Jasmines, Orchids, and Cherry Blossoms

Rated M

I don't know Inuyasha, if I did the story would be much different/well somewhat different :)

"Kensaiga?" Kagome asked, her pink eyes wide and focused on Kaname. She had never heard about any of this. She wondered if Inuyasha, or Myōga had ever heard of this sword.

"Yes, but that is all I happen to know of this sword. Now, back to the clover," Kaname said placing it back on the ground. "In this field of clovers, the yōkais' bodies lay till slowly the clovers began growing from them."

"Clovers grew from the bodies?" Kagome asked looking at the red clover, she wasn't sure she liked this story.

"Yes, and as they grew they soaked up the demonic energy and blood from the yōkai."

Kagome gasped and looked at the little clover, it seemed so innocent.

"Even now when yōkai step into that field, their demonic energy is sucked out of them, their bones left to become soil. Even this little clover could weaken a powerful yōkai, not for long mind you, but long after for you to run away," Kaname said looking Kagome in the eye, a serious expression on her face.

"But, if I touch it won't to drain me, too," Kagome asked softly. At this point she'd rather hold onto the poison.

"No, you see, even if you are unable to use your miko powers as of yet, they are still apart of you. It is their greatest wish to protect you, they will keep this clover from harming you," Kaname said smiling softly now as Kagome gingerly picked up the red clover. Nothing happened, Kagome let out a sigh of relief.

"That field sounds scary."

"Mm, it is, but it is also very beautiful," Kaname said as she helped Kagome place the items in her kimono.

Seven Zero

"AHHHHH!" Kagome shouted her war cry as she swung the sword around wildly trying to get her target. She put the weapon over her head and swung downwards.


"You managed to get your weapon caught in a tree, Kagome." Midoriko said giggling slightly behind her hand from the tree Kagome had lodged her weapon in. Seventy years had passed since their new birth and Kagome had yet to be able to wield a sword properly.

Kagome glared at the weapon as she tried to remove it, "Ugh! It's stuck!" Midoriko giggled again as she pushed the tip of the sword with her foot. Kagome sighed in relief as the weapon was freed, Kaname wouldn't be happy to know that Kagome had managed to ruin a weapon, again. "Sometimes I think I'm not cut out for the life of an yōkai."

Midoriko's face became serious, "Do not degrade yourself so much, Kagome. Have you forgotten that you are the best hunter in the pack?"

"No, but still, how can I help if I can't even use a sword," she mumbled plopping down under the tree. "Just three days ago an yōkai attacked us and I could hardly do anything at all."

Midoriko scrunched her brow in thought and worry, "Kagome, your time will come. You just need to have the patience and it will find you." She hopped down from the tree to land next to Kagome, putting her arm around Kagome's shoulder.

"I guess your right Mido-onee-chan," Kagome said softly as she rested her head on Midoriko's shoulder. Over the years they had began to understand one another one better than they even knew themselves. Kagome couldn't even remember what it felt like to not have these two by her side. "Midoriko?"

"Yes, Kagome?" Midoriko blinked at Kagome once waiting for the question, Kagome only called her by her name when something was bothering her.

"Do you think we'll still be together after this evil creature, or whatever, is defeated?" She looked at Midoriko then, watching and waiting for an answer.

Midoriko felt shock zing through her at the question, true while the future was clouded with doubt, even she knew that they would never be apart, "Of course, Kagome. You are my imouto, how could I ever leave you?"

Kagome smiled softly at Midoriko, while Kagome had been born first, Midoriko was older in soul. So they went by those terms, besides it would have been odd to think of Midoriko as a younger sister. "Thanks, Mido-chan."

Midoriko nodded her head and the two sat in silence for a few moments, before Kagome's head popped up. "What is it?" Midoriko asked looking around and sniffing the air for any danger.

"I don't know, it's familiar, but…," Kagome stared out into the trees looking around for the scent that had caught her attention, she couldn't place it. She couldn't remember whose scent it was, but it made her heart beat fast in her chest. 'Who are you?'

"Wait, Kagome!" Midoriko called after Kagome to late as Kagome run in the direction of the scent. Midoriko sighed, Kagome was too fast for her, so she turned and ran back to their den.

Kagome stared at the being in front of her in shock, 'No way!' Memories flooded into her mind, the fuzzy memories from her human life so long ago. It seemed impossible to see him again, she had only been off the mountain a few times since she'd been born, and she had given up on meeting anyone from her past life ever again after what Kaname had told her. But here he was standing before her.

"Sesshōmaru," she whispered his name softly. He looked at her with a look she almost never saw, surprise. And she knew she was in trouble, 'He recognized me!' Kaname had told them years back that they older they get the more profound their scents became, there was no way Sesshōmaru wouldn't be able to tell it was her now.

Kagome turned and headed back into the forest, knowing her speed was greatly unmatched. That is until Sesshōmaru appeared right before her. She tried to slide to a stop before reaching him, but her momentum keep her going until she was standing so close she could feel his breath.

"You," he said looking at her, "you are the miko that sealed yourself in the jewel. This is impossible." His usually cold mask was back in place as he stared her down.

Kagome looked around wildly, her pink eyes wide. "Uhhh…," she couldn't think of anything, anything at all to say. 'Dammit, why'd I go looking for him?' "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm an yōkai…not a miko," Kagome rushed out nervously knowing he could smell her terror and her lie.

Sesshōmaru glared at her, "You may be a yōkai, but your scent is the same." Kagome gulped, he wasn't going to let her go was he? "How are you still alive?"

"I can't tell you that," Kagome mumbled averting her gaze from his.

"Why not?"

"Because I can't," Kagome stated again, getting a little irked that he wouldn't just drop it.

"Female, you may be a yōkai, but you are a young one, do not test me," Sesshōmaru threatened, growling low in his throat.

"I already told you I can't tell you, why don't you just drop it!" Kagome shouted anger finally taking over. Now that she wasn't pint sized Sesshōmaru didn't frighten her, even though she only came up to his waist and she wasn't about to let him walk all over her.

Sesshōmaru growled at the little yōkai in front of him, all he wanted was answers and she refused to give them to him.

"Kagome-chan, what's going on?" Kagome looked past Sesshōmaru to see Kaname appearing from the trees.

"Ah…haha…Kaname-onee-chan," Kagome laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head, "what are you doing here?" Kaname glared at her and fear shot through Kagome, 'She's going to kill me!'

"Sesshōmaru-sama, please forgive her, she is only a pup." Kaname bowed at her waist to Sesshōmaru before motioning to Kagome to come to her.

"Kaname,'' Sesshōmaru said regarding her, "did you bring her back from the land of the dead?"

"Forgive me my Lord, but this must be kept a secret," Kaname bowed again, grabbing Kagome's head and making her bow too. "I ask that you tell no other about this."

"Hn," was all Sesshōmaru said before turning and walking away. Kagome had a gut feeling this wasn't the last they had seen of him, either.

"That was close," Kagome said with a sigh.


"Ouch!" Kagome yelped grabbing her head as a bump formed.

"It was well deserved," Kaname said as she walked back up the mountain, Kagome trailing behind at a safe distance.

After the whole Sesshōmaru fiasco, Kagome had been placed on what she called 'house arrest'. Kaname wouldn't let her even get close to the edge of the cliff, much to Kagome's nerves. She knew she deserved this, but she wanted to run and stretch her legs.

That and Midoriko was ignoring her. She couldn't even remember what she had to make her mad! "This really sucks," Kagome mumbled as the wind picked up. 'The scent of clovers…'

Kagome stood up and peeked around the den, Kaname and Midoriko had left a little awhile ago to get new supplies from a close by village. Kagome grinned and followed the scent of clovers. It was coming from the other side of the mountain. 'Huh, that's weird I've never seen clovers on this mountain,' Kagome thought as she raced quickly to where the scent was coming from.

The trees became so dense Kagome had to jump through the clustered branches. They tugged at her clothes and scratched her, but the scent continued to draw Kagome closer. She had to see these clovers. She fought her way through and stopped as light suddenly shined in her eyes.

Before her was a valley filled with blood red clovers. Kagome gasped, 'Huh, when did I get here?' She looked around confused, "Where am I?"

The ground shook, knocking her down from the tree, she landed on her feet gently. Pain hit her like lighting, she fell to her knees, "What in the world…" The clovers snaked their way up her arms, she could see the roots glowing purple from under her skin. 'How can this be happening…red clovers…I thought they couldn't…'

"Shocked?" A voice rumbled from inside her head. 'Who is that?' Kagome demanded, panic setting as the clovers began to pull her into the dirt. She tried to struggle against them, but it just made them grow faster.

"I would be careful, these plants thrive on the kill of their prey," the voice boomed in her head with a laugh.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Kagome shouted, frustration getting a hold of her. 'This thing…is going to eat me!'

"I am the one called Akuinnen."

'Akuinnen? Did he lead me here?' "What do you want with me?" Kagome asked sinking deeper into the ground. She growled loudly, the roots had already reached her elbows. She felt sleepy and dizzy, her demonic powers being sucked away from her. 'Please…someone.'

"Foolish female," came a cold voice from the sky. Kagome managed to look up as Sesshōmaru floated down through the air. He grabbed onto her arm and pulled her out of the ground, the clovers snapped and shrieked as they prey was torn away from them.

Sesshōmaru began to lift into the sky again, when a vine of clover wrapped around his foot. They fell to the ground, the clover wrapping itself around Kagome quickly. Kagome gasped and tried to stand but fainted from having too much energy sucked out.

'Damn,' Sesshōmaru thought, he searched around for a way out as the vine wrapped around his legs. It touched the sheath of Tenseiga and burned away. 'Tenseiga, you wished to be drawn,' he glanced at the weapon as it pulsed and pulled it out.

"So you will cut away the clovers with an uncutable sword, how interesting," a voice boomed, Sesshōmaru glanced around, 'So this who the female was shouting to.'

Sesshōmaru narrowed his gaze as he regarded the voice, "Show yourself, bastard."

The voice boomed with laughter, "I'm afraid that's no good, Sesshōmaru. You will just have to deal with my pet for now." It laughed again and Sesshōmaru felt its aura disappear.

"Hn." The ground trembled as the clovers began to retreat into the center of the field. Sesshōmaru stepped backwards onto real dirt. The clovers began to squirm and bundle, Sesshōmaru readied Tenseiga. 'The female,' Sesshōmaru glancing around for Kagome, he spotted her still wrapped in the clovers. They were dragged her body to the middle.

He ran over to her, wielding Tenseiga, when vines shot out toward him, he cut them away quickly, but more kept coming. 'They do not wish for me to reach her,' he though with a frown as he hacked at more vines.

He waited for the next attack and jumped under the vines to grab Kagome's hand. He missed it by an inch, the clovers screamed as they began to swirl, forcing him back. A bright light shone quickly, blinding Sesshōmaru with its light. It place of the red clovers, stood yōkai with bright red hair, green eyes, and skin as pale as snow. In his arms he held Kagome, who was now covered in vines.

"Greetings, I am the oni, Hagimaru. Prepare to die!"

Wow I'm on a roll! This chappy was super fun to write and I'm excited for the battle between Sesshōmaru and Hagimaru! (The the way hagi is clover is Japanese, I know I'm so clever! XD! Well as all ways tell me what you think and check out my other stories!