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Chapter 9: Adrenaline Rush

In all his time at the Xavier Institute, Kurt had never dreamed he would find himself in this particular position— namely, pinning Tabitha Smith's ankles behind her head as he buried himself inside her.

She followed him perfectly, rocking back into him in a synchronization of bodies that went beyond natural; like two strangers who had studied the same dance, they moved together in a mutual understanding that required no words. The last article of her clothing lay on the floor, discarded somewhere in the madness of heat and urgency. Kurt was glad he had even had the presence of mind to pull adequate protection from his nightstand before diving in wholesale; if he had remembered only now, it would have been a struggle to stop.

Kurt felt her approaching climax yet again, and he brought his tail in between them to rub at the bundle of nerves that would bring her all the way. It was the next step in his series of ever-escalating tricks; he was thorough, methodical, almost scientific in his ministrations. Everything he did was geared towards her satisfaction, and he was pleased to see it working like a charm.

As Tabby tightened around him, she let out a shuddering, gasping moan. He grinned at her and chuckled.

"Now I know why you like that sound so much, Boom-Boom."

He brought her legs back down to rest on the bed and placed his hands on either side of her. Slowing his thrusts to give her time to recover, he began kissing her collarbone, scraping gently with his fangs to heighten the sensation. As he began speeding up again, though, she grabbed hold of his hips to still him. She took a moment to collect her breath, then spoke.

"Okay, Blue. You've definitely proven you can show a girl a good time. God, did you prove that." Her eyes fluttered for a moment, not entirely focused. "But if you keep going like this, I'm gonna be sore all day. So how about you concentrate on you now?"

His lips came down to kiss her ear, then after he ran his tongue along each of her piercings, he whispered, "En levrette?" A quick nod from Tabitha, and Kurt pulled out. As she took up position on her knees, he gave her a grin. "I didn't know you spoke French, Tabitha."

She looked over her shoulder at him and smirked. "Only the important stuff. Now… nique moi, s'il te plaît."

"Always happy to oblige," he said as he slid back into her.

Kurt closed his eyes and tried to banish his wayward thoughts. First he tried to focus in on nothing but the feeling of in and out, in and out, friction and heat and wetness and pressure, increasing his speed and intensity to try and coax out his release. Nothing. The sensation was incredible, but it was somehow foreign, unfamiliar.

When the first tactic failed, he opened his eyes and brought all of his senses to bear. The feel of her smooth skin, the sight of sweat beads dripping from his forehead to land and burst and roll down the perfect curve of her back, the sound of her moaning his name into the pillow as though it were the most pleasurable secret in the world, the lingering taste of her mouth, the scent of exertion and latex and arousal and a fragrance that was purely Tabitha; all of these swirled around him and drove him wild. He was on the edge of ecstasy, and yet something was holding him back.

Something was missing.

Kurt closed his eyes and ran his hands along her body, gliding up her stomach, feeling out unfamiliar curves. The ones he found were lovely and full… too full. He kissed along her neck and found that she wore some sort of perfume, lightly applied. It was something subdued and tasteful; almost no one would have believed Tabby had chosen it herself. But it wasn't that mix of jasmine and cloves…

He slowly stopped thrusting and placed his hand on the small of her back, stroking almost apologetically. "Tabby, I'm sorry. I… I can't."

Tabby turned her head to look at him, face holding worry and possibly a little bit of hurt. "Blue, we've been at this for an hour. If you don't come, it's going to be insanely painful for you when you stop. Just… do whatever you need to do, okay?

He nodded, then tried again to block out everything but his own pleasure. With an almost-feral growl, he hooked his arms around her elbows and pulled to bring her down, changing the angle so that she lay flat on the bed and he lay on top of her. As he pounded into her, he locked his feet with hers. This position gave him extra leverage to drive deep inside her, and judging by her screams, she was appreciating it. A hand went underneath her hips to rub at that nub again, and she began bucking and shuddering almost instantly. Another climax hit her, and he gasped as he felt her clenching around him. He willed himself to follow her, but it still wasn't working. It felt different, even wrong, to be in this position with an unfamiliar body.

Slowing to a stop again, he lay on top of her, letting her ride out the last shocks. "It's not… I'm sorry, but I can't do it like this. It's not you, not at all—"

She stopped him with a hand over his mouth. How did she manage to reach back like that? He was the one who was supposed to be a contortionist. "I don't care, Kurt. Now please, just take care of yourself."

He pulled out of her again, then rolled off the confining latex, tossing it into the trash near his bed. He lay on his back and began stroking himself with both hands, jerking fiercely more in hopes of being done with it all than to give himself any real enjoyment.

Blue slid down over yellow and white. Eyes closed, Kurt found an image flashing unbidden in his mind.

Long brown hair swirled around him, framing her face. Brown eyes looked down at him with something he had never seen before; it had to be love. Her mouth opened, and she threw her head back, calling out his name…

Like a switch being flipped, he sensed the end approaching and braced himself. He arched his back, and the sheets bunched together under his feet as his release was ripped from him. He lay there, utterly spent, until his mind started working again and began processing what had just happened. Still reeling with aftershocks, he recalled pulsing, moaning, gasping, crying out…

Oh Gott. No…

After a moment of silence, he looked over at Tabitha, reluctant to meet her gaze.

"Tabby, did I…"

She looked at him, eyes filled with sadness and, strangely enough, understanding.

"Yeah… You said her name." Tabitha turned onto her side and placed her hand on Kurt's chest, reassuring despite what had just happened.

"I'm so sorry, Tabby, I—"

He was cut off with a kiss, fierce and almost angry.

"Apologize again and I slap you." Her eyes were filled with angry tears. "It's not your fault, Blue! It's not! So don't ever apologize for what she did to you… or what she's still doing." She looked down, and he saw a tear fall to land on his sheets. "I may not know about the other stuff, but I know exactly what this is like, Kurt."

Kurt clenched his fists, embarrassed to see and feel the stickiness on them. "But why… you felt so good but I still couldn't… do that. Why not? What's wrong with me, Tabitha?" He looked to her, hoping she would have some sort of answer.

She gave him a weak smile. "You're still in love with her, Blue. If she came in here right now and asked you to jump off the balcony, you'd do it with a smile on your face."

"I want to disagree, but…" He gave a sigh. "Ja. I'm such a Scheißkopf; I would."

Tabby began stroking along his chest again, running long fingernails through his fur. It felt amazing in the midst of his afterglow. As she moved to his stomach, though, he gasped in pain. She pulled her hand away with a sympathetic wince. "The bruises?"

"Ja," he croaked. "But why now? An hour of that, und only now it starts hurting?"

"Adrenaline." She gave him another smirk, this time much happier. "Get your adrenaline going, and all of a sudden you're Superman. You're paying for it now, but I've gotta say, Blue… I'm impressed."

"Always happy to be of service, junge Frau," he said with a rueful grin. "Encore tonight?"

"Absolutely. Especially that last position. My God, where'd you learn to do that?"

His face fell. "That was… our position. Hers and mine. We discovered it ourselves; it was our little secret, something we had only shared with each other. Even when I found out about him, I thought it was going to stay that way." A bitter bark of a laugh came out. "Then she sent me that video. Interesting way of saying the position was fair game."

"She made a video?" Tabby stiffened, and Kurt could tell she was making an effort to remain still. A look of fury passed across her face, and then a malicious smile. "So that's that, then. I'm gonna get the girls together, and we're gonna go explain to her that you don't mess with our elf. Mind if I borrow those swords in your closet?"

"No, Tabby, please!" Kurt grabbed her arm, desperation in his voice. "The others don't even know we're broken up yet, much less this. And I don't ever want them to know about what she did." He looked at her, pleading with his eyes. "I don't need more pity."

Those eyes were too much for her. She made a little growling noise, then looked away. "Oh, that's cheating, Blue. You've got the best puppy-dog eyes I've ever seen, and you know it."

"Does that mean you won't tell?"

"Yeah… I won't tell."

He grabbed hold of her in a quick embrace. "Danke, Tabby."

"No problem, Blue."

Kurt got up, wincing as he did. "And now, if you don't mind, I'm going to self-medicate a bit." He opened the drawer to his nightstand, fishing through the papers to pull out what remained of his last bottle of vodka.

"What the hell?" Tabby was incredulous. "What are you doing with that?"

"Drinking it is the recommended use," he replied, taking a swig to illustrate his point.

"Well duh," she said, rolling her eyes. "But why are you drinking it? And how can you manage to choke that down? Even my old man stays away from the bottom shelf."

He grimaced. "I thought we'd already established my reasoning. And as for the admittedly questionable vintage…" Kurt brought the bottle to his lips again, this time with a snooty expression as he pretended to sniff it, then took a drink and swished it around. It was too much for him, and he had to swallow quickly as he began coughing. "The bouquet is a bit robust," he said between gasps for air, "But apart from that it's not an entirely bad year."

Tabby giggled despite herself. "Oh, Blue, this is why you're so amazing." Realizing after a moment that he was trying to distract her, she stopped herself. "But this…" She grabbed for the bottle, but he kept it away from her easily. "This isn't like you. You don't need this."

"Au contraire, it's the best multi-purpose painkiller ever. I happen to be in lots of multi-purpose pain. Hence, perfect match." He turned his back on her as he tilted his head back and began drinking in earnest.

"It's not a real solution, Kurt!" She was almost shouting at this point.

Kurt gulped and turned back to her, vision blurred by the tears in his eyes. He wasn't sure if they were from alcohol or emotion. "It's the only thing that works," he said just above a whisper.

"You can't run from this, no matter how much you want to. It's going to catch up with you. Believe me… I've tried. You spend so long trying to get away, but it never really works, and when you come out of it, you're even worse off than when you started."

"So what am I supposed to do?" he asked. "I can't carry the team if I'm dealing with this too, and Scott and Jean aren't leading. If I can't function, who's going to keep the X-Men going?"

"Logan's back now. The team won't fall apart with him around. Besides, how long do you think you can really keep this up, Kurt? Another month, maybe? Then what?"

He snorted. "Retire to a lovely little villa in South America where I can continue to drink myself into oblivion. I'm sure my dear mother would be willing to fund the venture."

"Stop it," Tabby snapped. "You're not wasting your life like this. I'm not going to let you."

"But I can't handle this, Tabitha! I'm still in love with her, and I don't know how not to be!"

She seized him in a hug, holding his head to her chest. "The only thing that's gonna help is time. And I'm here for you. I can help you ride it out."

Something instinctual took over Kurt's actions, and he began licking at the flesh that was in reach of his mouth, swirling his tongue around to tease the sensitive skin. Her moans further encouraged him, and he began running his fingers up and down her back in intricate patterns. Though it had only been a few minutes, his body was already preparing for more.

As his hands strayed farther, a knock sounded at his door. Kurt froze, praying to every god he had heard of and some he invented on the spot that if Kätzchen was outside, she would wait before phasing in.

"Not to interrupt, Elf, but if you two want to eat lunch, you'd better do your thing and get down there. 'Ro made cumin chicken and peanut soup, and if you're not at the table by the time I get to seconds, I'm taking yours. Been too long without good cooking."

Kurt let out a sigh, relieved that it was only Logan… and then proceeded to blush so furiously that it was nearly visible under his fur. Only Logan? Only a furious little whirlwind of a man who wouldn't hesitate to make sushi of anything in sight? Only a man with senses that could pick up the most minute details of a situation, down to the emotions in play?

Logan had to have overheard at least something. Kurt hoped that he hadn't been privy to much of the conversation, but he resigned himself to the knowledge that there was nothing to be done. He trusted the older man not to tell anyone unless he saw it as a serious safety issue.

"Oh, and Elf: you've only got twelve hours left on that deadline. Don't let me catch you smelling like that crap after tonight. You might want to tip it back up, too. It's getting on the rug." Footsteps made their way down the hall into silence.

Kurt reached down and found the bottle, unthinkingly discarded, dripping vodka onto the carpet. He picked it up and set it on top of his nightstand.

Sometimes Kurt truly hated that man's nose.

"All right, Tabby," he said. "For now, I'm just going to have to trust you that that little light at the end of the tunnel isn't from a fast-approaching train." Banishing his inhibitions, he gave her his trademark grin, followed by a quick peck. "So now that we've been undeniably caught in the act," he said as he brought his hands up to caress her again. "Would mademoiselle like to come one time or two?"

She grinned and pulled him down for a kiss.


En levrette: Doggy style (French)

Nique moi, s'il te plaît: F*ck me, please (French).

Scheißkopf: Sh*thead (German).

Au contraire: On the contrary (French).

Junge Frau: Young lady (German) [Fräulein is outdated in current German.]