Author's Note: Okay, so I know I have If I Fell up here, still unfinished and only recently updated. But it will be finished before you know it really, and I didn't want to wait so long to have new stuff in the works too.

So I present to you, my newest endeavor. It is another AU, but I couldn't resist. It will have mentions of real landmarks, which might be familar to you, or if not, then please feel free to use wikipedia. I sure did. The title of the fic has nothing to do with the Gwen Stefani song or her dancers. It is taken from Harajuku, Japan which is known for its fashion impact as far as cosplay, goth-loli and so on. There is also Harajuku Station, the Jingu Bridge ( where cosplayers, visual kei cosplayers, etc hang out,) and Takeshita Street (which is known for selling these fashions). These are real places.

I hope no one is too OOC. I always try hard to interpret them to the best of my abilities, as well as making them fit into an AU storyline. So if they are OOC, I apologize now. They will all be dressing up and cosplaying a lot in this, so while they may look different a good deal of the time, I hope it doesn't change their personalities too much. This will be a little different from If I Fell, naturally.

Also, I know there is a Kakashi/Hinata (Lolita in Love) story with Hinata in lolita clothing. I haven't read it, I've just seen it around a few times, though that doesn't mean I won't read it as I will get to it eventually. I'm pointing this out because Hinata will be in lolita clothing in this, but not all the time, just on Sundays and probably not every Sunday as she'll be trying out other styles too, but she'll be wearing just normal clothing and so on.

Actually, while browsing pictures from Harajuku and Jingu bridge was how I came up with this plotline. I thought it would make a fun plotline to have the Naruto characters doing something that is typical of teenagers and young adults in Japan, dressing in gothic and lolita, or visual kei, punk, styles while learning about themselves and love. Plus, some of the girls in the pictures reminded me a bit of Hinata and I can always see Itachi as someone in a band or something =) Just thought I would make mention of all this beforehand and get it out of the way.

Summary: AU ItaHina. Everyone has to rebel against something, be it their education or their family. It is a way of showing one's true expressions, innermost thoughts. It is a requirement of youth self discovery. But can love be discovered as well for two people leading double lives from their families? Or will they stagnate amongst others' wishes?

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Harajuku Girl

Chapter 1

'I am not so sure about this,' the young man thought as he waited just behind the bright warning line at the train station, despite his brother's many reassurances that he would enjoy this day. The train blew into the station, ruffling his dark chocolate bangs and the end of his ponytail with its arrival. 'I should be spending the day studying.'

"Come on, I come here with friends from high school every weekend," his younger brother explained, rolling his dark eyes. "You're not scared are you?" he smirked crossing his heavily decorated arms. This was the one day of the week Itachi Uchiha saw his brother dress in this manner.

His usually, mostly refined seventeen year old brother Sasuke had exchanged his usual royal blue shirt for one of mesh and black fabric that revealed his developing muscles. His usual white shorts he had traded in for a pair of baggy, slouching jeans that covered his feet. Itachi figured they were weighted down by the amount of chains stemming from nearly every available pocket.

But none of those surprised him as much as the perfect onyx eyeliner or the black gel bracelets he allowed to dangle every which way on his slender arms. It didn't look as if he had done much of anything to his hair, the back always messy as if he had just awoken. Sasuke was determined to rebel against his father, the police chief of their district, and a Sunday spent in Harajuku would do just fine.

Several passersby gave him an evil eye, hardly taking note of the other young man standing beside him. It wasn't that Itachi was unfamiliar with the styles in Harajuku, rocking black nail polish and dark clothing himself; it was just this was his one day off before a week of grueling tests at college.

"No, I'm not scared, except that you might trip and fall in those pants," Itachi spoke, allowing a slim smile to cross his lips. He grasped the back of his brother's shirt firmly as the doors whooshed open to allow them access. The passengers leaving didn't offer them as much as a glance while the brothers passed between them. "What a mess you would be to clean off the tracks," he teased.

Itachi had spent many happy hours cosplaying and shopping in Harajuku. He and some of his friends from college still liked to dress up as their favorite visual kei band on occasion and spend the whole day standing on the Jingu Bridge while tourists, locals, and everyone in between would snap their picture.

It was wonderful to forget yourself under the pale face paint, dark lipstick, and lined eyes; like wearing a mask of an alter ego. He preferred the fitted faux aristocratic clothing to the loose and possibly dangerous of Sasuke. Even his mother commented that he looked very distinguished.

Today he would blend into the crowds, not looking as touristy as he could have. He had been sure to select a comfortably worn out pair of dark pants, the knees beginning to tear out, along with a tunic-style dark blue shirt that included a sewn in netted piece under the V-neck. His shoes were flat and nondescript while his long hair was pulled into a simple, low ponytail.

"Will any of your classmates be there today?" He was careful not to choose friends because he wasn't sure how much they meant to Sasuke, as he had a slight falling out with some of them the year before. Itachi was never sure over what. His brother never spoke of it.

Sasuke shrugged his hands in his pockets as he stared at the bottom of his pants. There was a long thread hanging free that he wished to pull as soon as possible. "I don't know. Naruto mentioned something about cosplaying his favorite ninja on Friday before we left school. He'll be surrounded by people."

"Oh, well maybe I can get a few pictures for mom," Itachi said, holding up the family camera. He wasn't much of a photographer, just a point and click way of operating. Sasuke nodded and reached for the thread, plucking it loose easily. They did not mention their father.

Instead of changing at the station bathroom, as many of the other young people chose to do, Sasuke had readied himself at home just as his father was preparing to leave for his shift. When Itachi had been probably even younger than Sasuke and started venturing to Harajuku, Uchiha Fugaku had accepted it as matter of age. Itachi would simply grow out of it.

He was not pleased until Itachi entered college under the guise of studying law, hopefully to follow in his father's footsteps and carry on the tradition. But Itachi could strangely enough not see himself quoting the law or arresting criminals. He really wanted to create music and art, to express his true feelings uninhibited on a medium that everyone would understand. He didn't share with them that fact he still visited Harajuku. They thought he had stopped.

Naturally, Itachi hid this secret from the world, trying to smother it into nothingness, into the law which he tried so hard to understand and memorize. It he pushed it down far enough, gave it no life, then it would eventually die wouldn't it?

He looked quietly out the windows of the train, listening to the distant chatter around him, the voices pleasantly humming along with the rhythm of the tracks, the slight rocking, like the ocean. Colors and shapes mixed before his eyes, tempting him, luring him away from the notes he was supposed to be mentally checking listing.


The soft brush, covered in the cherry tint, painted her lips in several easy strokes as lavender eyes dutifully watched the mirror. She rubbed top and bottom together slowly, so that the color transferred easily before she grabbed a clean tissue from a nearby paisley-print box and dabbed away the excess.

It was hard to try and dress or apply makeup with so many other girls crowding around the mirrors as well in various stages of undress. This was her third time applying lipstick alone. Her friends were still fighting for enough room to check their hair and costumes, making her all the more glad she had applied most of her makeup on the train.

She hadn't wanted to of course, but it was necessary despite her blush. This was her way of facing crowds and gaining self confidence. Her delicate pale hands smoothed out the black cotton of the dress she had finished the night before, just for this occasion.

It had taken several weeks to sew all the black and red lace on, not to mention getting the ruffles to fit correctly and a hundred other minor things. Sometimes when she was tired a button had been sewn on in the wrong place or she had pricked he finger on the needle.

She stepped back from the sink to glimpse one last parting shot of her handiwork. All of her friends had been surprised when she had shown up at the sleepover with the dress nearly complete. While she listened to their cool talk of the boys at school, eventually drifting into various bands and their costumes, finally to costumes from television shows until one by one they drifted to sleep.

Hinata had been afraid she would never be able to finish the dress at first, having not practiced in many years. She had not had a mother around to teach her. Instead, one of the maids had taught her how to make simple doll clothing one year. She didn't think it could be that different sewing clothing for herself.

But she feared she might have trouble walking in the lent boots from her friend Sakura. Her feet were smaller by one size, but it was the two inch heel she was concerned with. Somehow they made her feel empowered at the same time as she pulled the lacy black parasol from her bag and made her way out of the bathroom to wait.

She liked to watch the crowds coming off the trains and trying to dream of what kinds of lives they led, just as she figured they imagined about her, standing there in her handmade dress. She twirled a stand of deep twilight hair as she waited, checking every now and again to see how close the girls were to being finished.

Her father had no idea what she was really doing at this moment and that filled her with a sense of confidence she feared sometimes she lacked. It wasn't that he was abusive, he was just stern on what his girls were exposed to.

He believed that Hinata was spending the day in a study group with her friends from school. He wouldn't call her cell phone, believing that studying is best uninterrupted. It wasn't like her grades were crashing or even terrible. As a Hyuuga, Hinata was very intelligent.

If it wasn't for her nervous habits or her general lack of confidence, then she probably would have been top in the class. She never spent much time doing anything else but studying for becoming the next heir in the family. At school, her sister was always surrounded by a small crowd of people, enjoying her spunk.

Truthfully, Hinata would have just handed over the honor to her younger sister Hanabi as her heart just wasn't in it. Before her final year in high school, she never had friends, always sheltered away, like a flower kept in a dark closet. She did not have the amount of backbone it took to be in her family.

Hinata and her sister were dead opposites. She was a quiet, rather studious girl while her sister was bold and adventurous. As children, Hanabi had gotten Hinata into so much trouble, always venturing where they shouldn't. Hinata couldn't help but feel her father preferred her sister.

But her weekends spent in Harajuku square with the girls from her class at school were improving her spirits. One Sunday afternoon Sakura had called her with a study proposition; though she told her bring a camera. Hinata thought that it was because they were going to document actually studying, as their parents were under the impression the girls did not.

Instead, they whisked her away to the train station and arrived in probably the most crowded place Hinata had ever experienced. There were people everywhere, dressed in all manners of fashions, some she had never even seen!

She could feel her heart rise as they headed for the bathroom to let the other girls change. She was just to be an observer this time, which was fine with her as there was so much to drink in. They shopped down the famed Takeshita Street, allowing the girls to restock their Sunday makeup and browse the latest fashions before they headed for the Jingu Bridge, where they spent the majority of their visit.

Hinata could tell right away this was the place for her. After they walked her home, she began to work quietly on her dress design, every night. She borrowed an old pattern left over from her dolls, adjusting the size until she thought it might fit her.

The next two weeks they had met up with school mates like Uzumaki Naruto and his friend Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto was always popular around the bridge because of his enthusiasm as whoever he was portraying for the day. She had noticed the same during class, but strangely she wasn't attracted to him anymore.

Sure, she had crushed on him all the years previous and probably would have continued to do so if she had never experienced Harajuku for herself. But now, she had experienced freedom. It didn't mean quite the same thing living it through someone else.

Where Naruto was outgoing, Sasuke was more reserved and withdrawn. He dressed up of course, but he came off as cool and uncaring, making him edgy, like a model. He played the bad boy and he did it well. If their lives had been a high school drama, he would of course be asked on as the angst outcast with knowledge of the world and a devil may care attitude. Naruto would play his arch rival, the jock and all around good guy, the hero.

This week though, was her coming out. She would finally be joining their ranks. It brought a smile to her lips as the girls finally emerged from the bathroom, more colorful than they had arrived.

Sakura had donned in a white Lolita-style dress, the frilled hem coming to just below her knees, while Temari had dressed as a spunky cross of rockabilly and punk in jeans and leather. Ino ever the dramatist wrapped herself in visual kei complete with the ghost white makeup, and Ten Ten as Chun Li from Street Fighter, one of her favorite games.

Hinata would no longer be the shadow on the wall. Today, she would be reborn as the mysterious heroine.

"Ready Hinata-chan?" Sakura asked as they linked arms to keep them from getting separated. Several young men took notice with expressive eyebrows and smiles.

"Yes," she nodded vigorously and the girls set off into the crowds.


Itachi followed his brother from the train station through moderate crowds to nearly packed. He kept a firm grip on the Sasuke's shirt collar so they wouldn't get separated as they bypassed shopping to head for the Bridge.

There were already multiple groups, each staking a claim on a section of the bridge, offering them a friendly wave or familiar greeting. Itachi recognized some of his classmates and wondered if Sasuke had picked any of his out yet too.

No two people wore exactly the same style he realized before a voice called out to them. He recognized it as Sasuke's friend Naruto's boisterous style before they spotted the blond waving frantically.

He was standing near a group of girls, probably all around the same age, once they drew closer. Itachi could recognize some visual kei with a mix of goth and Lolita mixed in before a girl on the edge caught his deep eyes. She was standing such a pace away, he didn't realize she was even with their group.

Her lips were as red as the lacy hem of her black ruffle dress, two colors he thought worked very well together. Her skin was not as pallid as the other girls, lacking the geisha-white foundation, framed with large deep plum curls. She had chosen a modest collar on the dress, so that no part was exposed save the top of her neck, while the sleeves stretched to her hands, and the hemline to mid-calf. She had even taken time to wear lacy red gloves that hid delicate hands from prying eyes.

She stood there, innocently twirling a large black parasol against the cloudy sky while she rocked back and forth on tall boots. She looked like an animated doll, perfectly proportioned, and fragile, instead of a child. He had seen plenty of girls in the dark Lolita style, but there was something so genuine about hers that he couldn't help but take sharp notice.

The other girls were busy fighting with Naruto or waving to Sasuke, but she was in her own universe, like she had forgotten the world was there. Her pale, full moon shaped eyes wandered the surrounding area, watching the moving crowds. They were so exotic, adding to her ethereal feel.

Quickly, before he and Sasuke arrived, he snapped a photo, hoping he at least had it focused enough that he could fix it in the computer later should there be any flaw. The flash disturbed her enough from her reverie that she caught sight of him and promptly blushed, hiding behind her parasol.

Despite his usual stoic expression, he found himself smiling slightly at her embarrassment. He hadn't meant to frighten her; he just couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Sasuke-kun, we wondered if you were coming today," one of the girls, with pale pink hair, smiled as she waltzed up to his brother. Itachi stood dutifully behind him, though he kept an eye on the girl. He glanced around and could see other people snapping passing pictures of her too, whether as part of the surrounding groups or all alone.

It could make you feel famous for one day, no matter who you were or what you did the rest of the week. He smiled, remembering how long it seemed he had been in the spotlight as well.

"We're going to walk around the bridge some," Sasuke told him. Naruto was already waving at a group of boys he seemed to know. Itachi reluctantly nodded his consent as he shadowed them. He was his brother's guest today. His mother worried about Sasuke coming to the bridge alone, which was mostly the reason Itachi was along today. Before he had left the house and ridden the train with friends.

He turned around to give one last glance to the mysterious girl, but he couldn't see her amongst all the others now. With the boys leaving, the group had become excited over something, probably Sasuke. Itachi figured his brother was popular with the girls.

Maybe he would be able to sneak one last look at her before he and Sasuke had to leave that day. But as the afternoon wore on and the three of them ended up back at the train station, his hopes closed with the metal and glass doors.

Plopping onto one of the slightly uncomfortable seats near the back of the car, he pulled out the camera, half listening to Sasuke and Naruto discussing who they had seen or spoken with. There were enough pictures of his brother to satisfy his mother for weeks probably.

He recognized the red before he stopped punching the buttons with slightly shaking thumbs. There, resting at a funny angle was his treasured picture of the mysterious doll in all of her rocking glory, exactly as he remembered her.

"Hey Sasuke, do you know who she is?" he inquired as he held the LCD screen out to the teenagers, disrupting their conversation. His brother leaned over with Naruto to acquire a better look before Naruto blurted out her name.

"Oh that's Hyuuga Hinata!" Itachi was familiar with the Hyuuga last name, although he wasn't sure why. It sounded familiar, like being introduced to someone years before, when you know you have never met them in the slightest. "She's one of our classmates who is really new to all of this. I don't know much about her though."

"Oh thanks," he told him, pulling the camera back to muse over her picture. "Is she there every week?" Both boys agreed that she usually was before ignoring him again. Next week, Itachi planned, he would be dressing up to meet her.


"Did you see the way Itachi-san looked at Hinata-chan?" Ino asked for the millionth time as the girls stepped off the train for the night. The gaggle all nodded their agreement, while Hinata merely blushed and hid her face deeper in the front of her bag. They had all changed before returning home.

"But that's good," Sakura told her with a smile as she shot Ino a warning glance to drop it. It was rare to see the older Uchiha, though Sasuke always attracted more attention. "That is really good Hinata." She patted her on the back.

Hinata secretly agreed. She wished she had noticed him before he took what was sure to be a dreadful picture of her. She hadn't meant to blush and turn away as she had; it was just such a shock that such a beautiful man was paying her any attention at all.

She remembered when she would see Itachi accompanying his mother to the school with Sasuke, when they were all a bit younger. He had been beautiful back then as well. She had never expected to catch his eye as she had, but it thrilled her.

But she figured he wouldn't be back next week. He was a college student after all. He probably had a girlfriend, most likely far prettier than her, and a social butterfly. She smiled bitterly; it was only fair after all. Guys like Uchiha Itachi did not date girls like herself.

His skin was clean and fair, with attractive lines beneath his eyes, giving him the appearance of long suffering or deep thought. His rich chocolate-hued hair was perfectly straight pulled back in a low ponytail, with bangs framing his face. Even the clothes he was wearing, which would have been nondescript on anyone else, seemed made for him.

No, it was a once in a life time occurrence. She shook her head, trying to dispel any stray thoughts of Itachi and his wonderfully kind face. His dark eyes had been amused after he had snapped the picture. It was harder to forget than she planned.

She had her picture taken many times that day, shyly posing or caught completely off guard. So many people had inquired or commented nicely about her dress. But still, she came back to the way the older Uchiha's eyes had locked upon her, despite her attempts to block him.

"Are you going to go back next Sunday?" Sakura asked as they walked to her house.

"Yes, I had a lot of fun this week," she smiled.

"Good, it sure looked like it." They were silent for a time, the sounds of their shoes slapping the pavement and echoing off the surrounding buildings filling the night air. "You know, it is really awesome that Itachi-san couldn't take his eyes off you."

"Is it? But Ino-ch"

"Don't worry about her," the other girl smiled. "She's just jealous. It is great that you like him." Hinata allowed herself a small smile. She had never made any other girls jealous before. It was a revolutionary thought. "See you tomorrow at school then?" They had reached the high fence surrounding her house, stopping in front of the gate.

Hinata nodded before they shared goodbyes as she walked into the house. She found a note that her father and sister were gone to dinner and when to expect them back. With a twirl, she headed to her room to hide her secret life and prepare to return to her weekly norm, feeling happier than she had felt all the other weeks.


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