Ok, chapter two, with LOTS of disclaimers. First, I wrote this at three in the morning. I tried to spell check and re-read, but it's probably not the best. I'm fried. Second, I know about NOTHING from the Blade universe. So if there are inconsistencies ect please forgive me. And I'm welcome to corrections where I get the lore ect wrong. I will probably end up taking this my own way one way or the other anyhow. But still.


Abby and Blade burst through the glass of the building the Vampires were inhabiting, but they didn't find King's body until after the virus had been released. Only an hour before the police arrived, Abby stumbled on his prison cell, and even though many of the previous events hadn't fazed her one bit, the sight of her longtime friend laying cold like that brought her to her knees. She'd already lost so much.

Weak with grief and exhaustion, she cradled King's head in her lap, stroking his hair and not caring if the authorities found her at the site of mass murder and vandalism, a dead man suspiciously in her arms. She didn't even have the strength to cry. Blade was sagging against the wall behind her, barely conscious, and in the back of her mind she knew she needed to get him home. But she also felt an overwhelming need to take King back as well. If only for the closure of burning his body.

One last surge of adrenaline and countless hours of training afforded her the strength to heave her fallen comrade over her shoulders, and wearily, she and Blade made it out of the building just before the authorities showed up with all their red tape and golden rules. In all their fog, neither Abby nor Blade saw the twin puncture wounds at the side of King's throat.

Upon getting back to the base, Blade could do nothing but collapse into bed, and Abby could do nothing but stand numbly by King's body. Wanting to clean him up, but unable even to leave him long enough to get a cloth. Pulling up a chair, she wearily sunk into it, falling asleep with her arms folded like a pillow on the side of King's bed. Her skin was flush with his cool shoulder.

12 hours later…………

Abby woke with a start, her heart hammering, her head jerking up, flooding with memories as she took in King's form. Relaxing some, she slipped back into a limp state, feeling like she hadn't slept at all. Suddenly, the hard muscle of Hannibal's shoulder twitched against her skin, and she jumped back with a yelp.

Standing a few feet away from his bedside, she watched, wide-eyed with horror as he twitched again, this time his head flashing towards her, neck now exposed fully. Terrible realization dawned on her. A million questions flooded her mind at once. Why hadn't she noticed? Could they have stopped this if they were a little faster? Why wasn't King's body effected by the virus? Did they fail? But she'd seen so many die……….

Abby was too paralyzed to move as King's body continued to twitch as it re-animated. It was like watching electricity forced through a corpse. She shuddered when his shoulders twitched violently. She flinched back when his entire body seized. And her stiffened spine hit the wall when his head arched back, mouth opening wide as K-9s elongated, a hissing breath being drawn into cold lungs. In a final movement, he shook and lay still, body shuddering in a strange reverse death throw.

Abby slid to the floor in a crouched horror, mind instinctually telling her what to do. Kill him. Kill him now. But she couldn't.

With no warning King's eyes flashed open, now a predatory version of his real self. With lighting movement, he was on her, hand clasped around her throat, holding her up against the wall.

Abby struggled weakly in his grip before blacking out.


King's body trembled, electrified by his resurrection into the land of the living dead. A land he seemed to occupy solely. Instinct woke him to the sound of a pounding heart and he reacted accordingly. The girl was in his grip, blood rushing under her skin, smells assaulting his senses, but the moment he was on her he collapsed. Gasping for breath. She had passed out a few seconds before, but now King felt unbelievably dizzy. Unable to keep his balance, he found himself lying on his side, violent tremors wracking his body as veins began to swell and bulge under his skin. Painfully aware of his own hide, he curled into a shaking ball, his mind suddenly free to torture him.

Do you see what you've done? That was Abby you attacked. You were going to feed off of her. And you would have liked it.

A sharp pain lanced through his head and he curled into a tighter ball, clenching his teeth until his lips bled from the fangs he was just remembering. What was he?

Where am I? What am I?

Everything that had happened suddenly flashed through his already fevered mind. The threats. The bite. The death. So now he was a vampire again? The fact that his own blood tasted exquisite told him that he was.

So what was wrong with him. Somewhere, deep inside, he could feel himself tearing free of animal instinct. Something he distinctly remembered not having last time he'd been turned. Last time, everything was easy. You fed. You killed. It didn't matter because you weren't human. Last time, he really had died.

This time was different.

A strange heat flash rocked through his body, and his head snapped back uncontrollably, muscles tensing painfully.

His mind unable to take anymore, he soon slipped into a velvet unconscious, heat still coursing through his body in uncharacteristic waves.

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