This is a random One-shot/Drabblish thing I wrote at 2 O'clock in the morning after getting inspiration from no where at all!

But it's still pretty good, to me at least, so… read and review! :D

Naruto's POV


Sometimes… I feel invisible. It's like no one can see me. And when they do, I get nothing but dark glances and scowls. And believe me, that's worse.

But the worst part of it is; I don't know why. Did I do something to deserve this? Have I ever hurt or offended any of them, none the less every single one of them? I keep my outward bubbly, mischief-making appearance to everyone, hoping that maybe it will draw some positive attention to myself. A laugh or two, maybe. But inside, it's horrible. I just want to be acknowledged.

Everyday after school I come home to an empty flat. It's pretty small, but that's ok; it's all I need since I live by myself. Both of my parents died. I've been told they risked their lives battling for our village. It makes me proud.

That pride, though, can't take away the mind numbing loneliness. No friends, no family. No one.

Actually, I take that back. I met this kid in my class. His name's Sasuke. All of his family was killed about a month ago. It was horrible; he was the only one who survived. Well anyways, I found him crying out by the lake last week.

He got real flustered when he saw me, wiping at his eyes and yelling for me to get lost. It was kind of cute actually. After that we got into a big argument and he ended up pushing me into the water.

I swam underneath the dock we'd been standing on before I came up to the surface, though, so he couldn't see me.

He completely freaked out! He thought I couldn't swim and he'd drowned me.

Che, like the future Hokage wouldn't be able to swim.

Anyways, he jumped in after me, and while he was under I crawled back up on the dock and waited till he came back up. You should have seen it! He surfaced facing away from me, not noticing I was sitting there and started franticly calling out my name!

'Naruto! Naruto!' Hehehe.

So I dangled my legs over the edge of the wood and kicked water in his direction. "Yes?" I asked, smirk in place

He spun around faster than I would have thought and lunged out of the water onto the dock. His momentum as he wrapped his hands around my arms knocked me backwards so I lay flat on the dock looking up at the sky. Well until he was on top of me, pinning me down that is.

He brought his face just inches from mine and scowled menacingly. "That wasn't funny." He growled out.

I gave him a toothy grin and looking at his anger drawn face, and thinking about the stupidity of my little prank, I started laughing. I laughed uncontrollably, so hard my sides hurt, and after a minute, his defenses weakened and he started snickering too.

This continued till we were both on our backs, soaking wet and dripping, laughing as if we'd just seen the funniest thing on the planet. And the way our lives had gone so far, to us, it probably was.

After a few minutes and our laughter had died away, the raven-haired boy just got up and started walking up the hill back to town without a word. I watched him go though, and I swear he was smiling.

Ever since that day, I go down to that dock everyday after school, and he's always there; waiting for me. We don't say much. I just sit beside him and we watch the sun and trees and fish on the other side of the lake. Sometimes he'll ask about my family, or talk about his. Sometimes we'll just complain about the academy. Occasionally he smiles. But mostly we just sit there, and don't say anything at all.

But even though he's never said so, and it's not much, I know we're friends.

And it makes me feel… not so invisible.