The Stand: Stand By Me…Again

By Jayovac


Stuart Redman was his standing at the top of a hill by his new house like in Maine. The heroism and good deeds were prevailing in the look upon his face. But something was up, he knew, and it would be soon. He can feeling it.

It swa been one year since he and Frannie Goldsmoth were leaving the Free Zone and come away with the new Baby named Peter Goldsmoth. Things were good there and not bad like in The West where the radioation and the incredible explosson is kill people there like with another poison sickness.

Moving to Maine is good idea, he thoughted prior. He knew it was; they all agreed but he still remembered good friends from Arnette and that pain was still. Like the sorrow, forever.

Suddenly, somebody knock on the door. "Who is it." Frannie say and she carry the baby in a blanket. The blanket is small.

"Nobody," Stuert say and then go to the door. He opens it.

"OH NO!" he screams.

"MU-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! It is me!" say Randall Flagg.

"But you are dead!" Stuert shouted while he secretly gets out the gun from behind.

"Not anymore!" and then Teh Dark Amn grinned and fires was coming out from eyes.

"And meet my…associate."

And then a guy came out from behind his, AND OH NO, IT SWA THE MAN WITH THE SCARLET EYES FROM SWAN SONG!

"I am reaily Randall Flagg's brothir, mu-ha-ha-ha!" other guy say and then was grin too with evil coming out.

"Huh…well…knew this day coming." Stuart say of quiet and the secret gun has the bullets now.


He gets out the gun and starts shooting but other guy like Randall Flagg twin from other book pulls out his gun too and shooting Stu first.

"NO! I HAVE BEEN SHOT!" Stu say and falls to the ground.

Frannie screamed and all hope is all but lost.

Randall Flagg and other guy smile and darkness descending onto lands below.


Tom Cullen, who lived nearby because it is destiny, was hearing the noise. He creep over to the scene of happening.

He sees the evil mans around Stu and then thoughts of Nick and the dreams he has, but it is not the time. If Nick live, he would do it, he knew. He had to.

Tom jumps out frm behind and pulls out his other gun and then shots

Teh Man With The Scarlet Eye through.

"NOOOOOOOO!" shouts his and then Randall Flagg was surprised too and says, "BROTHER, I WILL AVENGE!"

So then Tom and Randall Flagg did the battle and then after time was gone they was toot ired, and Randall Flagg lay defeating on the ground. Tom is tired because he used the special attack Nick trained with him in Boulder Free Zone so long ago.

Tom was not sure, but he thinks he sees Nick float around and smile in ghost. Tom smiles too because he will never forget his best friend.

Meanwhile, blood go out of Randall Flag mouth like watery.

"How did you…know the weakness!" he quietly whisper as the pain.

"It is easy." Tom says in intelligent. "You are what you are, laws yes."

And then Tom used his shooting gun and delivered the final blow and Randall Flaggs heads goes off and the terrific sound go through the forest and the crows fly away harder and forever is no more.


"No…" Tom say to soothe the dying amn.

"You can't!" And than tears come from Tom's eye and roll down to Stu's dying.

"You are good friend," Stu says.

"I am never thank for saving before in dessert…take care off Frannie."

Tom holds Stuarts hand and then ghe fell the life go away and all was still.

And still.


Dedicated to Larry Underwood.