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Is blood… the only substance that drives the body?

With a bottle of tequila at hand, Solomon sulked lethargically on his couch. He took a deep breath and licked the lingering taste of the sweet tequila off his lips; saving whatever left in the bottle.

Nowadays, it's liquor that drives my body…

Solomon had been in his apartment for days. The luxury of sleep had escaped him long ago, so he spent many of the nights sipping at his $40 bottles of tequila and sulked. His couch, which was there merely for decoration, had become accustomed to his rear.

His face flashed hot and cold; he could feel another 'round of tears erupting. He buried his head in his hands and sobbed. The depression was unbearable; and it was mostly because he didn't understand. He didn't understand what drove her to this pique of insanity; what made her hate her species so much; and mostly, what conveyed her to make love to him, if she hates what he is?

That question burned the most.

He wanted to see that girl he danced with at the Lycee. The smile and the laugh felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. In order for Solomon to be able to relish it again, it wasn't him that she would have to learn to love.

She had to learn to love herself first.

"Geez, you look like somebody sliced your Johnson off."

Solomon slid his head from his hand to find Nathan standing before him. He displayed himself in his usual fashion; arms crossed and standing in contrapposto, giving off an air of false apathy.

He looked at his nails uninterestedly and impassively gazed back at Solomon. "What's got your panties in a bunch?"

Solomon didn't respond, but slouched and rested his elbows on his knees; staring at the floor.

"Come now," he said, waving a hand. "Don't be such a drama queen, where's the tease I know and love?"

Solomon buried his hands deeper into his hands and said, "What do you want, Nathan?"

Nathan grinned ear-to-ear and whipped his hand behind his back. "Oh! You know, I just wanted a little update on your latest pursue on Sister Saya. Momma Diva may have lost interest in you, well- I know it's false disdain, but I still care about the CEO and moneybag!"

Nathan raised his arms side to side in full length, as if he was about to embrace Solomon. He them sat down next to Solomon with his legs crossed and resting his chin on his hand. He pouted his lips and said, "What's wrong, darling? Who hurt our baby Solomon?"

He ran his down Solomon's arm, but Solomon gave no reaction.

"If Amshel is worried about the corporation, tell him I will sign over my presidency over to him."

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "Yeesh, you've become easy game, now haven't you?

Tears streamed Solomon's cheek as he said, "Please, Nathan… Please, just leave me alone…"

A pause of silence came between them, but was soon interrupted by Nathan's giggling.

"My God, Solomon Goldshmidt has lost it. You finally have a sense of love and lost. I never thought I'd see the day…"

Solomon turned his head snappishly at Nathan, awed by his insensitivity.

"I know you may have forgotten all sense of feeling and self," Solomon said, gazing at him with utter loathing, "but don't mock me until you've felt true love."

Nathan continued laughing, but the giggle descended into hums. He crossed his arms behind his head and leaned his head against them.

"Honey, I'm always in love. The difference between you and me is I know how to ration it."

Solomon looked away and closed his eyes.

"Ahh yes, the tragic hero. I see her, Antigone!" Nathan swept his hands before his face, picturing something in his mind. "Oh yes, the rebellious princess who goes against the laws she always abided by, conflicted by her love of her traitorous brother, Polyneices, and the home that had always been good to her… Where's the stage? Hmm, were you aware you were a modern Antigone, Solomon?"

He let out a soft chuckle and said, "My love and Antigone's are different."

"Are you sure?" Nathan mused, "Because, at the rate Polyneices is going, you'll soon be spreading the dust over the body, too."

Solomon stared at Nathan intensely.

"Oh, don't be so offended. You know better than to take me too seriously, but I love it when the stage takes itself in real life…

"So, are you going to tell me what's wrong, or am I just wasting my time? You surely do look like you need the company."

Solomon breathed in heavily and straightened his back, sliding his hands up his thighs.

"Will you leave me be if I tell you?"

Nathan winked teasingly, "Don't worry, love. It'll be our little secret."


She always had an appetite, but nothing like this.

If she wasn't plotting with David her mission, she was eating; or eating while plotting her mission with David.

It had been a week since Solomon kidnapped her, but the presence of that day lingered like a bad stench. The guilt of betraying everyone in the Red Shield was almost too unbearable. It didn't matter it they never found out what she did; it's something deeper than that: it's the confliction of everything she thought was right and wrong. The whole scenario blurred into gray; the line became almost unrecognizable.

Solomon is supposed to be the enemy. The enemy! How dare he fill her head with those false dreams… Her father also gave her those sweet lies, but she was a different person then. If Solomon had offered her these delights when they were dancing at the Lycee, she would have jumped in his arms and told him to take her away. The way she felt that night, her desires… her dreams.

Well, they aren't worth recollecting at this point.

"Saya, could you please focus!"

A jolt shocked her back into attention. She was so lost in her thoughts that she barely remembered what David had just said.

She rubbed her eyes and said, "I-I'm sorry David, could you repeat that?"

David arched an eyebrow and straightened some papers in his hands against the table. He let out a cough of irritation.

"As I was saying, have you seen the commercials of Diva's performance? At this rate, the entire nation will be watching her!"

Saya looked down at the table. Hagi was standing behind her, his hand resting on her shoulder. Diva was the goal, wasn't she?

The envy she felt for Diva poisoned her mind at times. It must have been nice being Diva; living life care-free, traveling the world doing what you love…

Yet, if Diva's innate plans weren't so devious, Saya wouldn't be here, now would she?

"David," Saya stated with a heavy sigh. "I cannot control how Diva advertises herself. I…" Saya lifted her hands and let them fall flat on her lap, loosing her train of thought.

She looked at David straight in the eye. "This is something I need to do myself, David. I don't need you pressing me about everything I do."

David scuffed. "Please, you know you're now about to go at this alone. None of us will let you."

She wish they would. The embarrassment of exterminating her own species was something she would rather do in solitary.

"So," David began. "May I ask what happened the night Diva's Chevalier kidnapped you?"

Saya knew that was coming. She was asked about it by nearly every in relation with her. Her lies have become more convincing, but had become enervated.

"I'm sure Julia has filled you in."

David seemed taken aback by Saya's bluntness. "The only reason I inquire you about it is because I want to know if there is any information worth knowing. Obviously, if the event was so traumatizing that you're unable to recall such details, then please, keep information from me."

The sarcasm in his voice stung. Hagi's grasp became tighter; the offense traveling into her. But, it was with David's personality to take duty over other's feelings.

"No, it's nothing like that. He didn't tell me anything related to Diva or the performance."

David heaved an unsatisfied sigh.

"He couldn't have kept you hostage in solitude, what on earth did he do with you all that time?"

It felt as if Saya's heart had stopped beating momentarily. She hated how David pressed every detail.

Saya's head sunk and she recalled the moments before the incident. "He… confessed his love for me, and denounced his relationship with Diva. He wanted me to flee with him, marry him… forget about the mission, Diva…"

An air filled her, almost like she was about to be lifted from her seat and hit the ceiling. Solomon's sweet lies were still tempting, even in memory.

"It doesn't matter. He was… probably just lying to me to get closer to me… get… closer to the Red Shield…"

The heard the floor creek as Hagi shifted, as if a sudden realization had come about.

"I see," David said. "Well, as long as there isn't anything vital from it, then we can pass it along and move on to bigger things…"

David lectured her about plans and theories, but they didn't phase Saya. Her thoughts, the lies, all encircled her head like vultures on their prey.

She felt Hagi's fingers slide from her shoulder.

She stood up quickly and ran to the nearest garbage tin, vomiting into it.


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