Chapter 21

The Lake

Carlisle's POV

Esme had been right. Forty five minutes after we had stopped for lunch, the kids started whining about being hungry in the back seat. Esme took out the ginger bread men that I had brought and handed them one each. I turned on the kid's radio station and grabbed Esme's hand. She smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Mommy, I have to go pee-pee" Edward whined. I sighed knowing that we were only ten minutes away from the house. But when Edward had to go, he really had to go. We pulled over and raced Edward into the bathroom. Jacob decided to get out and go as well. I had never been on a road trip that needed so many toilet stops on the way. Before we got back into the car we all made sure that everyone didn't have to go to the bathroom.

By the time we actually got to the lake house it was nearly two o'clock. It was roasting hot there so I decided to take the kids down to the lake to have a swim. I grabbed out the little, rubber boat which had a rope attached to it so you could pull it along with you. Esme quickly got the kids into their swimming togs while I went and switched all of the electricity on. Esme had now changed into a summer dress which matched Bella's. I smiled and picked my little girl up. She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck tightly before placing a sloppy kiss on my cheek. Edward and Jacob had gotten changed ages ago, so Edward was showing Jacob around the house. The kid was in total awe of this place.

"Go, go, go" Bella squealed in my arms as we walked down to the lake side. Esme was holding Jacob and Edward's hands while I carried Bella and that boat. As I put Bella down I looked up at the lake house. It had been built ninety years ago. But when I brought it for Esme and I's first wedding anniversary we had decided to do it up. I had to admit though, this place needed some repairing. The last time we had come down here was probably two months before Edward was born.

"Carlisle, I think the steps need to be re-done again" Esme said as she sat down on the blanket that she had laid out for us. "There starting to dissolve" I nodded and agreed that I would re-do them tomorrow. I put Edward and Jacob into the boat while Esme stayed back on land with Bella. As I looked back to make sure Esme was ok with Bella, I saw Esme take off her dress. She was wearing a nice, navy blue tankini. She caught me staring and poked her tongue out at me.

"Momma, I wan go where Eddie is" I heard Bella whined to Esme back at the beach. Esme sighed and grabbed a hold of Bella's hand before walking out to where we were. The water was up to my hips, so Bella wouldn't be able to get far before it was over her head. Half way Esme picked Bella up, as she was struggling to walk, and carried her over to where we were. We put Bella in the boat with the boys who made sure to hold onto her tightly before pulling them along.

"I'm going to head back up" Esme said as she unsteadily walked on the lakes bottom beside me. "I need to go and get some food" She walked back before going back up to the house to get changed. Two hours later, as we walked back up to the house, Esme pulled up with the groceries. I helped her carry the kids inside before coming back down to get the groceries. I closed the boot just as something crunched behind me. I turned around and looked into the forest only to find a bear standing there looking at me. I slowly turned around before making my way back into the house. I quickly locked the door and started packing away the food. Esme came down half an hour later with the kids all dressed in their pajamas.

"I brought pizza" Esme said as the kids cheered. Esme walked into the kitchen and started grabbing out the plates. I wrapped my arms around her waist and lent into whisper something to her.

"Don't let the kids go outside" I whispered so the kids, who were sitting at the table, wouldn't hear. "There's a bear" Esme gasped and spun around in alarm. The kids stopped talking and looked at us.

"There's a what!" She cried. I hushed her before placing a kiss on her lips.

"Don't worry. The doors and windows are all locked" I explained. "I've closed the curtains as well" She nodded and looked towards the door before back to the kids. She sighed and leant into my chest. She always got worked up when it came to the kid's safety.

"What about your car?" Esme mumbled into my chest. "What if we wake up tomorrow morning and it's all scratched" I stiffened and groaned loudly. I hadn't thought about my car. It was my pride and joy. It would cost a fortune to get it fixed. Even though I had more than enough money to fix one hundred Range Rovers, I still liked to make sure that I didn't spend money on things that we didn't need.

"Let's not worry about this" I said. "Let's just enjoy our meal" She nodded and carried the plates and pizza over to the table. Just as I took a bite out of my pizza there was a loud roar and a bang. I silently cried, knowing that my car was going to be in pieces tomorrow.

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