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Seven is a deadly number

Envy-the resentful or unhappy feeling of wanting somebody else's success, good fortune, qualities, or possessions

Kaoru never liked the fact that he was bad at Mathematics. It made him feel vulnerable. Sure he had all the creative subjects under his belt like English and Modern Literature but when he thought about it, you needed math in order to get by in life. Even in the business he was bound to go into with his brother—you still needed math in the fashion industry. True he could leave all the stock taking and accounts to Hikaru but then, that wouldn't really be fair and he would be admitting that Hikaru was better.

So when, one evening, he sat down to do his math homework and found that he got stuck on quite a few of the questions, he got frustrated and decided to ask his brother for help. He turned from his desk and wandered over to his twin who was lying idly on their bed watching T.V.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru purred as he sat on the bed and put his arm over his brother's shoulders. "will you help me with my homework?"

Hikaru turned his head to face Kaoru but still had his eyes on the television screen. "Can't you see I'm watching something at the moment Kao?" and he patted Kaoru's head clumsily. Kaoru glared at his brother and manoeuvred out of the head pat. 'Fine, you want to play it that way? Well two can play at that game.' He slowly moved closer to his brother and began to place chaste kisses along his jawline, deliberately lengthening them out.

"Please, Hikaru. I really need my big brother right now. Can't you do this one small thing for me?" he pleaded as he slowly ran his hand down the top of Hikaru's shirt and stroked his muscular chest. He looked up at him through his lashes silently thanking Tamaki for the little gesture.

Hikaru's breath hitched in his throat. 'Good it's working' Kaoru thought to himself. Hikaru looked down at his twin with a very torn expression.

"Oh Kaoru…" he whined. "I really…want to see…the end…of this." He said breathily. Kaoru was in shock. His brother must really like this programme; normally he would have already crumbled. 'Gotta bring out the big guns' Suddenly Kaoru rolled over and straddled his brother,

"It will only take you a minute, and although I hate to admit it, you're better at it than I am. Please?" he begged grinding his hips against Hikaru's.

Hikaru took a deep breath to calm himself and then commenced to bob from either of his brother to see the T.V.

"Kaoru! There's only ten minutes le—" he was cut short by a very passionate kiss and further grinding of the hips. Kaoru then moved so that his mouth was close to his brother's ear so he could whisper in it seductively, "do you know what I'll do for you if you help me? Anything you want, I'll even consider that fantasy you told me about. But only after you show me what to do with my homework." And with that he got up and sat back down at the desk.

"Y'know, that programme was shit anyway." Hikaru said hurriedly leaping off the bed and to his brother's side.

A knowing smirk appeared on Kaoru's face. 'Easy'

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