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Also, all chapter titles in this story are songs that can be found on Ashley Tisdale's new album "Guilty Pleasure". Yes, I know what some of you are probably thinking. The titles were originally different, but as I listened to the album (which I am addicted to), I realized some of the lyrics and titles fit my story. Hopefully this little inclusion doesn't turn some of you away.

Summary: All Sam wants to do is get through his first year in high school and he wants his older brother there for him. Sadly, Dean is too busy hanging with the popular crowd to pay attention. Can he realize his brother needs him, or will their relationship be ruined forever?

"It's in your eyes

Feelings can't be disguised

'Cause the truth makes me want you

To tell me lies"

- Ashley Tisdale, "Tell Me Lies".


Chapter 1

Tell Me Lies


Sam groaned. It seemed like it would take years for him to get to the front doors of the school. In reality, it would only take him about thirty seconds, but, then again, time never seemed to be Sam's friend. In fact, Sam was thrilled when his dad said they would be staying in this town for a year so Dean could graduate. So Sam didn't have to worry about moving in the middle of the school year.

Of course, when Sam entered the school, he couldn't spot his big brother anywhere. Sam knew why. When they were in elementary school, Dean and Sam were inseparable. But this was high school! Sam knew he couldn't trust his brother to be his only friend. He had to make new ones. But one step into the school and Sam wanted to hide in a corner.

Sam had hit a growth spurt during the summer and now stood 6 feet tall. Seeing as how Dean was that tall, Sam was fine, but in this new sea of people, Sam looked like a giant. In his mind, he was a freak. A giant, lanky freak. This is where the friendships come in. Sam knew now that he would most likely encounter two types of people: one type who would bully him because he was the new kid and the other type who would be intimidated by him. So, Sam knew he was the one who might have to make the first move. But why hurry now?

Holding out a sheet of paper in front of him, Sam looked down his list of classes. He was excited when he found out that Dean shared gym class with him, so at least he would be guaranteed to see his big brother today. But that wasn't until third period. Quickly finding his first class, five minutes before the late bell rang, Sam looked at the white board, which read "Pick your own seats". 'Can't argue with that' Sam thought to himself. As he found a seat in the back, he took out his notebook and pencil, waiting for the bell to ring and the teacher to start class. English was one of Sam's favorite subjects (mostly for the reading) and he was eager to start. Right before the bell rang, a boy ran in and sat next to Sam, who was hoping to be by himself during the class, knowing that anyone who sat beside him would fall into one of the two categories he thought about earlier.

The bell rang and the teacher, Mrs. Lucas, began talking about the school policies and what would be going on during the school year. She handed out some papers to the first person in each row, who would then pass them back. As she started talking about the contents on the paper, Sam realized he hadn't gotten one. Realizing the teacher miscounted, he started raising his hand, but was stopped by the boy sitting next to him.

"Hey, you can look on my paper if you want". Sam quickly shot a look of surprise at the boy. Nodding, he moved his seat over a little and looked on the boy's paper. Not even 5 minutes later, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. As the students got up and left, Sam stuffed his notebook and pencil in his book bag. As he went to stand up, he saw the boy next to him, holding out his hand.

"Hey, name's Chris". Sam just stared at the hand. Was this guy just trying to be nice or was this some kind of trick?

"You okay?" Sam heard Chris' voice and quickly shook the hand. "Sam," he responded. As both boys stood up to leave the classroom, Sam chuckled. Not only was Sam probably the tallest freshman, Chris was probably one of the shortest, coming up right above Sam's stomach.

"Talk about 'The Odd Couple'" Chris said, smirking. Sam smiled, that sounded like something Dean would say. Height wasn't the only difference between the two. Where Sam's hair was shaggy and brown, Chris' was short and blond. Chris wasn't as skinny as Sam, but he certainly wasn't chubby. His glasses were small ovals on his face.

As the boys walked out of the class, they exchanged schedules. They found that out of the five classes, they shared four. Gym was the only class Chris didn't have, but Sam wasn't going to complain. Dean would be there, which he couldn't wait for.

Second period, Math, didn't go as well as English. It wasn't Sam's favorite subject, neither was it his best. It was the one class he always had to bust his ass to do well in.

As Sam walked to the gym, he was glowing on the inside. He hadn't been in school with Dean in years and this was the best time to hang out. But as Sam opened the doors, he found fate had different plans. Dean was in the middle of the gym, in his gym clothes, blue shorts and a red t-shirt, with three other guys, all of them as big or bigger than Dean, both height and muscle wise. Sam felt his mood drop fast and he dragged his feet into the locker room to change into his white shorts and green t-shirt.

Gym hadn't gone as Sam hoped. Sure, Dean acknowledged Sam's presence by winking and smiling at his younger brother, but that wasn't enough for Sam. Dean wouldn't even talk to him. He was always with his new friends. Sam wasn't jealous of Dean having friends, more power to him. But Sam knew Dean. Sam thought Dean would at least come talk to him, ask him how his first day of high school was going. "Dead yet Sammy?" Sam pictured Dean asking, with that smirk on his face. Nothing.

Sam was hoping lunch would bring that conversation. Maybe Dean was just distracted by the class. Sam would sit with Dean at lunch and talk to him then. But as Sam entered the cafeteria, Sam noticed that the table Dean was sitting at was full. Both guys and girls (probably the only reason Dean was there) were at the table and not a seat was empty. Dean even had a plate of pizza, along with a soda. They didn't have the money to be buying school lunches all the time, that's why they would take bag lunches. Sam knew Dean made a sandwich this morning, but knew the elder winchester must have thrown it out during the school day. Sam felt betrayed. He could feel something in his eye. Crap, he couldn't cry in school. As he went to wipe it away, he saw Dean look over at him. At first, Dean wore a gigantic smile, probably flirting with some dumb-ass girl. But Sam noticed when Dean saw him, really saw him, his face became concerned. Sam quickly looked away and went to the farthest empty table, setting his bag lunch down, trying to look busy. He took out his peanut butter sandwich and dug in. He knew Dean had slid into the seat across from him, but Sam decided the color of the white table was more interesting.

"Hey Sammy, how's it going?" he asked.

"Shut up Dean, don't start with the pity crap," Sam said, looking up at his older brother, eyes full of hate and sadness, "The only reason you're over here is because I caught you with that stupid school lunch. C'mon Dean, we're supposed to be saving money, not spending it like it grows on trees in our backyard".

"I know, Sam, I know. It was just for today, believe me. I just wanted to see how it tasted, seeing as how I haven't had one in three years". Sam wasn't sure what was going on with his brother. It was like an entirely different person. Shrugging it off as first day nerves, Sam nodded his head.

"Great, so how was your day so far, lil bro? Dead yet Sammy?" Dean smirked.

"Don't you have a table of friends to go back to?" Sam asked.

"They can wait. What's wrong with wanting to spend some time with my little brother on his first day of high school?"

God, how Sam wished that was how their conversation went. He would give anything to hear Dean say those words. Instead of asking how Sam's day went, Dean smiled and said, "Great, see ya around Sammy". Dean got up and left Sam, alone. With sad eyes, Sam finished his sandwich, threw the bag in the trash and with one last depressing look at Dean, who looked to be on cloud nine, left the lunch room. Dean didn't know it, but he had just punched his brother in the stomach. Hard.


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