This is my small tribute to this pairing. NatsuRuka. Drabble. 553 words. July twenty eight, two thousand and nine. :)

10 Dribs of a Pairing Meme

Directions: Use one pairing and write 10 short stories about them.

Pairing of Choice: NatsuRuka

1. Humor


"Yes, Natsume?"

"You smell like cow poo."

"… oh."

2. Out of Character

"Shit, Natsume! Why the hell are you wearing a tutu?!"

"Ahh… Ru-chan! I just lalala-love ballet!"

3. Crossover

"… are you going to Hogwarts or something?!

"If that makes me Sasuke, then no."

4. Fluff

The least he could do was to give him a flower… so Natsume did. "Thank you." Ruka smiles at him, though he wasn't sure why Natsume would give him a daisy. He heard once; that a daisy is a sign of innocence and some others.

5. First Kiss

Their first kiss was sweet. It's not harsh, yet there's selfishness in it. It was warm and soft – just a mere smacking of their lips. The silence comforted them to minimize the awkwardness. It's suppose to be just an accident, still, Natsume considered it as their first.

6. Smut

Natsume wakes up, only to find himself nest to a sleeping Ruka. This is their siesta, here on a stack of soft hay. He snuggles into that creamy neck, and threw a leg over Ruka's slim stomach. A hand even crawled up under Ruka's shirt to feel that warm flesh. Ruka gasped silently… he's aroused.

7. First Time

Ruka was intimidated. How would that fit in there?! He was very nervous; even tried to back out, but Natsume pinned him down. Ruka screams at first, still, they went all the way through. Natsume promised that he'll let him top too… someday.

8. Hurt/ Comfort

Whenever Natsume can't cry, Ruka is there. When he needs silence, he sits by him. When he wants comfort, he hugs him. Because everything Natsume wants would be granted… just when Ruka's there.

9. Tragedy

Ruka's trembling. He's pale and frowning. His eyes were red, tears trickling down his cheeks. He had bruises on his beautiful face, cigar burns on his back, and rope burns on his wrists and on the sides of his lips. He's bleeding, whimpering from the excessive pain. He's been violated.

Natsume tended him, asking furiously who did this. Ruka pushes him away, he breaks down.

10. Angst

And then, there's this smile that brightens up Natsume's world. It's different from what it usually feels. Mikan is different from Ruka. Ruka isn't Mikan. Once, Natsume gave her a tulip. And after that, Ruka always had a yellow rose in his pocket, holding onto – squeezing – its thorny stem every once in awhile. Of why had Ruka trusted – expected that Natsume would stay by him forever?

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