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Severus and Hermione were married in only a matter of a few days. They quietly eloped, leaving a note for Harry and Ginny for when they came looking for her. Hermione had owled her boss, and taken a month off of work. Since she had tons of vacation time built up, her boss hadn't minded in the least.

Ginny had found her note when Harry mentioned she hadn't been to work in several days. She had squealed happily upon reading it and instantly floo'd Harry at work. Harry had been happy to find that not only had Hermione forgiven Severus, but that his dear friend was getting married again.

Harry hoped this meant he would never again have to get extremely drunk just to get them back together again. Ginny had let him sleep it off that night, then started to rant at him first thing in the morning. After she had hidden all the hangover potions first, of course.

Harry had been forced to sit there with a splitting headache while his stomach threatened to turn itself inside out, while she ranted at him about how stupid his plan had been. Twenty minutes into it, she had then handed him a potion and thanked him for helping to fix things for Hermione.

Which only served to confuse him on why she was thanking him when she just had gotten done yelling at him. Since she didn't explain, merely kissed him softly before leaving the room, he simply shrugged it off and let it go. Figuring his wife was simply fickle in that aspect. Though he was glad to finally be rid of his hangover.

Severus had taken those few days prior to them eloping to read up on pregnant women. Learning what he could so he wouldn't hurt Hermione by mistake and so he knew what to expect during her first trimester.

Armed with this knowledge, he didn't let her out of bed for the first week of their marriage. These first seven days filled with nothing but sleep, food, bathroom breaks, and lots of sex.

He had armed himself with plenty of potions to keep their stamina up, as well as several nausea potions he brewed personally for her. His helping to keep her stomach settled much better than the ones she was taking before.

Hermione hadn't been sure if his potions had worked better than the others, or if the stress of everything being gone was the cause of her more settled stomach. She would simply smile and tell Severus that it was indeed his superior potions that helped her. Knowing she was doing nothing more than stroking his ego, but not caring either. He was brilliant and she didn't mind feeding his ego at all.

They had gone on their honeymoon to Venice, a place she had always wanted to go. They had ridden in several gondolas as they took in the beauty of the old city while she leaned against him. Both taking turns pointing out the wondrous things they saw.

She had never thought he had a romantic side to him when she knew him before that night in Madame Laura's, but the more time she spent with him, the more she was pleasantly surprised. The scowl he showed the world was not the real him. Or least the real him when he was with her. He always had a small smile or soft kiss for her.

Together they toured the Piazza San Marco with its famous pigeons, and she got to see first hand the Horses of Saint Mark too. They saw many sites and sat in many cafés as they went over the different things they still wanted to see and do.

It was wonderful to her. She couldn't have planned a better vacation herself, and the fact that Severus did this for her, only made her love him more. This was something that they loved and could enjoy together.

She had never thought to come see Venice during her vacation planning, but she was very happy that Severus brought her here. It held everything she could ever want. Beautiful museums and libraries, landmarks full of historical wonder, astonishing artwork and architecture, not to mention the people.

The people who lived there amazed her. Muggles and wizards alike walked around sharing the magic of the romantic city. Showing startling kindness and insight about the history of the places around them too.

Just before they were to leave to return home, they ran across the annual Venice Film Festival. It was a wondrous affair where screenings were held in the historic Palazzo del Cinema on the Lungomare Marconi.

She was surprised that they were able to get inside, even though they didn't stay long. Though she did wonder if Severus used a touch of wandless magic in order for them to see it.

Severus wasn't all that impressed with the films, but Hermione was thrilled to simply be apart of something so spectacular. Especially since it was the oldest film festival in the world.

On their last night in Venice, Severus took her to a wonderful dinner. Afterward, as the sun was starting to set, he took her on a final gondola ride.

She leaned against him again, his hand resting on the slight bump of her belly as they took in the sights. She felt totally relaxed as he told her of the different lore and legends surrounding the things they saw.

In the distance, he pointed to an over hanging bridge and started to weave a tale of sadness concerning the beautiful bridge. The enclosed bridge, made of white limestone with windows blocked by stone bars, passed over the Rio di Palazzo. It connected the old prisons to the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace.

He told her how the prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice out the window before being taken down to their cell. The tales of the prisoners ended up making Lord Byron rename the bridge the Bridge of Sighs. The old story made Hermione sigh too at the thought of anyone never being able to see the beautiful city again.

Severus had turned her to face him slightly. Seeing the sadness in her eyes, he had smiled and gone on with his tale. Explaining why he wanted her to see it before they left.

There was a local legend that said that lovers would be granted everlasting love and bliss if they kissed on a gondola at sunset while under the bridge. Hermione had smiled and as they came upon it, she leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss.

The kiss lasted so long, they completely missed seeing the bridge up close at all as they went under it just before the sun fully set. The gondolier had smiled at seeing the loving couple and started to sing as he rowed them down the canal as they stayed in each other's arms the rest of the ride.

That night in their room, Severus had made love to her slowly but ardently, again and again until the early morning sunlight started to creep into their windows. Both exhausted at that point, but neither wanting to miss a single moment together before they left the remarkable city to return back home to their every day lives.

Like all things, their honeymoon ended and both were a bit sad to return home. He had immediately had to go back to work, school starting again for the year, and she had returned to her own job.

Minerva had been thrilled to learn of their marriage, and was quite happy to let Severus floo back and forth to work. Knowing that if there was a problem, he would floo right back. No matter the time of night.

They went house hunting and found a lovely cottage that was perfect for them both. The basement was converted into a potion's lab for him. The library was huge and would be fully stocked with what they wanted eventually and they even had room for two desks for them to use when they needed it.

The house had five bedrooms, the master bedroom having it's own bath and huge closet. Hermione had been tickled pink when she found the master bath had a separate shower and a huge bathtub for when she wanted a long soak.

She had hinted that it was big enough for two, but Severus had merely lifted a brow at her and informed her that he preferred showers. He would not just sit in a pool of water for no reason at all when he had other things to fill his day.

That lasted until she convinced him to join her at least once in the large tub. He had given a deep sigh but then relented. Finding he enjoyed her leaning against him in the huge porcelain pool, though he still claimed to like his showers better.

But in the end, he had decided that soaking with her had it's perks when she turned, after teasing him almost to the breaking point, and straddled his lap, letting him slip deep inside her.

More water was on the floor than in the tub by the time she had been done showing him the wonders of making love in the bath. But it was nothing that a simple flick of the wand couldn't fix, as they lay content once again in the bath afterward, her leaning against him like before.

Now when she asked if he wanted to join her for a bath, his eyebrow would raise even as a smirk graced his lips. Before she could even blink, he would have picked her up and carried her quickly towards the bath. Her giggles echoing off the walls as he magically stripped their clothes while the water filled the huge tub, salts or oils added themselves to scent the water and air around them.

Months passed and Hermione's belly swelled more as their child grew inside her. Severus kept up on his reading so he knew what to expect with her during her pregnancy. Always making sure not only did he not hurt either her or the baby, but making sure too that she was taking proper care of herself and not working too hard.

During Hermione's sixth month of pregnancy, there was a tapping at their window one night. Severus had been in the shower, so Hermione opened the window and let the owl inside.

Taking the envelope from its leg and feeding it a treat, the owl had left. Hermione had seen it was addressed to Severus, but she had recognized the familiar messy script on it.

A frown marring her face she had stared at it for several moments. Wanting to open it herself, but not wanting to invade Severus's privacy without his permission. He didn't read her mail without her permission, so she refused to open his without his knowledge. Though she desperately wanted to.

Severus had found her sitting on their bed, looking annoyed while staring at an envelope, and stroking her rounded stomach. Curious, he had sat down next to her and she had handed it to him. Not understanding her annoyed look, he had opened it.

His eyebrows rising more and more as he read the messily scribbled note, until he started chuckling. Understanding her annoyance when he got to the signature. He handed it to her, watching as she too looked more and more surprised until she started laughing as she got to the end.

It turned out that Ron was in desperate need of his help. He had ended up getting the same prostitute pregnant that he had gotten his information from concerning Severus and his past. When his mother learned of what had happened, she had insisted Ron do the 'right thing' and marry the girl.

Expecting his new wife to follow in his mother's example, he had been shocked to learn that not only was she not staying home, but was staying on at Madame Laura's. Ron had done his best to keep his marriage a secret, not wanting the Daily Prophet to learn that his wife was still a paid…entertainer of sorts.

Now he had another problem it seemed. Ron had found an odd rash in a very sensitive and private area. His wife had gone to see Madam Laura's personal healer she kept on staff for her girls, and gotten her problem seen to.

The only trouble was Laura would not let Ron see her healer. Laura didn't like Ron at all or how he treated her girl. Plus, she had learned what Ron had done to Severus, whom she considered a good friend, and was very unhappy about it.

However, the rash he had gotten from his wife was worse for men that it was for women. A woman just passed it on with no side effects what so ever to themselves.

But for men, it could permanently damage the infected appendage if not seen too quickly enough. Ron was terrified to go to St. Mungo's for fear of word getting out about it. He knew what he would need since his wife had been treated, but desperately begged Severus to brew him the proper potions to cure his problem.

Hermione had laughed, holding her swollen belly as she thought that this was Karma simply coming back and biting Ron on the butt for being such a selfish arse. Severus had merely continued watching her, slightly surprised to seeing her laughing so much.

He had expected her to show her normal compassionate nature and ask him to do this for her ex-husband. But instead she seemed almost pleased with the outcome.

Finally, her laughter abated, she asked him what he was going to do. Severus had shrugged, still puzzled by her response to the letter.

"What would you like me to do?" He asked her, still curious since he had never known Hermione to be cruel.

Hermione shrugged. "It's up to you. If you want to help him, then you can. If not…" She shrugged again as if it didn't matter.

Severus raised an eyebrow at her. "You don't care if I don't help him?" He knew she was angry with the redhead, he too was angry still, but this wasn't like the woman he married not to care in the slightest like this.

Hermione started to shake her head no, then stopped. She frowned as her thoughts swirled in her mind. Angry with Ron or not, she hated to see anyone suffer.

With a loud resigned sigh, she gave a tiny nod. "I do care. The bloody prat. I shouldn't after all he has done, but I do. We were friends too long for me not to care."

"Will you please help him?" She asked meeting his gaze with her softly pleading one.

Severus saw she really did care, though she wasn't pleased to find that she still did where the redhead was concerned, and kissed her softly. "Of course. I would do anything for you." He said stroking her cheek softly.

Her eyes sparkled. "Anything? Does that mean you'll rub my feet later? I'll read to you while you do it." Her voice coaxing as she bit her lower lip while smiling at him.

He smirked at her. "If you'd like. You know I'll willingly rub any part of you that you ask me to."

She grinned. "I may hold you to that later." Giving him a wink before heading off to take her own shower.

With her belly being as big as it was and her frame so tiny, it was harder to get up out of the bath on her own sometimes. Since she didn't want to bother Severus to help her stand each time, she only took a long bath when he joined her. Or if she was utterly exhausted and didn't feel up to standing in the shower.

The last three weeks of her pregnancy, Hermione had taken a leave of absence at work. Her boss had worried about the stress of everything making her pregnancy more difficult, but Hermione had fought to stay there as long as she could. She liked her job.

It wasn't until her boss, plus Harry, Ginny, and Severus all ganged up on her that she finally took time off. Not to mention, Ginny did get Molly involved this time. Severus had chuckled when he heard the matron Weasley tell Hermione in no uncertain terms that if Hermione didn't stay home and rest. She would be in Hermione's office daily to make sure she took care of herself if she had to.

Fearing the woman would actually show up and stay in her office all day, every day, Hermione gave in. Molly had given her a hug, careful not to crush the poor girl in her extremely pregnant state. Then said she'd drop by to keep her company if Hermione got bored.

Hermione's eyes met Severus's, silently begging for him to rescue her. With another chuckle, Severus stepped in and let Molly know that he would make sure she was far from bored. Between Ginny and Minerva, he was sure she would be properly taken care of.

Minerva, though busy at the school, still found time to drop by and see Hermione daily. She even gave Hermione permission to floo to her office whenever she wanted to not only visit her, but to see Hagrid and her other past professor's as well.

Hagrid was ecstatic to learn about Hermione's pregnancy and always walked with her on the grounds when she was there. Staying close in case Hermione got too tired to go on.

Severus may not have liked the half giant, but he did like that the big man constantly looked after Hermione. He knew the big oaf would never let any harm come to her.

Hermione was sitting at home with Ginny and the boys one day just after lunch. They were outside as the boys played in the backyard when suddenly Hermione grabbed her stomach. With wide eyes, she told Ginny she needed to get to St. Mungo's

Before either woman could do more than blink, Hermione's water broke.

Hermione quickly sent her Patronus to Severus and Minerva to let them know that she was in labor. Ginny quickly got Hermione inside and floo'd Harry at work. Harry arrived and after taking one look at Hermione still drenched from her water breaking, he quickly apparated her to the hospital while Ginny stayed with the boys.

Harry got her inside and with a quick call for help, Hermione was whisked away to a delivery room. Harry quickly sent his Patronus to Severus as well. Not knowing the man already had one sent to him only minutes before by his wife.

Severus arrived quickly and with barley a word to Harry, was quickly taken to Hermione. Minerva arrived too a bit later, confusing Harry since he hadn't sent anything to her, but she let him know that Hermione had sent her Patronus earlier.

Severus had been in the middle of class when Hermione's otter arrived and in a strained voice told him that she was in labor. He stood wide-eyed for only a few moments before kicking his class out. So rushed, he forgot to give them any homework. He merely warded his doors and just before he apparated he got Harry's Patronus too.

Grateful to the young man once again for helping his wife when she needed him, he apparated to the hospital. Minerva had seen that Severus had not canceled his remaining classes, though she didn't blame him.

So she had quickly posted a note and a homework assignment for the remaining two classes on the classroom's outer door, hoping Severus didn't mind. Though she doubted he would.

Glad his last two classes were first and second year classes. His lessons rarely varied from year to year so she was able to come up with something for them to do.

Several hours passed and Harry eventually floo'd Molly to let her know about Hermione being in labor. All of the Weasley's, minus Ron and his wife, arrived to wait with Harry.

It was close to midnight before a nurse finally came and let them all know that the newest addition to the Snape family had arrived. Everyone in the waiting room pushed into Hermione's room. Much to Severus's annoyance as he lay in the bed with his wife, holding her gently. But he took it well all in all.

He understood that this was his wife's family and friends. His family and friends now too it seemed. But his annoyance faded at seeing how happy seeing everyone made Hermione.

The large group got to meet Alexander Eugene Snape and marvel at the tiny infant's dark black tuft of hair and luminescent skin before the nurses kicked them all out again. Saying the new parents needed rest now.

When Hermione was able to bring little Alex home, she decided to take some time off to just be a mum. Something she never thought she would ever do before. Severus supported her staying home, letting her know too that he was fine with her going back to work too if she wanted too.

Hermione spent the first year of Alex's life home with him. Taking him over to Ginny's house on a regular basis. When Alex was going on a year and half, Hermione went back to work. Leaving Alex with Ginny who couldn't get enough of him.

Ginny became pregnant again when Alex was about to turn three and by then, Hermione decided he was old enough to go into the daycare program at work. She spent her lunch hour with Alex in the small nursery there at work. Then brought him back home with her when she was done for the day.

Six months before Alex's fourth birthday, Hermione found out she was pregnant again. Severus was ecstatic to learn he would be a father again too.

Little Gabrielle Elizabeth Snape came into the world looking so much like her mother Severus instantly fell in love with her. She had Hermione's curly brown hair and golden skin, but she had Severus's black eyes. Just like their son.

The kids grew up with Hermione's thirst for knowledge and both parents high intelligence. Alex had Hermione's courage, but Gabby had her father's cunning and was able to get in and out of trouble easily. She had her father wrapped around her finger and both Gabby and Hermione knew it.

With a smile, Hermione would shake her head when she saw Severus cave with something concerning their daughter. He didn't even see how easily his daughter could make him melt with just a look. A look that was identical to her mother's.

Which was probably how Gabby got away with it. Severus couldn't deny Hermione anything. After Severus would leave the room, Hermione would sit down with the little girl and let her know that she would not be getting her way in the matter.

Gabby would pout and try to still get her way, but Hermione would laugh and point out that she had been dealing with Slytherin's for a long time. Pointing out how much Gabby was indeed acting like a Slytherin with how she went about getting what she wanted. Hermione would smile and with a hug explain that she would not cave like Severus did.

Hermione wasn't the least bit surprised when their little girl ended up in Slytherin when she was sorted during her first year at Hogwarts. Their son Alex, though he looked so much like his father, was more like his mother in personality. Naturally, he was sorted into Gryffindor. Much to Severus's annoyance at having another Gryffindor in his family.

His annoyance over it made Hermione giggle immensely. She was completely proud of her son and loved that he was in her old house. As much as Severus loved that his beautiful daughter was in Slytherin.

Minerva retired and offered Severus the position as Headmaster again when Gabby was in her third year and Alex in his seventh. Severus didn't accept right away, worried that with his children being students that it might cause a problem. Minerva assured him that she had faith in him dealing fairly with all the students. Even the Gryffindors that he was known to hate on principle alone.

Severus found that he didn't hate all Gryffindor's like he used to. Just the one's that reminded him of James Potter and Sirius Black. Those few that had the misfortune of causing said reminder found their years under him utterly miserable.

When and if his children were sent to his office to be dealt with, Severus found he was able to not only deal with the situation, but was a tad harder on his kids since he knew they were raised to know better. He loved them dearly and they knew it, but he refused to play favorites.

Alex rarely saw his father while in trouble since, he, like his mum, only got in trouble for a good cause. Plus, he was in his final year and had always been a well-behaved student. With no war in their present or future, he had no real need to do anything he shouldn't. Gabby always begged the new head of Slytherin to give her a month of detention doing anything horrible, anything not to be sent to her father's office.

Hermione heard about all the things her children did at school at night as they lay in bed together. Smirking when Severus complained about Gabby's latest misdeeds. Hermione would say it was Severus's genes inspiring the rottenness. Which only served to make Severus glare before smirking and reminding Hermione of all her past adventures with Harry that were admirable, but still broke tons of rules in the process.

Hermione refused to admit anything. Then, she would giggle as Severus tickled her until she caved and agreed that Gabby was acting out more like her mother had in the past than her father. Which usually ended with them naked and wrapped together a short time later.

Hermione didn't know if all their love and happiness had anything at all to do with the old legend of kissing under the Bridge of Sighs, like they had done on their honeymoon. All she knew was that she couldn't have imagined her life any other way than how it was.

She had a man she loved more than she ever dreamed possible. A man that not only loved her just as much, but one that showed her everyday that he did. Even in public, something that still amazed her even to this day.

She was the only one he showed these things with too. Not even his kids got this side of him in public. Knowing how much he hated displays of affection in public just made her love him more for it.

If the old legends were true, and it was something she fully believed in now if for nothing more than not wanting to tempt fate by being a disbeliever. She knew that she and Severus would forever have that everlasting bliss and love and was very glad that she had kissed him on that gondola so many years ago under the bridge.

But she was even more happy she had walked into Madame Laura's that one night to confront Ron and had been mistaken for someone else. Kissing a dark haired man in the shadows and lost herself in the passion he gave her.

It might have been out of character for her, but she wouldn't have had it any other way. She had wanted a man that loved her unconditionally. He had waited for a chance to tell her of his love. Together they would never want or wait again for anything.

The End.


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