My first shot at writing a Kuroshitsuji fanfiction. I do not own any of these characters, and they belong to their rightful owners.

They say there will be a second season! This is just a fantasy outcome I wrote as a continuation of the series, so I hope you enjoy it. As warning to younger audiences beneath 18, mature scenes to occur as story progresses.

For those of you wondering; Papillon means Butterfly in French.



His eyes widened, a feeling of anticipation and creeping fear, despite his resignation to the demon looming ever so closer to his face. His one clear blue orb reflected that pale, slender visage, those crimson eyes that started to glow with the hunger for the soul that lay within that frail shell standing before him. Despite his rising terror, Ciel Phantomhive did not quiver, though he felt extremely fatigued, like he could have fallen asleep on the grass and slept a thousand years.

How would it feel?

He had rejected the painless method the demon had proposed, and now a light series of thoughts played in his head: the consideration of how Sebastian was going to go about ending his existence. Would he just swallow him whole, or would he rip his soul out like a fish on a line? He waited in silent terror, feeling it bloom within his core, as his death slowly enclosed the space between them.

His answer came as a brief soft press of cold lips against his own. Ciel's eyes widened in surprise, until all the warmth seemed to slowly drain from him, starting from his fingertips and toes, and through every vein and muscle in his body. A wave of arctic chill, coursing over every fiber of his being. Sebastian's arm encircled the boy's waist, as if anticipating a drawback. However, Ciel couldn't feel anything anymore. His limbs refused to operate, and his tongue was stilled, muting any chance of raising the boy's voice once more.

Then, they came.


The feeling of needles coursing throughout his entire body. Tiny prickling sensations that were quick and sharp, invisible, yet incredibly painful. First one through his shoulder, followed by another 10 through his fingers. Every inch felt like a cold pin being pushed into his very being, locking his soul into place. The pins rose up in his throat, trickled down his legs, drove into his eyebrows and cheeks.

His legs buckled out from under him, and Sebastian easily caught him before he was near the ground. Drawing him into a bridal style lift, the elegant demon carried his paralyzed prey through a decrepit archway. The rooms of the ruined mansion slowly began to resemble the masonry of a graveyard, crowded with mausoleums of unknown origins.

Though Ciel was motionless, he was still aware of his surroundings, glimpsing the peaks of the mausoleums above Sebastian's head and shoulders. Black wrought iron fences, stoic symbols, and white sculptures that silently mourned the unfortunate residents of the stone houses they guarded. Sebastian walked quietly throughout the graveyard, a still mist curling about his form as he reached a white mausoleum with a large black door.

Ciel could barely make out the crest above the doorway; a raven with widely stretched wings, a cat with a open mouth, as if mid-yawn, surrounded by a twisting garland of thorns and feathers. Though the impalement of the pins stung every inch of his being, his mind, through the white light of pain, still pondered what lay beyond the door that Sebastian was now reaching for. Was it Hell? Would the fires of that abyss engulf them both as soon as that unholy gateway was opened? Would the demon simply toss him in, like a doll to the fireplace, and watch as he burned forever? Repentance earned for his sins and his constant cold treatment to the demon that now owned him.

Another brief, flitting possibility passed Ciel's mind, though he quickly dismissed it as pure fantasy, as he braced himself for the unknown, as the demon's fingers pressed against the ebony wood.

The door creaked open, beckoning them into the maw of darkness. Ciel's eyes refused to adjust to the oblique surroundings, rendering him blind to the further on goings.

He felt cold stone against his back, as Sebastian lay him down upon a table of black marble.

His dinner table, Ciel thought to himself. Though blind in the darkness, he could hear Sebastian's light steps across the floor, as he circled the bed that his prey had been laid upon. He felt him lightly grasp his frail wrists, and settle them at the level of his eyes on both sides of his head. The demon took care to straighten his legs neatly so that he was centered on the table, ankles set together.

Like a pinned butterfly to the board, Ciel thought, the pain of the needles apparent once again to the point of screaming, despite his muted situation. His mind felt like shattering in more ways than one, with the fear, the anticipation, the cold, the pain... all of it riding his fatigued soul.

If his tongue had worked properly, he would have shouted, "What's taking you so long?" at the procrastinating demon, cross that he had decided to torture him like this, but he was not his master anymore. The weight of this truth was indeed heavy; like a brick lain upon his chest. Helpless, he waited patiently for the long expected moment.

Sebastian beside the table, looking down at what was once his young master; so cold, so young, and so unfortunate. Their few years together had yielded quite an interesting series of events, though many by far troublesome, demeaning, and downright detestable. Half of him wanted to tear the pinned butterfly apart piece by piece, and savor the soul within with the taste of sweet liberation from the young master's endless orders. However, a lingering feeling, alien, continued to ride on his hands, weighing them down from what he was so anticipating these past few years since the moment they had forged the contract together.

He reached out and gently stroked the side of Ciel's cheek with his fingertips, watching those brilliant sapphire and amethyst orbs as they stared up at the ceiling blankly from beneath half-closed eye lids.

"Enough," he muttered out loud to himself, and he pressed his index finger deep into Ciel's palm. Again, a rush of brutal pain crashed and rattled throughout Ciel's body, ripping his mind apart savagely. He pressed the other palm, and another wave ripped through. A feeling not unlike a crucifixion. A feeling like large pins being shoved into his soul through the points of flesh that Sebastian jammed his finger into. Ciel's head rang with muted screams of the blinding pain, but he had requested this, and Sebastian had honored his last request in full. Every single jab embedding itself forever in his soul, through the rock he rested against, condemning him to never fly away from his cruel fate. A pin through his legs, feet, at the elbows, shoulders, through his stomach, chest, neck, left eye...

Sebastian paused as his fingertip lightly brushed Ciel's right eye, feeling a wetness there that made his eyes widen. A tear had escaped, and led a trickling brook down the side of the boy's face.

He bit his lip, considering the delicate face below him. His previous loyalty nipped at the back of his mind like a dog at a bone, and continued to eat away at him. He hissed to himself, and shook his head.

"You don't control me anymore," he said aloud, before he wiped the wetness away and reached out for the eye with the contract that mocked his weakness.

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