"Bala" I whispered. I stood up in my cot and looked over to see were my Bella was. I could see her lying there asleep. She looked so peaceful. I didn't want to wake her up, so I just sat there watching her dream peacefully. I heard her moan and then her eyes fluttered open and landed on me.

"Eddie" She squealed. Bella was the only person who was aloud to call me Eddie, just like I was the only one who was aloud to call her Belly.

"Bala hunga" I asked. She nodded and tried to unlock the bars just like I do. Mom always left the cots undone because she new I liked to check on Bella when she's asleep at night. She couldn't seem to unlock it. I clicked mine open and then jumped down and then I raced over to Bella's cot and opened hers. I held onto her by the waist and helped her get down. We walked to the door and walked through and down the flight of stairs that led into the lounge.

I was a year older than Bella. I was 3 and Bella was 2. Our parents were best friends. Until Bella's mum died when she gave birth to Bella. Her dad got depressed and committed suicide. My mom, Esme and my dad, Carlisle adopted Bella and we all became very close with her, especially me.

"Ah, good-morning you two" Mom said as we entered the kitchen.

"Ha Mamma" I said while Bella waved to mom. We waddled into the family room and we climbed up onto the couch and started to watch Playhouse Disney. Bella's eyes were fixed on the TV while I just sat there staring at her.

"Kids breakfast it ready" Mom called from the kitchen. Bella jumped off the couch and ran into the kitchen with me following behind her. I walked over to our high chairs to see that mum had already put Bella in hers.

"Oh kids. Jacob's coming to stay the night because his parents are leaving for there honeymoon.

"Yahh" Bella screamed happily. I moaned and then started to eat my cereal while Bella ate hers.

"Par?" Bella asked suddenly. Mom looked at her and then smiled.

"Maybe later Bella" Mom said before she went back to cooking her and dad's breakfast.