Moon in the Heavens

Even hundredfold grief is divisible by love.

High above the earth, serene and cold, the untouchable silvered moon glides across the night sky, beautiful and unassailable. He looks down over the earth and hears the sighs and heartaches of troubled mankind but he doesn't interfere, although his light often sparkles on the cheeks of those who shed tears.

Night is the private time when people grieve, even strong men feel safer and unnoticed in the darkness of the night; but it is a time that makes sadness seem worse and sometimes insurmountable. The moon watches as tragedies unfold and yet does nothing but highlight the grief of the lives below, in shadows of silver and black.

He sees the fields of war and of starvation, he sees villages and towns wiped out to disease or attack; he sees the sorrows of orphans and widows, of parents who grieve for their children's lives wiped out before their time. He sees the same scenes replayed generation after generation and yet he knows that the grief is different to each individual; the young woman who is now a widow has a misery that is unique to her for she is unique and not the same as the next young widow.

Some individuals suffer far more than others of course and the moon had been following the life of one who was greatly despised by all being as he was a hybrid. He watched over the boy and saw all his sorrows from the loneliness when the child had no friends, to the common despair over the loss of his parent. He noticed when the tears of the often beaten and spurned child dried and were swallowed behind a hardening heart of adolescence, as betrayal and loathing followed each other to sear the soul of the young hanyou.

Many times afterwards when he passed overhead he saw the youth immobile, in mimicry of death and fixed to the Goshinboku, his heartbeat slowed and locked in the memory of lost love. Then even when he was released, his suffering was not over. He was misunderstood, jeered and sneered at and emotionally stretched beyond anything he had ever been through before.

Grief on top of grief, day after day; always hidden behind Inuyasha's thickening veneer. Only the moon and the two tailed cat and sometimes the estranged older sibling see his tears that are shed under the cover of night, until he is freed again from his shame by the love for a girl. He thinks her dead along with his friends and he weeps, then again for his lost love who passes in his arms.

He becomes free to love again wholesouled, without fear of rejection and although he loses her for a few years, his heart remains free and the moon is glad. Just as he is when the time marches on and the grief of the world turns to joy. Men return home from war, return to the arms of their wives and mothers and fathers who've waited and love them. There is new birth and periods of peace and lack of want, prosperity grows.

In like manner, after several crossings, the moon notices when he passes over a small house that the hanyou sleeps peacefully, his village guarded by the less remote brother and his woes pushed far away as he holds his wife and child close to him. The love is palpable and the moon rejoices that the love has dulled away the pain.

Written for first week July 09 Inuyasha Quotes Community.