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"I made sacrifices willingly; it was what I did best."

-Karen McCarthy

Sora frowned as his vision swam before him. He stood shakily and summoned his Keyblade. The shimmering light revealed his weapon of choice and Sora swung it a few times in mid-air. His body was a bit stiff; but other than that, he was unharmed.

And more importantly, everyone was safe. Leon, Cloud, and the others wouldn't be hurt by Maleficent, which was a huge relief. Speaking of Maleficent, Sora thought as his eyes scanned where he was, where was she?

"I see you've awakened," Maleficent's slightly regal voice said as she stepped into the lighted center of the room. Sora thought for a second and then suddenly recognition filled his eyes. He knew where he was—the castle chapel in the Castle! He was close to his friends and he would be able to go back to them. "Now, why don't you put that silly toy down?"

"Toy?" Sora questioned. "This 'toy' has defeated you before Maleficent!"

"Yes," Maleficent replied, her eyes locked with the Keyblade's chosen one. "I remember all of our last battles, Sora." The way she said his name made him shudder and feel disgusted. Maleficent was pure evil and all she wanted was to extinguish all light from the worlds. Sora would never stand for that. He would put an end to this now!

"What do you want, Maleficent?" Sora hissed, readying himself for an attack.

"Why, Sora," She muttered. "What I want is the power to use that accursed weapon you possess." Sora felt shock enter his system. She wanted the Keyblade? Why?

"You'll never be able to use this!" Sora challenged.

"True," Maleficent nodded her head in agreement. "But I can have you use it for me." Sora suddenly got the feeling that she had been planning something for a long time. That battle in the town—that couldn't have been just random!

"Never!" Sora shouted.

"Then, how about for your friends' sakes?" She questioned and Sora was slightly taken aback. Maleficent smiled ever so slightly and took a step closer to him. Sora raised his weapon higher, prepared to strike at any moment. "I will destroy your friends, Sora, unless you surrender. I will summon Heartless hordes so powerful that they will never have a moment's rest. They will perish and you will be the one to blame."

"I don't believe you!" Sora yelled defiantly. Maleficent smirked.

"Is that so?" She waved her staff and the green orb glowed impossibly bright and blinded Sora. When the light finally dimmed, the chapel had been overrun by countless Armored Knight Heartless. "Care to risk it?" Sora felt doubt fill his system. He trusted Leon and the others, but they had been overwhelmed before and by a way smaller number of Heartless. Could he really risk their lives when he could just sacrifice his own to protect them?

"You won't get away with this," Sora swore. "Even if I fall, the others will finish you for good." Her response chilled him to his very core.

"Oh, I'm counting on it," She muttered. With a wave of her hand, the Armored Knights vanished. "Now, come with me."

Sora took one last look at his surroundings. He wasn't sure if this would be last moment alive or even as himself. Who knew what Maleficent had in store for him? Subconsciously, he pulled out Kairi's lucky charm and absently stroked it. He frowned.

It looked like he wasn't going to be able to fulfill his promise to her, after all.

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