded into glowing spheres of light. They hovered for a few moments then flew toward Kaname. The spheres struck Kaname's stomach making her double over in pain, gasping for air. Sweat dripped down her brow as the two beings settled in her.

She straightened out slightly and watched as a mass of demons began to surround her. She managed to smile at them as they came flying toward her to rip her apart. She laughed at them as she faded away, "Maybe another time, boys."

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