"Misanthrope." Dexter sneered up at Mandark.

"Philanthropist." His rival replied with a pugnacious smirk.

"Not only is that complimentary to me, it's a rather self-deleterious comeback on your part."

"Your altruism will be your downfall, Dexter!"

The redhead opened his mouth to respond, but instead found himself gaping.

Altruism? What the heck does that mean! In his mind he flipped through hundreds of pages all at once, trying to find a definition as quickly as possible before time ran out.

The other chuckled as he waited for the reply that would never come. "You don't know 'altruism'? Ah well, another point for me."

Dexter snapped back to reality. "This is far from over, Mandark!"

"That would be 20 for me, 18 for you. Ta-ta!" With a sanguine laugh, Mandark turned and walked away.

Dexter didn't exactly know how it all started. All he knew was that at some point during their SAT Prep class, they had started a strange but entertaining game of SAT vocabulary insulting. While learning probably 300 words a day, in addition to extra words from their readings, there was no limit to how many insults they could affront each other with.


Misanthrope – hater of mankind

Philanthropist – one who helps mankind

Pugnacious – combative, willing to fight

Deleterious – having a harmful effect

Sanguine – cheerful, confident

Yeah, I'm doing SAT vocab review. And I had this idea, so. It's Dexter and Mandark friendship, I guess.