Authors note, hi everyone! I wanted to do this story because I was disappointed that in the movie it didn't tell anything about the night Anna cut herself. So heres story explaining it. Enjoy! roseDB.

p.s, Anna knows Alex is dead, and the fire actually was an accident. And this story is meant to be short.

The night after Anna's mother and sister died, the only people in the empty feeling house were, Anna, her father, and Rachel. Anna was angry that Rachel was still there. She knew about Rachel and her father's affair. Anna had not left her room since the accident.

She could not bring herself to eat either.

She felt like there was no point anymore. Anna ran herself a bath in the bathroom her and her sister used to share. She lowered her self into the bath with a pair of scissors. Anna cried but, she dug the scissors into her left wrist, then her right. She let out a loud scream, one she was sure that her father and Rachel would hear. She looked at the water through her blurry eyes, and was turned red. She felt herself loosing consciousness as Rachel walked in and screamed.