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Wanting and Waiting

Warm brown eyes looked up at him. Eyes that had haunted his dreams for many years now. Eyes belonging to the one and only, Hermione Granger. Her legs upon his shoulders, he pounded into her luscious body. Her breasts swaying with each thrust of his hips. His eyes rolled back as she tightened around him while he continued to move.

Severus Snape forced his eyes open. He wanted to look at her. He wanted to see every inch of the woman he loved as he brought her to climax. Her cries were growing as he moved faster and deeper within her. His own harsh groans mixing with hers.

She screamed his name as she fell apart around him, her walls pulsing and sending him over the edge. He grunted and whispered her name as he spilled deep inside her. His body collapsing on her as his breath rasped in and out of his lungs. His limbs feeling like jelly as he laid there trying to slow his heartbeat before moving off of her.

The gorgeous woman lying next to him curled her body around him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against him. He knew his time was running out with her tonight. He ran his hand down her hair. He always loved the bushy mass that annoyed Hermione so. She was always pushing at the silky mass of curling hair. His fingers always itched to touch it when he watched her trying to keep it out of her face.

He had fallen in love with her when she was only eighteen. The war had been over, and the three heroes had come back for their final year of school. He had seen her, really seen her when she came to his class that first day that year. She had always been that annoying know-it-all that had all the answers to his questions. Always threw in her own opinions when he was giving a lecture. Questioning if there was a better method than what he was teaching. True, her questions had been intelligent, but it had still annoyed him greatly.

But when she walked into his class that first day back, he had glanced up at the sound of her arrival. She was early of course. But as he gazed up at her, his heart had clenched in his chest. He swore it missed a few beats as he looked at her while she walked to her normal spot that she shared with her friends. Her hair was just as bushy as ever, but it had a shine he had never noticed before. The curls were unruly, but it didn't seem frizzy. Her hair was just full and the mass of it looked heavy.

He took in the face, a face that seemed to have changed just a bit during her adventure. Nothing drastic, just enough that she looked beautiful. Her body, mostly hidden by her robes, still showed the promise of curves. Her robes had stopped at her knees, allowing him a glimpse at her shapely calves and ankles. They too seemed nice. He never thought of anyone's calves or ankles as nice before, but hers were lovely.

It was her eyes that had drawn him though. Those warm milk chocolate eyes with just a hint of caramel in them. He loved caramel. But it was the intelligence and strength in them that made him pause. He always knew she was smart, but it was rare to see that intelligence reflected in a person's eyes.

He had watched her throughout the entire lesson. Discreetly of course. He had watched those expressive eyes. Watched as they went from calm to thoughtful as she looked over the ingredients for the potion he was having them brew. The thoughtful look turned to one of concentration as she started working on her potion. The concentration had turned to annoyance as her ignorant friends asked for her help with their own potion. The annoyance changed to amusement as she looked in their cauldron. Amusement to anger as they tried to get her to fix it for them herself. Then the frost entered her eyes. He didn't know what the moronic Weasley said, but it had to have been bad for the ice to enter her beautiful eyes. Finally she went back to her own potion after telling them what they needed to do to fix their own mess of a potion.

Her eyes went back to concentration as she stirred her own batch of liquid. He had been wandering about the room, slipping from student to student to see how they were progressing while still keeping her in his sights. He watched her eyes change to a triumphant glow as her potion changed to the appropriate color. He found himself skipping a few students to get to her side.

He reached her and looked down into her cauldron. It was perfect as always. But it wasn't the potion he was thinking about really. He had caught a whiff of her scent. It was sweet and intoxicating. A mixture of lavender and vanilla.

He had breathed deeply as he tried to seem like he was inspecting her work. His body brushing her for just a moment as he leaned over and looked into her cauldron. It had caused a spark of electricity to shoot thru him.

Before he did something to reveal his distraction with her, he moved on. Checking on her friends potions. They had still been a mess but he hadn't been able to make his throat work so he just moved on without saying a word.

At the end of the lesson he had watched her leave with her friends. Ron's arm around her shoulders as she tried to pull away without hurting his feelings.

Several months passed with him watching her anytime she was anywhere near him. During his meals his eyes hooded, he had watched her eat with her friends. Watched her laugh at their jokes, her smile making his heart stutter each time he saw it.

He had been going mad. Slowly losing his mind with his want of her. Her full lips had been beckoning his to devour hers. Her body called to him to touch and caress it.

He knew she didn't even know she was filling his dreams and waking thoughts. She had no idea how much he wanted her. No clue that he was slowly falling in love with her.

Then one day, he had been walking around the classroom as the student made another potion, and as he lifted his hand she had turned and her glorious hair became tangled in his hand.

She had apologized as she tried to pull it free of him. He had almost not heard her, his thoughts lost in just how soft and silky it felt against his skin.

When it was free she had pushed it out the way and let him see her work. It wasn't until he got back to his desk that he realized that a few strands of her hair were still caught on his fingers.

He had pulled them free and was about to drop them when he was struck by a thought. Instead of dropping them, he tucked them safely into a drawer at his desk when no one was looking.

He was pulled from his thoughts as the woman stroked his chest and told him what time it was. He looked down at the chocolate eyes of the woman he loved.

He turned them so that she was on her back so he could look down into her sweet face. A smile curved her lips as she looked upon him. He moved slowly, letting his lips touch hers.

Letting his touch softly caress hers. Tasting the soft flavor that was her and only her. He loved her and he hated that he had to leave her again. Hated that he had to return to the place where he had first seen her. The castle that was haunted with memories of her walking the halls.

Pulling back, he looked into her eyes a final time, let his fingers stroke gently down her cheek. Then he got up and dressed. It was almost over. It was almost to that time that he hated. A time he couldn't bear to see.

Once dressed he walked back to her and gazed lovingly down to her. Then disappeared out the door. He walked down the dark stairs, the lights barely present to help keep the secrecy of who was walking down them.

He made his way to the entrance of the establishment that he had entered almost an hour ago. Just as he was about to make his escape, a hand touched his shoulder.

He turned and looked into the familiar eyes of Madame Laura. She smiled kindly at him. She had been a friend of his for years now.

"You still have about ten minutes left Severus. Are you sure you don't want to stay and use them?" She asked gently.

Severus sighed. "No. The potion will wear off in about two minutes. I can't watch her change back. It hurts to watch her change and see that she wasn't really who I wished her to be. If I enter after she has changed and leave before, it helps with the illusion. It helps make it more believable that I spent that time with...her. Her and not some whore I just bought and paid for."

Madame Laura nodded, her eyes sympathetic to her friend's plight. She knew he was in love with a woman who for whatever reason didn't want him in return.

She had never asked the woman's identity, but with the small description that she had heard from the girls he had take the potion, she had an idea who it was.

Hermione Granger. No, not Granger. She was Hermione Weasley now. That was who Severus Snape loved and didn't have in his life. That was who Severus made passionate love to every weekend before going back to his school.

It made Laura sad to know that her dear friend loved yet another woman who didn't love him in return. She wanted nothing but happiness for him, but alas it wasn't in the cards for him.

Severus turned quickly and left when Madame Laura didn't speak anymore. He knew she cared about him, cared for his well being. Cared about him like she would one of her children.

He knew too that she didn't understand how he always had the hair he needed to make the potions work. He had been coming here for years now. So many visits that he should have run out of hair long ago.

But he had planned ahead. He had known he would never have the woman he loved so he had planned for a way to insure he could have her at least sometimes.

It was during her seventh year that he had visited Laura, asking for a girl who wouldn't mind taking a potion to transform her into someone else. He had taken her hair that he had and used it in a potion and fed it to the willing whore.

He had taken the girl who looked like Hermione many times that first time. He had worn them both out so thoroughly that he was sure the girl needed a few days to recoup from it all.

He had come back from his night away and found he felt much better. Much more at ease. He felt satisfied. Something he hadn't felt for a long time. No other encounter prior had relaxed and fulfilled him this way.

Then Hermione had walked into his classroom. All traces of satisfaction had vanished. He wanted her all over again.

Only now it was worse. Now he knew exactly what she had hidden under those robes. He knew her scent, her taste, he knew how he felt buried inside her body.

It had been a difficult class for him. He had to focus so hard on not touching her as he itched to do. To not kiss those lips that he knew were soft and tasted of some exotic fruit he couldn't name.

That was when he realized that he would need to insure he always had her hair for the potions. If that was the only way to have her, then so be it.

He had racked his brain to find a way to get more of her hair. Then it came to him one night. A brush. A brush always got a few strands of your hair after you brushed it.

He had a house elf bring him her brush. Then he had bought an identical one to it. Charmed it to vanish the hair from it and sent it to him. He added another charm to make sure it only sent him her hair. Using one of the precious strands so the brush would recognize the DNA of what he sought. Then he added one last charm. A charm so the brush never broke or was lost. He wanted her to keep it forever.

Then he called to the same house elf and had her brush brought to him again. He had swapped them out. He then took one of his quill boxes and charmed it to always hold her hair. To never get lost or spilled. This box stayed full now.

This was how he always was able to make the potion. This was how he was able to see her as she changed throughout the years.

It had been seven years since she left the school. He knew she worked for the Ministry of Magic. Knew that she was married to that redheaded moron. He knew he could have made her so much happier had she only looked at him that way. Had she just looked at him in a way that said she could love him like he did her.

He had wished several times over the years that he had just told her that he loved her. Wished he had dug down deep and found the courage to pour his heart out to her. If he had...maybe he would have more than just a few nights a month with some girl that he paid to look like Hermione.

He sighed as he made his way into the castle and to his rooms. Taking down the wards, he entered his class, and then his personal chambers. Setting the wards again as he moved through the rooms.

He pulled out a bottle of fire whiskey. Pouring himself a glass and settling down in an armchair to stare into the flames flickering in the fireplace.

Maybe it wasn't too late. Maybe one day he would have a chance to talk to her again and tell her how he felt. Of course he would never mention the fact that he had been shagging whores that had drank the potion to look like her for years.

He knew if he told her how he knew her body so well after all the things he had done to it over the years she would probably never speak to him again. But since he had shagged her rotten every chance he got, he did know her body very well.

He knew all the secret spots she had that turned her limbs to mush. He knew that if he shifted his hips in the right way, he would hit her sweet spot and send her over the edge in seconds.

Maybe one day he would get the real thing and not just a copy that faded within an hour or so. Maybe if he just waited....if he was patient she'd come to him one day.

He sighed again. Who was he kidding? She would never come to him. Even if she did chuck out the idiotic redhead. She would never belong to him as he wished she did each and every night.

He drank his whiskey far into the night. Then dragged himself to bed where again she filled his dreams.


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