Barnacles, That's Foul

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BPOV Our band was just about to start getting ready for another gig we had. We had Rosalie at mic, Jasper at bass, Alice and I at guitar, and Emmet on drums. We had 6 songs up already: I Wanna Search You for Sticks, I Gotta Ceiling, That's Not My Game, I'm On a Goat, Take a Cow, and Hot n Gold. We were at the top of the charts, and we had only been together for a couple of months. We were just getting set up with our instruments. This had to be my favorite part, getting set up before we went on stage to perform our songs to screaming fans. Ahh, to be in the lime light was good.

"I am finished!" said Alice in a French accent.

"Me too, all done." Rose was finished with her mic.

"Dittoz," said Emmet and Jasper simultaneously. "Jinx! 1, 2, 3, 4…" Man that got old fast.

"Guys, c'mon. Let's just practice 'Take a Cow' and we can start. 'Kay?" These people were hard to reason with. That's when we all heard a noise. Voices, actually. One, a man, started to say, "Look here, man. I just want the stage set up, okay?" Then, the other voice said, "Yeah, bro sure. The Tainted Lovers will be done in about, 2 hours, 'kay?"

Just then, Chris, the guy who set up the gig, and the most beautiful man I have ever seen walked in the room. I could tell what Alice and Rose were thinking, he was sex on legs!

"Hey," he said, taking us all in. And his voice was heavenly! Flowing like sure silk… it made my legs turn to Jell-o. He walked up to Emmet; probably thinking he was the leader of the band… as if.

"When you guys gonna be finished?"

"Uh, man, you wanna talk to Bella; she's our band-leader-person-thingy." Typical Emmet.

He looked over at me, and I felt like I was the only person on the earth. He looked me over, a second too long on my shirt, which Alice and Rose had picked to show some cleavage. I never would've worn it, but I'm glad I did today.

"So… Miss,"

"Bella," I finished for him. "Bella Swan."

Bit of a cliffy here… just wanna say song title if ya don't know… I wanna search you for ticks, I gotta feeling, that's not my name, I'm on a boat, Take a bow, and hot n cold. R&R more chaps latah!