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Chapter 1


'Knock you down' played from my bag. I looked at the Callers ID. It was Taylor.

"Hey , Little J!" I greeted her onto the phone as I put the picture of me and Mom I just got out of my suitcase on my desk.

"Oh shut up. Just because it's break from shooting Gossip Girl, doesn't mean you can call me little J. So…how is Forks? Ready to start school tomorrow?" she asked. Yeah, she is the Taylor Momsen that plays Jenny in Gossip Girl. She's been my best friend ever since I got famous. Before you think she's using me for fame, no I just met her at the Chanel Fashion Show, which started my modeling career. And we've been besties ever since.

"I don't want to go to school that I once escaped from when I was 15. Why is Mom making me do this?" I whined. I really need a bigger wardrobe. Not enough space for my clothes. Oh well, I'll keep some stuff in my suitcase.

"You should be glad she's letting you even do modeling, some teen models have to be emancipated minors to do modeling, because their parents won't sign some papers. You know you could just go to some private school in NY. Like Constance, okay, that one doesn't actually exist but I'm sure there are other good private schools, it doesn't even have to be an all-girls one. But you wanted to move in with your Dad for the next 2 years. Are you regretting your decision?"

I was sitting on my bed in my old room. It was great seeing Dad again. So, no I wasn't regretting my decision to move to Forks. I just really wanted to spend time with him more.

"No, I missed living with Dad. Oh well, I'm planning on not telling the people of Forks that I'm the Bella, the one whose fragrance you can buy. I'm going to make Angela, call me Izzy or Iz and not tell anyone about my modeling career. I forgot how you get treated if your not famous. I might start putting less make-up on."I told her my plan.

"Right. I so wish I could come and see you do that. You might be able resist putting make-up on and go for the natural look, but you will still wear designer right? I can't imagine you without designer clothes." She laughed on the other side of the line.

"Exactly, that's why it's less make-up not less designer. But seriously if you want to see me without designer stuff on, you should have met me 2 years ago. The sad thing is, I can't hide the fact that I'm the Isabella Swan they used to bully 2 years ago. I've recently died my hair black, so they might not recognize me as the Bella Swan, the teen model."

"Black hair suits you. You look gorgeous. Your attendance is going to be crap though. Honestly. It's Fashion Week, next week in New York."

"I know. No way is Marc, Gucci, Victoria, Chanel or any other designer gonna let me stay in Forks for Fashion Week. If I'd even suggest this to Roxie (my agent), she would literally drag me to NY. I think I'd need to escape to Forks anyways. I already miss my limo, at least I got my Porsche Cayman with me. Unfortunately, the Ferrari in our garage doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Phil, who cherishes it too much to let me ship it to Forks."

"Hmm. Hey, Bells? I gotta go, Leighton says they're waiting for me. Bu-Bye! Have fun in the rain!"

"Hey! Do NOT diss the rain! I like the rain!" I said but she already hung up.

I can't believe Mom wants me to go back to school. But she knows home-schooling is useless. I never really learned. That is why she decided I should go back to school. I don't have to stop my modeling career, but she wants me to have an education, I can't blame her though, she's my Mom.

I went downstairs to may be chat with Dad and cook, I remember how he can't cook to save his life.

I made lasagna and Dad told me all I missed the past 2 years in Forks. In return I told him about my life. I avoided the lingerie shoots though. Obviously. It's weird talking to your dad about lingerie. Seriously. We had dinner together and it made me clear of how much I'd missed my Dad.

I told him, of how I'm going to buy him a new TV and the fact that I need a big wardrobe. He wanted to buy the new wardrobe, but I obviously didn't let him do that. He also didn't want me to buy him a new TV, but I told him to think of it as a coming back gift from me. So, he was like, 'you gave me that really expensive perfume!', I had to insist on getting him the new TV.

Tomorrow, I would go back to Forks High School. It'll be nice to see Jake, Angela and Leah, again.

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