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Previously on Then and Now:

"He tried to rape Rose—I mean Rachel…Bella, can I ask you something?" I nodded "Will you help me?"

"Help you with what?"

"Bring him down, then kill him" she replied with a straight, serious face.

Chapter 11

Drunk mistakes

"Alice, we can't kill anyone, first of all it's totally against the law, second, I couldn't live with the guilt, even if I do absolutely hate him. I mean killing is something really major, I don't think this is such a good idea..." I said to Alice, warily, unsure if she meant what she said.

"Bella," she looked at me with a straight face, "I wasn't being literal, I mean do I look like some psycho killer?" she raised her eyebrow.

"I don't know about the killer part, but psycho yeah..." she hit with the water bottle to silence me.

"Oh, hush. No, all I want you to do is help me find proof and take him to the police." She explained.

"Erm...Alice, you may not have realized this but, we need witnesses, and loads more. What we need is a private detective. But before that I need to speak to Rosalie bout this."

"Wait! How do you know it's Rosalie?" she asked coming up to my face.

"Because you made it obvious, genius." I said, backing away a bit, I was about to continue, but she interrupted.

"No, I did not! I did not tell you it was Rosalie! I did not make it obvious either!" she defended.

"Fine, you didn't! I'm just very clever. But I need to speak to her...about this thing."

"You can't. She's goin to kill me if she knows, I told you, I mean, I'm sure I wasn't even meant to tell you, it just all came out, I don't know why. Actually I do know why, it was because I needed you to tell me who that guy on the phone was. And I thought, telling you would give me some sympathy and help me find him. But that's beside the point. Rose can't know." While explaining all this Alice was waving her arms round the air to get some of her point across, her waving her arms around the air also helped attract the silver BMW behind her, that was coming towards us. But I think Esme would have found us nonetheless because, the yellowness of Alice's Porsche could be seen a mile away, literally.

So Esme picked us up from the forest. She took her time. But then again, I guess it does take time to find us. I mean, apparently Alice took us all the way to Jamaica (not being literal). Afterwards, she wanted to hang out at first, but she remembered her common sense and just told me she'd call me later...about our plans.

Luckily for me going to school wasn't necessary as I had already been excused for it earlier. So I just sat there in the living room bored, watching TV. I know, what a waste of time. Because, I wasn't really watching it, my mind was drifting away to my Jella (James&Bella) times and I was getting majorly depressed. I mean, come on, you try finding out that your super-hot movie-star of an ex-boyfriend attempted to rape a girl( not to mention that it was the girl who made your life hell in elementary school ), while the bloody bastard was still dating you. And then I remembered this flashback about me, him and booze. Oh, booze.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all into the no-booze thing. Because honestly, I don't have time for the paparazzi catching me do idiotic stuff, but this was a true emergency. I needed booze. Plus this is down to earth boring Forks, so I thought, what could go so badly wrong? Only then, may be because I was so depressed, I had totally forgotten not to ask that dreaded question. Questions like that always, ALWAYS, I tell you, lead to disaster. I think what happened, was honestly, bad enough to be called a disaster.

Okay, so I found cheap beer and cheap wine in the house. And you can guess what happened.

Yeah, I got drunk, and I was singing Lady GaGa, using the wine bottle as a microphone and sprawled upside down on the couch. As in, my head was almost touching the floor, my legs were high in the air, kicking it, the air, I mean. I totally forgot to mention, I was wearing close to nothing. A tiny blue camisole, which showed most of my bra and stomach and very short white shorts which could have been classed as underwear. Oh yeah, I had accessories with that! In my hand was cheap red wine and empty cans of cheap beer were lying around everywhere. There were only 3 empty cans but still. That's more than usual. Although there was nothing 'usual' about this.

I was absolutely drunk in the middle of the day (funny, coz this was about 4pm, and which idiot gets drunk at a time like this) also I had skipped lunch, hence, the extra drunkness. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was singing Lady Gaga, very off key, when the door bell rang.

"What the hell? Who's comin now?" I slurred. I tried to get up, and kinda tripped and took sofa with me. So basically the sofa was kinda upside down, like, you know the place where you put your head, that was on the floor and the other part was up in the air. Ooops. Oh well, it took another trip over my own feet to get to the door.

I yanked the door open, annoyed...and I saw Angela, Leah, Jake and Embry standing there shocked. Which left me shocked too (yeah, I had that much sense left in me).

"Hey! What's upp?" I smiled drunkily.

"Bella?" Angela's eyes were wide open, very shocked (and horrified may I add) to see me in that state. Leah just gave me a look that clearly said You've got to be kidding me, Jake and Embry were looking at my chest area. Which made me look down at what I was wearing. Oh, that explains it. The camisole I was wearing barely covered my red lacy bra.

"Ya know, my face is up 'ere, nat down there." I pointed at my face then my breasts, giving my own friends attitude.

"If you actually covered yourself up a bit, at least, then they wouldn't have much of a problem, looking at your face." Leah retorted, defending her friends.

"Yeah, yeah, whatevs. Whatcha doin 'ere?" I asked just before taking another swig from the wine.

"We came here because we overheard the teachers saying you've got some really bad flu, with that really complicated name, so we decided to come and see how you are. Turns out that you've just been drinking, not exactly what you'd call ill." Jake muttered that last bit.

"Bella, it's your third day, why are you already bunking? And while you're bunking, you're...drinking?" Embry shook his head.

"Yeah, yeah...chill! Goody two shoes much! So are ya gnaa come in? Or whaat?" I stepped aside to let them in.

Leah took one look at the trashed living room, sighed then took over. "Jake, Embry, go fix the living room, I'm sure Charlie wouldn't like to see this. Angela and me will take her upstairs. Oh, and Jake, before you do that, find some bread and water in the kitchen, if you find anything resembling a sandwhich, bring it. Bella, let's go. Angela go in front, I'll stay behind her in case she decides to faint. Now up the stairs." We were going to go up but then she stopped us, "Oh, and I'll have that." she grabbed the wine bottle from my hand, and chucked it away, into the kitchen bin, after she came back we started up the stairs again.

"What'r youu doin'? Why'd you chuck it 'way? It wasn't finshed! Ugh, wazz jus' havin' some funn!" I slurred as they led me towards my room. Two minutes after they dumped me on my bed, Jake came with some jam sandwhiches and a bottle of mineral water. Angela thanked him and sent him back to fix the living room.

"Bells, why are you doing this? Since when are you like this? Is this how you were in New York?" Angela asked.

"Ya knoow, a guurl does sumtimes needs ta have 'er funn. A mean, we're nat alll virginal vicar's daughters liike youu. What with your modesty nd aall. We're nat all so borin' ya know." as soon as I said that, Embry walked in, with a shocked expression (because he heard what I'd said). I looked up at Angela and, are those tears in her eyes, threatening to spill?

"Bella? I'm sorry, I mean 'Izzy', what did you just say?" Leah looked at like I'd just lost it. Which I now think I did. Fury was clearly written all over her face. And who could blame her?

"Bells, did I just hear right?" that's the wary response I got from Embry.

Angela just looked away. Just turned her face away towards the window, bliked, then turned her face back towards me. I could still see the traces of tears on her eyes.

"Bella," Leah sneered my name, "I don't know if you get away with treating your friends like this in New York, but here in Forks, you say these things to people you despise. How dare you even say that to Angela. She is NOT boring! And about modesty? I don't think you've even got any modesty left in you. Once upon a time yeah, but now?," she laughed unamused, "well, I don't think I have to answer that." then she just looked away, just turned her face away like seeing my face any longer would burn her eyes.

"Leah it's okay." Angela squeaked quietly, looking down.

"No, it's bloody not. Angie, I how you're all into that forgiving people and that shit, but right now, I don't care, we're leaving. Now." she didn't even look at me as she grabbed Angela's arm and took her out the room pushing Embry out in the process.

Angela did look back. She even smiled apologetically. But no one else did.

First my room door banged shut.

Three minutes later, I heard the front door bang shut.

And I was all alone in the house.

But me? Oh, I was too drunk to even notice the tense atmosphere. I just fell asleep like the idiot I was.

I woke up again that afternoon at half past five, with a major headache. Great, hangover. The door bell had woken me up and when I looked out the window to see who it was, it was a truck.

I was just about to run down stairs and answer the door, when I ran past my mirror. Then I walked a few steps backward to see what I was wearing. Sigh. I quickly grabbed the nightgown that hung over my chair, and pulled it on. My hair was a mess, but, oh well.

"Yes?" I smiled at the guy in his mid thirties, standing there with a clipboard.

He seemed a bit surprised (probably to see me in a nightgown at this time of day), but quickly composed himself. "Ehem, I have a delivery for Miss Swan?" he looked at his clipboard to make sure.

"Yes that's me." I said.

"You wanted us to set the wardrobe up, right?" he asked, unsure, again, checking his papers.

"Oh! The wardrobe! I totally forgot it was coming today! Shit. Erm...take it upstairs." I pointed up the stairs.

"Come on!" the guy waved in some humongous bulky guys, each carrying a wardrobe piece.

"So..." I sighed, "Follow me." I lead them upstairs to my room. I wasn't really comfortable with showing them my room, but I guess, it's inevitable. My room's kinda messy, no housekeeper, what do you expect. What made it worse was that Mr. Thirtysomething kept looking around at everything.

"Do you need anything else?" he asked me as those very bulky guys were making my new, bigger wardrobe.

"No, I don't need anything else. Thank you for asking." I smiled fakely.

"Oh, just call me, Liam. You know anything you need, just ask." he smiled.

"No, I'm sure I don't need anything." I smiled fakely, again.

As I was watching the people make my wardrobe, I remembered this afternoon. SHIT. What had I said. What the fuck? Angela! Shit. Shit. Shit. How could I be such a bitch? I messed up. So fucking badly. I quickly excused myself and went to the bathroom.

As I splashed water on my face, I remembered everything that happened. First finding out about James, the rapist, now me, the bitchhole? What the fuck had I done? I screamed in frustration. It didn't help the headache.

Naturally, two seconds later I had that asshole man asking if I was alright.

I swung the door open, with my death glare expression fixed on my face. There was that man 'Liam' and a bulky man beside him.

"I'm alright. You're getting paid to set up my wardrobe, not check up on me." I slammed the bathroom door shut again.

I leaned against the door, then slid down it, with quick tears streaming down my face. What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I have to fuck my life up like this? Why?

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