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Chapter 2: An Obstacle?!

(At High School)

"Oi! Kana-san!"

"Huh?" Kana turned around to find Fujioka trying to get her attention.

"Oh! Bancho!" Kana yelled.

Fujioka ducked his head when everyone turned to look at him. And ran to Kana to keep her from drawing any more attention to him.

"Eh hehe. She's just kidding," Fujioka explained to curious on-lookers. "Minami! I told you, I'm not the ba-"

"Yeah, yeah. What did you want to tell me?" Kana said looking around for her friend Keiko.

"Huh? Oh yeah! I wanted to know if you could tell Chiaki-chan that I have a home-game today at 4."

"Why would she want to know that?" Kana said looking at Fujioka suspiciously.

"She had asked me to invite her to my next home game because she wanted to watch me play. But I have to get ready right after school so I don't have the chance to tell her. Could you please pass her the message?" Fujioka said smiling. "Oh! Your welcome to come watch me play too Kana-san, if your not too busy I mean," he added blushing.

"Hmmm…sorry maybe next time. Keiko said she would let me borrow her game just for today and I really want to play it. Maybe next time." Kana said still looking around. "But I'll give Chiaki the message. Have you seen Keiko anywhere around here?"

"No, not that I can-"

"Ah! Keiko!" Kana yelled pointing across the hall at a surprised Keiko. "Come back here! I need to borrow your game!" Kana yelled as she took off running after her. Fujioka watching till he only heard the echo of Keiko's scream die away. He shrugged and decided to head back to class.

(At Middle School)

Makoto sat a few seats away from Chiaki watching her talk with Yoshino and Uchida. When she laughed, his cheeks turned pink when he remembered how she had laughed at him.

"You really should just go over and talk with her instead of just watching her from over here you know."

"Huh?!" Makoto was shocked by the unexpected voice and looked to his side to see Shuichi there.

"When did you get here?" He asked.

"Hmmm….," Shuichi tapped his chin then looked over to the girls. "Just before you started fantasizing about what Chiaki-san would look like in a wedding dress and you by her side." He said with a smile.

"Wha! I was not!" Makoto yelled back with a bright red face.

"Sure you weren't."

"Urgh!" Makoto gave up and looked at Shuichi. 'When did he get to be so sarcastic? Before he was so plain, that he was even named Plain Yogurt!'

"So are you gonna ask her out?" Shuichi said still looking at the girls, not even giving Makoto a glance.

"Wha! Don't say strange things like that out loud!" Makoto yelled flustered.

"What strange things?"

Makoto looked up to see that Chiaki and the others were now by his desk.


"Well? Aren't you guys gonna tell us what you guys were talking about?" Chiaki asked.

"Oh, I was just asking him when he was gonna a-"

Makoto slaps his hand across Shuichi's mouth.

"Eh hehehe. Nothing nothing at all. He just wanted to know if I was going to uh? Ask for help on the homework! Yeah! Homework. Eheheh!"

"Then just ask. Even a baka like you can do that, right?" Chiaki said with a bored look on her face.

'Ah! She's going back to calling me names! I gotta do something before she un-invites me to her house.' Makoto thought worriedly.

"Can you help me Minami-san?" Makoto asked hopefully.

"Hmmm… I guess I can help you. We'll walk to my house together after school today. Ok?" She said walking back to her desk.

"Uh. Sure! Ok!" Makoto stammered.

"Ahhhh! Walking to her house after school together. I think we should leave them alone today and give them some private time. Hehehe." Uchida said mischievously. Yoshino and Shuichi nodded as they snuck away, while Makoto was daydreaming again.

(after school. Sorry it's rushed)

Makoto stood by the school gate excited and nervous at the same time. He was so distracted that it wasn't till after the others had passed him that he noticed they weren't waiting for Chiaki like he was.

"Hey! Where are you guys going!?"

"We decided to let you guys have some alone time!" Uchida yelled to him.

"Try not to mess it up!" Yoshino and Shuichi yelled just before they turned a corner.

"B-but I can't walk with her alone!" Makoto yelled back.

"Walk who alone?'

"Huh?" Makoto turned to see Chiaki waiting for him.

"Where are the others?" She asked looking around.

"oh, um they decided to head home instead."

"I guess that means it's just you and me then. Lets go." She said as she started walking.

Makoto ran a hand through his hair before he ran to catch up with Chiaki.

Their walk was a quite one. That only resulted in making Makoto more nervous at Chiaki's silence.

So the sight of the door to their apartment made Makoto give a sigh of relief. He had so many things he wanted to say but felt they would just make him look stupid for saying them. Once inside, Kana was the first one to great them.

"Oi! Chiaki!" Kana called.

"What." said Chiaki from behind the door to their room. She had gone in to change to regular clothes.

"Fujioka told me to tell you about his home game today at 4." Kana said calmly while playing a video game.


Makoto and Kana look at the door and only heard silence.

"Oi! Chiaki. Did you hear me?" Kana yelled.

The door slams open and Chiaki stood there changed. But not in regular clothes. She was wearing a low orange long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows and a white shirt underneath to cover what the low shirt didn't. With a short gray skirt and gray stockings that reached her knees with brown boots. Then she finished it off with some silver bangles on her wrist.

"Oi, Makoto-kun we're going," Chiaki said with a serious face.

"Ok." Makoto said trying not to stare at Chiaki and her new outfit.

(At the soccer game)

Makoto grumbled as he watched Chiaki cheer for Fujioka. He recalled their walk over to the game much more talkative then their one from school. She had explained how Fujioka told her about his games and how exciting they were and how she's always wanted to see him play but they always had away games. It was their first home game in a while and Chiaki's first game.

'All she kept talking about was Fujioka this, Fujioka that! Makes me wish they had more away games.' Makoto thought to himself. But he had to admit that Fujioka was really good at the game and it was a bit exciting to watch. They watched the whole game and everyone cheered when the team won.

As soon as the game was over, Makoto lost sight of Chiaki. He ran around looking, then decided to find Fujioka to see if she was with him. When he found him, he wished he hadn't. Although he did find Chiaki, he found Chiaki in Fujioka's arms giving him a big hug. He marched over to them, so she could remember that he was there too.

"Good game Fujioka-san!" Makoto said a little forced.

"Thanks! It was a tough game but I'm glad we won." Fujioka said patting Chiaki on the head. Chiaki just had a smile on her face.

" You were really good! I never knew these games were this exciting Fujioka-kun!" Chiaki said.

"I'm glad you had fun Chiaki-chan!" Fujioka said. Makoto twitched at the fact that Fujioka called Chiaki, Chiaki-chan while he was still calling her Minami.

"I wished you had told me ahead of time so I could have had more time to get ready though." Chiaki said

"But what your wearing is nice Chiaki-chan." Fujioka said with a smile.

Chiaki blushed and thanked him.

Makoto not liking being ignored, called attention to himself.

"Fujioka! What's your cell number? That way you can email me when ever you have a game so we can come see you play more often." Makoto said with a forced smile. 'I know Chiaki will try to be at his games more now, so I might as well be there too.'

"Oh here I'll put it in." Fujioka said as he typed in the number.

Chiaki watched them exchange numbers. 'hmmm! No fair I don't have a cell. I want to know whenever he has games too.'

"Hey Makoto."

"Eh!" Makoto's face turned red and looked at Chiaki because he noticed that she had called him without any horrifics. But it seemed like Chiaki was the only one who didn't notice.

"Can you keep me updated of when Fujioka-kun has games?" Chiaki looked to the side with pink cheeks, "I don't have a cell. So I can't exchange numbers yet."

"Sure! We can go together to his games!" Makoto said excitedly.

What they didn't notice was Fujioka paying attention to them the whole time. He smiled at Makoto's plan to try and spend more time with Chiaki. Remembering his own progress with Kana, he decided to try and help Makoto. But by not letting him know he's helping, he'll feel like he did it himself. Fujioka thought to himself.

" It's getting late. How about we all go out to eat?" Fujioka suggested.

"Sure! Lets go." Chiaki said grabbing onto Fujioka's arm. Makoto stared enviously at Fujioka for having his arm grabbed by Chiaki and walked on Chiaki's other side to keep an eye on her. Fujioka noticed Makoto's stare and chuckled nervously. Not realizing the trouble that was to come from Chiaki's clingy-ness to him.

It sucked! I know! I know! I'm deeply upset at myself. *sniff sniff* but to those who actually liked it, thank you. I think as Chiaki got older she got more of a father/brother complex towards Fujioka. But to anyone else it would just look like a crush. To bad Makoto sees it that way. So right now he is starting to see Fujioka as something that will get in his way. Oh and when Fujioka is nervous or worried he will call Kana, Minami. But he will regularly call her Kana. OH and I always felt that anyone who would get a crush on Chiaki would get jealous of her relationship with Fujioka considering how close she always likes to be with him whenever he comes over. Well I think that's it. Hopefully someone will leave a review that will give me the courage to continue this. _