Why is the night so dark? Not even the moon could illuminate this pitch velvet blanket of eeriness, twisting itself through the trees. Heavily booted feet ran through the through the dirt and twigs, heavy imprints marking his journey from the howling dogs and running men. Tear flowed down his cheeks as he gripping the bulky, oak wood chest tighter to his torso, willing his legs to move quicker. He didn't know who he was running from but he knew that they desperately wanted the items in the carved chest. The man ducked to the left, avoiding a low tree branch and skidding to a halt, lost in the labyrinth of trees and boulders.

"He this way! Do not let him escape!" Loud howls of tracking dogs greeted his ears, the panic welling deep in his system he ran to the right hoping it led to the main road. He knew had didn't have much strength left in frail legs but when he heard the small wails and cries coming from the chest, it pushed him to the purpose of getting them to a safe place. The fear finally setting into his nerves made the frail man climb the hill leading from the forest, nearly screaming with joy when his fingertips grazed the hard cement road.

"Dammit! Don't let the bastard get away! We need those puppets!" The booming voice bellowed from the darkness, the faint light of the flashlights looking like small fireflies in the velvet darkness. The man huffed and scrambled to his feet with the chest wobbling in his arms, taking off faster down the street. His lungs contracted painfully as he sucked air into his tired body, tears flowing freshly down his dirty cheeks. The small wails echoed from the box, the sound piercing his heart.

"Don't worry my darlings- He ceased running and huffed painfully- you will be safe soon enough." He noticed his truck up ahead, right where he parked it two hours earlier. He scrambled to the old contraption and hoisted the chest into the bed, the top opening slightly. A shiny silver hook poked it's way through, a low hiss following. The man snaked his finger through the hook and gulped.

"Whatever happens, Blade, I need you to keep them safe. You're theirs now." He gave the tiny hook and slight grip and tears flowed when he heard the tiny hiss the echoed a small 'yeah' filled him with the reassurance he needed. He lightly poked the hook back into the chest and clamped it shut, soon hearing nearing yells and howls. The man shuffled into the truck and with shaky hands turned on the ignition. He sighed sadly and floored the truck down the road, into the nearest town.


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