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Paxton roamed the halls of the arena aimlessly, searching for the something, or someone, to entertain her. Her next appointment wasn't for another hour and she couldn't take sitting in that small room for that long. She tugged at her red hair and made a sharp left turn to go to catering. No matter what time of the day it was you could always count on someone being at catering. Sure enough to Paxton's pleasure she saw Scott sitting at one of the tables munching on a bag of chips. She snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with her hands.

"Guess who?" Paxton said in the deepest voice she could muster.

"Paxton, get off of me." Scott replied playfully pushing his sister off of him.

"You're no fun." Paxton mumbled sitting next to him.

Paxton loved her job, Scott loved it more. Paxton was a massage therapists for the WWE, more specifically the Raw brand, meaning that she traveled with the roster and provided her services at almost all times. In such a physical industry someone was always bound to be hurting or sore. Paxton was almost always busy. Scott was her younger brother, 18 and one summer away from college. He was also a huge wrestling fan and Vince McMahon had been nice enough to offer him a job setting up equipment for the summer. He'd only been on the road and one week and already met and befriended all his favorite wrestlers. He'd also tried, and failed, to pick up several of the Diva's, a fact that provided a lot of laughs for Paxton and her friends.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be doing you job?" Scott asked.

" I could ask you the same." Paxton said grabbing a chip from his bag and popping it in her mouth.

"Yeah whatever, we don't even really have to do anything to do until tomorrow." Scott said slapping away Paxton's reaching arm.

"Don't be greedy Scotty! I haven't eaten all day!" Paxton laughed, grabbing the bag from Scott.

"YOU ARE IN CATERING! It's free ya know, go get your own!" Scott yelled attracting a few looks from a few of the other people in the room.

"You shouldn't be so mean to your sister." a voice said from behind Paxton. She recognized it immediately as that of her best friend Janelle.

"I'm not being mean." Scott said snatching the bag back from the redhead next to him.

Janelle laughed and sat across from the McGraw siblings. Janelle was the perfect Diva, she stood at 6'0 and had legs for days. Her hair was long and strawberry blond, her eyes were chestnut brown and she was undeniably gorgeous. She'd also been Paxton's best friend since they were twelve and she was responsible for getting Paxton her job.

"I don't know Scotty, you looked like you were being an asshole." Janelle said shrugging her shoulders and cocking her head.

"Don't call me Scotty, and I wasn't." Scott said poking his chin out the way he did when he was pouting. He'd done it since he was a kid and it was the best way to figure out that he was getting annoyed. Paxton smiled to herself.

"So I was just propositioned." Janelle said frankly.

"What? By who?" Paxton said perking up instantly.

"This is not a conversation I want to hear." Scott mumbled irritably.

"You have legs, you can leave." Janelle said shooing him away with her manicured hand.

"I was here first!"

Janelle rolled her eyes and looked back at Paxton who was patiently waiting for her best friends answer.


"I can't say I'm shocked." Paxton said giggling a little.

If his mentor was the Legend Killer, than Cody Rhodes was the Lady Killer. From her experience ladies hearts were broken by Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes but for very different reasons. The former broke hearts for being married, and happily so. The latter broke hearts for being a 'pimp' and sleeping with everyone and anyone but never returning phone calls.

"Oh God." Scott groaned. He'd spent some time with the Legacy and did not want to think about Cody asking a girl he'd known the majority of his life to sleep with him. Scott considered himself lucky that Paxton hadn't been hit on by Cody yet. He knew it was coming though, Paxton was very pretty, or that it had already happened and Paxton just hadn't told him.

"What did you say?" Paxton asked taking the bag of chips from Scott and offering it to Janelle.

"I told him I'd think about it."

"You will?" Paxton asked handing the bag back to her brother.

"Sure, why not?" Janelle said nonchalantly.

Paxton was always in awe of Janelle's ability to sleep with whomever she wanted. She was no slut, but she loved sex and when she wasn't in a relationship she had no qualms about getting it from the first guy she found acceptable. Paxton was a little jealous, she was a virgin and quite frankly scared of sex, something she found extremely embarrassing since she was 22.

"I don't know, I just don't think he's cute." Paxton said shrugging.

"What?? You're crazy. He's hot, and I've heard he's a great fuck." Janelle said looking at Scott for his reaction.

Both girls went into hysterics when Scott choked on his chip and slammed his head down on the table.


Later that night Paxton waited patiently at the exit for Janelle. They'd agreed to ride back to the hotel together and the car was waiting but per usual Janelle was late. Paxton set her bag down and dug through her purse for cell phone to make sure Janelle hadn't texted her. Just as she found her cell she heard Janelle giggle loudly. She looked up to see Janelle coming down the hall with three tall men. She was, of course, giggling at Cody Rhodes who had his arm dangled over her shoulders. Randy Orton walked in front of them, his cell phone glued to his ear, no doubt trying to get a hold of his daughter before she went to bed. Slightly behind Cody and Janelle, Ted Dibiase Jr. was looking at his phone. Paxton felt her stomach flip at the sight of him.

From her limited experience with him he seemed quiet and downright awkward. From talking to the other superstars she'd learned that he was incredibly shy. She found it hard to believe that someone with such a confident in ring persona could be so introverted but it was apparently true. Everyone said that he opened up when you befriended him.

In Paxton's eyes he was the forgotten member of the Legacy, over looked unless someone was talking about how nice he was or what a good friend he was. She never heard anyone say how handsome he was or anything like that. Paxton thought that was crazy seeing as every time she saw him, he heart beat sped up and her stomach became filled with butterflies. She knew it was silly, they'd barely spoken to each other.

Randy smiled at Paxton before walking out the door into the warm night. Janelle, Cody, and Ted stopped in front of her.

"Sorry I'm late. Look who I ran into." Janelle said smiling at the dark haired boy next to her.

Cody surveyed Paxton and smiled smugly to himself. There was no doubt she was hot, but she'd already shot down his advances. He liked someone who played hard to get, he told himself before opening his mouth to speak.

"Hey Paxton."

"Hi Cody. Hey Ted. Are you ready Janelle? I think our driver is getting pissed." Paxton said nodding out the door towards the waiting SUV.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Janelle said detaching herself from the American Dream's son.

"You think about my offer, okay?" Cody said smoothly.

"Sure thing Cody. Bye!" Janelle answered with a big grin.

"Bye guys." Paxton said turning towards the door.

"Bye." Cody and Ted said in unison.

Janelle and Paxton joined Randy in the warm air. Randy was asking about Dora the Explorer, meaning he was talking to his daughter, but he still gave them a wave before the girls got in the waiting car and headed towards the hotel.