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Chapter 6

Acting Out

Sam quickly threw his bedroom door open and undressed, putting on a new pair of clothes and throwing his paint-stained clothes in the wash, all probably done in record time. As he fell on his bed, still in shock of what happened he heard a knock on his door. It squeaked open and Dean's head poked the the little space.

"Sammy?" In a second, Sam threw his shoe at his brother and Dean didn't have enough time to pull his head back, so it hit him in the face.

"OW!" he yelled.

"What the hell were you thinking Dean, huh?" Sam got up from his bed and opened the door, throwing a punch at Dean's stomach, "Why would you do that to me, huh? WHY?! Did you find out my little secret? Are you mad I lied so I could be the lead in the play?


Were you pissed your reputation might be at stake because you're dorky little brother is a drama geek?"


"Or are you just mad that I'm one step closer to normal?"

"SAM!!!!" Dean shouted. Sam quickly shut up, though his face still showed he needed to let off more steam. But his face changed to a look of surprise and confusion with the words that came out of Dean's mouth.

:"You got the lead in the school play?"

"Uh, yeah, I thought you knew". Dean shook his head.

"Sam, Brian just told me he had something cool to show me. He didn't tell me anything about what was happening and if I would have known, I would have stopped him and you know it. Plus, seeing Brian's shocked expression when Chris came out, I'm guessing it was meant for him, not you". Sam was quiet and when Dean realized his little brother wasn't going to say anything he spoke, this time in a softer tone.

"But Sammy, the lead in the school play?" Sam just nodded. "I mean, the lead! Sammy, that's great. I'm..." Dean wasn't really good at these chick flick moments, but decided to sum up what he wanted to say, "I'm proud of you, Sam". Sam, who moments ago was ready to rip his older brothers head off, stood there in shock. He finally smirked.

"Christo, get out of my brother you demon".

"Ha ha, very funny," Dean said, turning around to leave. But before he could, he felt Sam turn him back around and quickly hug him. Dean stood there for a moment, though not surprised at the hug, Sam had always been the "chick flick" guy. But he soon wrapped his arms around his little brother.

"Thank you Dean, you have no idea what that means to me", Sam said. Dean pulled back, with a questionable look.

"What do you mean Sam?" Dean saw Sam was wiping a couple of tears away. Why was the kid crying? It wasn't that big of a deal.

"Well.....it's just.....I was expecting you to blow up in my face, yelling at me that I shouldn't be in the play, that stuff like that shouldn't matter, you know, the work. Knowing that you approve of me doing this, just, corny as it sounds, means so much to me".

Dean shook his head and chuckled. He put a hand on Sam's shoulder and raised his little brothers head so Sam could look up at him. "Sammy, I think you got me mixed up with dad. I will always be behind you 100% kiddo, no matter what you do. Now, I sometimes may not agree with it, but I'll always back you up. So, while you should have told me from the start, I'm still proud of you Sam. Now can we please wrap this up before we start painting our nails and talking about which boy we want to go to the prom with". Sam smirked, but it faded as another realization hit him.

"Dean, what about Brian?"

"Don't worry, Sammy, that douche won't harm anyone again, I'll make sure of it".

Dean kept true to what he said and made sure Sam and Chris were in on the fun too. At school, Sam and Chris were at lunch, walking towards their table with their trays. Dean made sure he and Brian were walking towards their direction and Chris "tripped", his food landing all over Brian.

"You bitch," Brian yelled "I'll make sure you never regret this. Help me out Dean".

"Sure thing, Bri". Dean pulled down Brian's pants, making everyone in the cafeteria laugh. Brian turned around and glared at Dean.

"Oops, sorry," Dean said innocently, before punching Brian.

As the lights went out after Sam walked off of the stage at the end of the play, he heard the crowd erupt into applause. He stood on the sidelines waiting to walk on stage to take his bow. Once the whole cast, excluding him, was on stage, Sam walked out, proud, yet embarrassed that everyone was looking at him. But as he bowed, the sound of the applause growing louder hit his ears. As he came up and went to do a final bow with his cast members, he looked towards the back of the audience, but he couldn't find him. Scanning the room, Sam's heart dropped. But as he was taking the final bow, he heard it.

"Yeah, Sammy! That's my boy!" When Sam looked up to where the voice was, he saw Dean, sitting in the front row, the one place he didn't look. Though he didn't expect Dean to be sitting in that spot, he wasn't surprised. Dean would be there in the front row for everything Sam did and Sam wouldn't expect anything less.

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