Egypt knew she was different. Even if she shared detention with the Dungeon Kids (and was one by association), she had different dreams from them. She wanted to BE someone, wanted to make a difference in the world that had forgotten her.

While she still aced her classes, she had been dismissed from the inner world of higher colleges, scholarships and knowledge, simply because she was late all the time. But it couldn't be helped. If she didn't work and take her brother and sister to school, she wouldn't have her family. She'd only managed to keep them because she'd already turned 18 when their mother left, so she claimed custody.

At first, she never spoke to anyone when she went down for detention. She did her homework and studied while everyone ignored her. She was fine with that. She told herself that she didn't want to interact with them.

And then Eddie had shown up, escorted by two of the school's hired muscle. He'd been sent into detention for starting a fight that ended up repainting the cafeteria with blood and mystery meat.

Egypt had barely managed to stay away. He was strong, funny and the way that he quickly understood everything that was going on proved that he wasn't an imbecile. He had street smarts, and despite his knee-jerk reactions to situations, knew when to keep quiet. To make matters worse, he'd been determined to keep to his side, the gang that ended up causing a shooting near her brother's school. Marcus had died, while Egypt made the heart-wrenching decision to send Lizzie to her aunt's in New Jersey, where she'd at least be safer.

So, she spent her time in the Dungeon, torn between watching him and hating herself for her attraction. She'd noticed that Eddie also tossed her looks from his side of the basement before burying himself in the bets and games that went on.

If it hadn't been for Pierre Dulaine, she more than likely wouldn't have acted and neither would have he. But the pairing up of dance partners had given them the perfect excuse to interact. After her honors classes, he would be there waiting for her. Together, they'd go get lunch, laughing and smiling the entire time there.

After the dance competition, things had gotten even more serious. She'd finally managed to convince Miss James that she was worth the school's only scholarship spot on the Academic Bowl and had helped them win. He had advanced into honors classes too, trying to joke that he didn't want her to leave him behind. But she knew that he meant it.

And now, both of them were heading to the same college, because they'd managed to get lucky and neither was willing to let go. And as Egypt held onto Eddie's hand as they counted out "T-A-N-G-O" for yet another competition, she smiled. They'd be dancing through life for a long time together.