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Chapter 1

Nagihiko Fujisaki.

Rima's Diary! Don't read or you shall die! That means you AMU! Comedy means life!

So, we were all talking in the Royal Garden. I find this Queen and King guardian thing real gay(not the people, the work). But I'm not going to tell the others – they might kick me out. Well, at least I got to be treated like an actual Queen, which is a good thing.

"Mashiro-san, will you stop writing in your diary and contribute to the Guardian Meeting?"

Stupid Tada-gay, doesn't he realise that his the only one who cares about the stupid Guardian Meetings.


Geez, calm down gay-boe.

"Alright, alright Tadase-kun, calm down"

The stupid Guardian Meeting was about X-egg's and all that crap, ever since we got back Ikuto from Easter – Easter's been falling down, and they finally gave up on searching on the Embryo. We all know that there will be X-egg's anyway, why do we have to keep having stupid guardian meeting's who cares about the school anyway! (Ok, actually I do care about the school so I have no idea why I said that.)

"Rima-Chan, are you writing about the X-egg's again?"

Of course I am Amu, what else do you think I'm doing?

"Yeah, and if I am?"


"I can tell something's going on Amu-chan, so spill, before I use Tadase's sleeping photo on you like you told me that friend stealer (Nadeshiko/Nagihiko) did."

"AWWW Come on Rima-chan! Don't do this to your best friend!"

"Tell me."

I said that with the scariest voice ever, seriously. Ha.

KusuKusu started giggling.

"Err…Fine then, your so mean Rima-chan!"

She whispered to me.

"Hows you and Nagi?"


All the guardians stared at me, including stupid Fujisaki-kun. I really HATE that guy! First he steals my best friend from me, then he steals my heart! Wait, I didn't write that, let me rephrase that. Ahh! Let's just write he stole Amu from me, why would I be in love with someone who cross-dressed as a girl anyway!

"Mashiro-san, are you talking about me, again?"

"What do you mean 'again' Fujisaki-kun, I never talk about you."

OK, that was a total lie. But it's not like I can tell that cross-dresser anyway.

"But Yaya-chan told me that you do…"

He gave me that stupid smile of his, and I looked at Yaya with evil eyes.

"Sorry Rima-chan…Yaya didn't mean too Yaya just wanted Nagi to know more about you…"

WHAT!?!?!?!? Why would HE want to know more about me! Besides we've known for like 3-4years or something!

I looked at her with my death glare again.


I began to fake cry.

"AHHH!! Rima-chan Yaya is sorry! Don't cry!"

"Stop worrying, Yaya-chan those tears are fake anyway."

Stupid Fujisaki, he knows EVERYTHING doesn't he! No wonder why Amu likes him so much, but I know that I'm so much better than him!

I gave him my death glare.

"Rima-chan, Yaya-chan, Nagi, stop we've got to get to class now."

Grr, she used his name without a honorific AGAIN.

Stupid Amu had to stop my fight with Nagihiko. …why'd I use an his first name? Oh my gosh! I really must be in love with him. Am I? ARGHH!!!! I better not think about that cross-dresser.

"Fine then."

Food Economics

Good thing I had Amu-chan with me, but there was also stupid Fujisaki-kun. Komatsu-sensei partnered us. Oh whoop-dee-di-doo, I wonder who I'll get.

5 minutes later.


Stupid Komatsu-sensei put me with NAGIHIKO FUJISAKI. NOOOOO!!!! Well, atleast he could do all the cooking, and I could get good food for once in Food Economics.

"OK children we'll be cooking yummy iced cup-cakes today."

Children? We're not that young, stupid teacher.

10 minutes later.

"Mashiro-san, I know Tadase-kun already told you like an hour ago or something to stop writing in your diary, but you're my partner and so can you please stop writing in your diary, and help me instead?"

"OK, fine but just to tell you that I CAN'T cook."

"Just watch me Rima-chan"

GRRRRRR! HE USED MY FIRST NAME, his not even close to me!!! Evilllll.

After Food Economics.

"Wow! Nagi, this is so yummy!"

I started to gobble up 3 cupcakes in one go, it was so delicious.

"Calm down Mashiro-san…You going to choke."


He got it right. I did choke. Is he a psychic or something?

"Mashiro-san, are you okay?"

"Y-e-eh COUGH"

"I take that as a no, baka."

"DON'T CALL ME A BAKA!!!!!!!!"

"Well, she's all better now"

Fujisaki started laughing at me.


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