I'm busting my ass at 11:45 pm (!!) to get this chapter out. Enjoy it, or the freaky blond guy attacks you in your dreams. (Smiles sweetly)

BPOV Although I probably shouldn't say this, I was glad that gig was over. We were good, but the crowd was easily distracted. Humph, so much like Emmet. (Author ponders that. Nahh, keep it) Now I could go drool over Mr. Eddie here. I watched his band, the Sparkling Stungs or something, set up. There was him at piano, some freaky blond guy at bass, some redhead at mic, and some nice looking chick at guitar. All in all, they looked like an okay band.

As they rehearsed, I understood why we were losing to them. They weren't the best, but they had the best image. Apparently, Alice noticed it too, so she started at once on our new band look. She is not getting near me with that glitter paint! I swear, I am not going out in stage looking like a Malabo Barbie!

As they got on stage, everyone cheered. So would I, if Emmet and Rose hadn't been sitting next to me. This isn't fair. Then again, it is Edward. Prettyyyyy… stop it Bella. Keep it sane, keep it sane. They played pretty well, for a band like them. A couple good songs, and the singer was okay, but I'd have Rosie here over her any day. The rest of 'em were great, but that damn singer threw them all off. Oh well. Not my prob. And even as they walked off, standing ovation and chants for encore. Thankfully they knew when to stop.

I had a plan to make Bella happy. (Yes, I am going to make Bell-bell here a little insane. For now. Bi) The perfect plan in the whole wide world. Yes a beautiful plan….

So, my plan was to ask Edward out to dinner without my band or his band finding out. Only one way to do that. I would have to follow him into his dressing room. Well, not into it, 'cause that would be kinda stalkerish, but by it. As they walked by us, I slipped out of my seat and followed Ed-weird (sorry, had to) to his dressing room. As he was about to step inside, I walked by him.

"Oh, hey Edward."

"Hi, Bella?" he had this weird look on his face, like what-the-hell???

"So, I was wondering if… you would like to…"

"Just spit it out Bella." Can you say push-y?

"Would you like to grab some dinner tomorrow night?"

He looked shocked. Not bad shocked, just, well, shocked. "Uh, well, um, sure. But I have to tell you something." What, what?!

"Uh, what Edward?"

"Well, I was actually going to ask you. So um, here's my number. I'll call with a time, and I get to pick you up. Okay?"

"Fine. But I don't like surprises, and nothing fancy, okay?"

"Nothing fancy, no surprises I promise." And with that, he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. Uhhh…