"(When the dialogue is in brackets, that means the character is speaking in Japanese. For the most part, Marth will be speaking like this, although Ike, Seth, Ephraim, Eirika and Roy will be speaking like this too on occasion. Not all Smashers understand Japanese, such as Zelda, Falco and Samus.)"

"(When the dialogue is in brackets, and in italics, that means the character is a Pokemon and is speaking in the Pokemon language. The only Pokemon that do not speak like this are Mewtwo and Lucario. Pikachu, Riolu, Jigglypuff, and the Trainers' Pokemon will be speaking like this.)"

"When the dialogue is bolded, that means the character is super powerful, or is a Hand or a ghost from Luigi's mansion. Master Hand and the entire Hand family will have this, as will the ghosts from the mansion. Authors don't have this luxury... (When a Hand speaks in Japanese, it will be surrounded by brackets.)"

"This is the default, reserved for English."

Feel free to ask any questions, and we will answer all that we can! Just don't bombard us… Also, if you feel the need to guess at which Smashers are a Smash Generation character's parents, feel free! They all have both parents planned. (Well… except for one…)

##Episode One##

(Insert really lame anime series opening about this fanfiction here.)

Episode One:


Marth glared at the sign posted on the wall in front of him, the beautiful scenery of Smashville betraying the thoughts in his mind. The sign had a list - listing all of the Newcomers and Veterans that had made it into the new tournament. Apparently it was called Generations. The list also had a selection of the ones temporarily suspended from the tournament:

Samus Aran: Maternity leave; Medical; 3-5 months
Ike Greil: Classified; Medical; 1 month recovery, 2 months rest
Zelda Hyrule: Unknown; Medical; suspended until further notice
Jigglypuff: Egg Care; Medical; 3 months
Dr. Pedro Mario: Retired, head doctor
Mewtwo: Retired, therapist
Roy Pharae: Resigned, returned home
Pichu: Resigned, helps in kitchens
Seth: Injured lance arm; Medical; 2 weeks
Zant: Clearly insane; Rejected; cut from tournament

A couple of the names surprised Marth. Some names like "Samus Aran" and "Zelda Hyrule" made him remember the veterans that he was a part of. Other names like "Seth" and "Zant" sounded unfamiliar to him. Names like "Roy Pharae" and "Dr. Pedro Mario" made him remember the ones that never returned to the tournament. "Roy Pharae" even made him feel slightly bad. However, the name "Ike Greil" made him wonder what was wrong. What hadn't Ike told him?

Frustrated, he stood there glaring at the sign, particularly the "Not Permitted to Fight" list. He was so engrossed in staring at the sign that he hadn't noticed that someone had walked up next to him and joined him.

"Interesting, isn't it?" said a cool, relaxed voice.

Surprised, Marth turned to come face to face with Smashville's own K.K. Slider.

"Such a drag, about Ike and Zelda though, isn't it?" K.K. added. "I was looking forward to fighting Ike."

"Yeah," Marth sighed. Speaking mostly Japanese, Marth couldn't speak English very well. As a matter of fact, he understood it completely, just had trouble forming the words. He turned to K.K., looking a bit uncomfortable. "(Do you speak or understand Japanese?)"

"I understand it," K.K. answered with a calm smile. "Definitely better than I can speak it!"

Marth nodded before continuing. "(When did Ike get on this list, anyways?)"

K.K. shrugged as a reply.

"(He usually tells me these things....)" Marth continued in vain. To K.K., he was obviously worried about his friend. "(What would make him stop now?)"

K.K. looked at the "Not Permitted to Fight" list. "Don't know..."

"(So... You're a Newcomer, huh? Welcome aboard,)" Marth smiled, looking to get away from the current conversation.

"Thank you. Yeah, I and many others are new, apparently. It's cool though," K.K. answered, smiling up at Marth. "I've talked to a few. Midna's a little mouthy, and Krystal is more interested in Fox. I get along well with Tails, surprisingly."

Marth eyed the Newcomer list as K.K. pointed to Tails' name.

Knuckles Echidna
Sapphire Birch, Pokémon Coordinator
Bowser Koopa Jr
Krystal McCloud
Miles "Tails" Prower
Eirika Renais
Ephraim Renais
Seth - removed, injury to the lance arm, 2 months leave
K.K. Slider
Slippy Toad
Midna Twilit

"(Tails, huh? He's... Sonic's friend, right?)" Marth asked, unsure if his knowledge was correct.

"Yep. I talked to him, and Dakota."

Marth stopped thinking for a second to change his direction of thought. He didn't recall reading that name when he read the "Newcomer" list. He recalled the name - Samus had mentioned it. But he didn't recall reading it on the list. "Da... kota?"

"Yep. You see, Master Hand called this tournament 'Generations' for a reason!" K.K. explained with a smile. "Dakota and her friends are from the year 2029."

Marth couldn't believe it. Where was Dakota then? "(Where is she? She's not on the list.)"

K.K. chuckled a little. "They're technically not Newcomers, so they're on a new list, the 'Generations' list... see?" He pointed at a particular list on the billboard. "I wonder why Master Hand wanted so many of them, though..."

Marth looked at the Generations list with a wary eye. He noticed Dakota's name at the end. What annoyed him was the fact that the last names were just initials:

Ensign F.
Gavin D.
Shaun G.
Rinku H.
"Zel" H.
Lance I.
Lukas K.
Tad K.
"Cain" L.
Aaron M.
Justin M.
Vixen M.
Kiba O.
Todd O.
Johan P.
Riolu P.
Aden R.
Aine R.
Dakota S.
Bubbles Y.

Pear M.: Too young, ten years old
Riley S.: Too young, ten years old

"(What?)" Marth muttered as he re-read the list. "(There's... so many of them!)"

K.K. only nodded at first as his reply before finally answering Marth. "But it's cool, man... Dakota explained that they won't try anything! She mentioned that if they did, they might disappear."

"Won't try what? Who'd disappear?" asked the voice of Zelda. Marth and K.K. turned in mock surprise to see the beautiful Hyrulian Princess.

"Zelda!" Marth greeted. Struggling with the (few) words that Ike had taught him and he had remembered, he asked, "Why you off?"

Zelda blinked in confusion before noticing that the two were in front of the rosters for the new tournament. Smiling as sweet as she could, she answered calmly. "Dr. Mario thinks that something is wrong with me."

"What?" K.K. now asked.

Zelda shrugged, which was something that she didn't do quite often and it surprised Marth. "He won't tell me. It's really bugging Link." She smiled at the mention of her best friend. They had gotten a lot closer since the break between "Brawl" and the new tournament.

Marth chuckled a little as K.K. smiled.

"What about Ike?" Zelda asked in return. "I saw that he was off too."

"(I don't know...)" Marth answered, not realizing that he slipped into his natural language.

Zelda looked confused. Like most Smashers, besides Ike, Ephraim, Seth and Eirika, Zelda didn't speak Japanese. Sadly, this meant that her conversations with Marth were fairly limited. Politely, she said, "Marth... I'm sorry... but I didn't understand..."

"Oh!" Marth looked apologetic. "(Sorry...)... Sorry... Don't know."

Zelda looked sad as she thought about the Mercenary's current dilemma. "I saw him packing up. I wonder what's going on."

K.K. turned to the "Not Permitted to Fight" list. "Well... I can tell four things from reading this list. Ike doesn't want you and the others finding out what's going on. The information is classified. Second, it's a medical problem."

"So..." Zelda began, "it's something to do with his health?"

"That could be a possibility," K.K. replied. He then rechecked the list before continuing. "Third, recovery is involved, and fourth, he's going to need a lot of rest before returning."

"Hmm..." Marth looked thoughtful.

Zelda only sighed. "Poor Ike... He was looking forward to this tournament."

"Yo! K.K. Slider!" called out a voice.

All three of the Smashers turned to eye a brunette with bright, blue eyes rushing up to them. Her appearance reminded them a lot of Samus, as she was dressed in what appeared to be a black version of the infamous Zero Suit. She had a skin tone similar to Samus as well. Across her forehead, she wore a deep grey sash with the Smash symbol on it. She smiled at K.K. when she reached them.

"Hey. Moved in all nice, Dakota?" K.K. asked.

"Eh, it's not like the Smashville that I'm used to, but yes!" Dakota answered with a grin. "By the way, you forgot something." She gave him a wider grin.

K.K. looked slightly confused. "I did?"

That was when out of nowhere, Dakota pulled out a nice looking acoustic guitar fitted with metal plating. K.K. gasped and took it gently from her hands.

"My guitar!"

Dakota's smile was beginning to remind Marth a lot of Samus'. "I was going to wait until you noticed, but a certain angel kicked me out of the house... stupid Lance... so I decided to find you since I got nothing better to do now."

"Well," K.K. said with a chuckle and a grin as he strummed lightly. "Thanks anyways!"

"No problem!" Dakota winked. "I'll see you later?"

"Yeah," K.K. replied. "You be good now."

Dakota gave him a mischievous grin before leaving.

"Who was that?" Zelda asked. "I've never seen her before."

"Dakota, from the Smash Generation," explained K.K., pointing at her name on the list.

"She's from... future," added Marth.

Zelda watched the strange girl run off; now chasing what appeared to be a Riolu. Her Triforce of Wisdom glowed brightly on her hand. "Strange..."


Ike continued to grab his clothing and stuff it in his bag. He couldn't believe it. Master Hand wanted him to do this, saying it would help, but Ike didn't want to have anything to do with this stupid trip. It was his life after all; he'd live it the way he wanted to, tired and weak or not.

"(Ike? You home?)" came the voice of Marth. "(I saw the list! What's going on?)"

"(Nothing, Marth!)" Ike responded automatically. His left eye twitched as he grabbed a tunic. He hadn't slept well in awhile. "(I'm just going for awhile.)"

The front door of Ike's home in Smashville opened. Footsteps indicated that Marth had entered. Ike hesitated as he put the tunic in his bag. He didn't want Marth seeing him like this.

"(Like Roy? Ike?)" Marth asked, looking into the room Ike was in. Shocked by Ike's slightly weakened appearance, he added, "(Ike! What happened?)"

"(Maybe I'll tell you later,)" Ike answered sourly. "(Master Hand —)"

"A Challenge has been made! Captain Falcon is going up against Shaun of the Smash Generation! All Smashers in Smashville please report to the stadium!" shouted the voice of the great Master Hand.

Marth and Ike, upon hearing "Shaun", gave each other confused looks before rushing out of the home and towards the stadium.


When they arrived, Marth noticed Link, Zelda and K.K. were already there. Dakota was there, too, telling K.K. what had happened that had resulted in the challenge.

"So he approached her, and everything, and Shaun got all defensive because he's her protector! So, 'Captain' Falcon got all angry that Shaun was interfering with his flirt fest, and challenged him. Poor Cain... she must be traumatized," Dakota finished by looking at the blank stage. "He's like... 40 in our time."

"Man..." K.K. breathed. He turned to see Marth and Ike. "Ike! I thought you left already."

At the sound of the mercenary's name, Zelda, Link and Dakota turned around to see him. Zelda gave Ike a small smile, while Link inclined his head briefly in greeting. Dakota, although Ike had no idea who she was, waved briefly. She turned back to K.K. and began complaining about the incompetence of Captain Falcon. All the words she said, Ike agreed with.

"Not yet," Ike explained. "I leave first thing in the morning tomorrow."

K.K. turned back at his answer and nodded before returning to Dakota, who was still ranting about Captain Falcon. She was using pretty colourful words.

"And come to think of it, he once crashed his car into my house! Mom must have chased him to Timbuktu… He's damn near stupid is what he is, and he's full of crap, too…" Dakota continued.

Zelda breathed a sigh, ignoring the ranting girl. "At least you have an idea of what's wrong with you... We've yet to hear anything." Beside her, the ever-quiet Link turned back to watch the empty stage. He grunted.

Ike and Marth approached the rails. Ike turned to Zelda, surprised. "He still has no idea?"

"Either he does, and he's not telling us," Zelda answered with a smile, "or he seriously doesn't know."

Ike shook his head in disappointment. "Damn that doctor..."


Dr. Mario suddenly sneezed. Confused, he looked around anxiously before relaxing in his chair some more. From where he was sitting, he had an incredible view of the currently blank stage before him. Next to him, Mewtwo sat, almost hovering, in his chair. On the other side, the Hand brothers talked amongst themselves, deciding upon the stage that would be used for the current battle.

After a lot of debate, Master Hand finally turned towards the stadium, his large hand form not scaring anyone in the stands. "Attention Smashers, new and old! The first battle of the Generations Tournament shall now commence! The battle is Captain Falcon vs. Shaun of the Smash Generation! I wish the fighters the best of luck." At that, he moved back to his place.


Cheers erupted from the stands as the two fighters stepped out. From where she was, Dakota allowed a small smile to erupt upon her face. Link surveyed the scene before making a strange observation about the Smashers on the stage.

"The kid looks like you, Ike," he announced as he straightened and turned towards the mercenary.

Upon hearing what the Hyrulian had to say, Ike looked down on the stage. Sure enough, the young boy facing off against the ever flirtatious Captain Falcon had his hair, his stance... hell, even his shoes. Shock was evident on his face.

Shaun wore a tattered blue cloak with lots of holes and rips around the bottom. Underneath, he wore a black shirt. The pants he wore were blue, and tucked underneath the brown fishnet material attached to his brown shoes. A brown belt was done around his thin waist, and a grey sash matching Dakota's was tied around his head. His blue hair grew at odd angles and hid his ears, and a massive sword hung on a strap at his back. His piercing light blue eyes gazed forward.

Save for the clothing and the eye color, Shaun was nearly the spitting image of Ike.

"Whoa..." Ike gasped.

"(Amazing....)" added Marth.

"How?" Zelda asked. "You're the last of your family besides your sister…"

"We're from 2029," Dakota answered with a smile as she turned to them. "You're gonna find someone who looks like you... unless you're Kiba, or someone we've never met, but that's not the point I'm trying to make here!"

"So, you're the kids of the Veteran Smashers?" K.K. dared to ask.

"Maybe," Dakota answered. She then proceeded to place her hands on the rails, lean so forward that her feet lifted off the ground, and yelled, "KICK HIS ASS, SHAUN!"

Shaun looked up at the stand the six were at, and just answered with a jaunt wave. He turned back to Captain Falcon.

"Competitors! The stage has been picked: Battlefield, circa 2029!" Master Hand announced.

"What?" Dakota asked, not believing what she was hearing. "Our stage?"


The stage began to change to a metallic and stone based stage. Strangely, even though it was an aerial stage, it had a top and a bottom, with levitating, pass-through platforms in between.

Shaun didn't seem too worried about the new stage, but Falcon seemed surprised.


Captain Falcon started out with a Falcon Punch, to which Shaun replied with jumping onto the platform above him. Frustrated, Captain Falcon unleashed his Raptor Boost, moving up to hit the young boy. Although the attack hit Shaun, it didn't do much.

"Show me your moves!" Captain Falcon taunted.

"Oh no! Falcon taunted! It seems that he's being really cocky today folks!" Crazy Hand announced while Falcon chuckled.

"Well, I don't know about you, Crazy, but Shaun doesn't seem to really care..." Master Hand added.

Shaun just sighed and shook his head.


"Oh, damn..." Ike sighed as he watched the battle. "This is going way over your friend's head..."

"What makes you say that?" Dakota asked with a sly smile. "Shaun's just taking his sweet time, that's all! Give him a minute or two, you'll see. If he doesn't kill Captain Falcon, he'll kill him in his sleep."

Ike wasn't really convinced, but he stayed quiet.


"Come on!" yelled Captain Falcon, using the Falcon Kick. Shaun jumped back to dodge.

"It seems to me that Shaun is more of a defensive player! He hasn't attacked Captain Falcon once in this entire battle so far!" Master Hand narrated.

Shaun was also staying quiet, and his right hand grasped the handle of his sword still hanging off his back. Falcon then used his Falcon Punch, but found himself hitting a shiny surface. Shaun had removed his sword and had used it to block the attack.

"Whoa! That was unexpected! I think we're going to be seeing more blood and gore!" Crazy Hand cackled.

That was when the most random thing had happened. The stage turned upside down.


"WHAT THE HELL?!" cried out K.K., Ike and Zelda in shock.

"(What?!)" Marth added.

Link only blinked in confusion.

"Yeah... Crazy Hand designed this stage... It's meant to catch the fighters off guard," Dakota explained. She chuckled a little before she continued. "We just find it fun when it happens! Great for training, too." She nodded.

Ike and K.K. looked at her like she was insane.


While Shaun landed calmly on his feet, Falcon landed on his face. Shaun didn't waste any time - he immediately rushed up and slashed Falcon, not stopping even once as he continued his attack. Not liking this, Falcon used his Falcon Kick, which hit Shaun. Unfortunately, the weight of the boy's sword kept him on the ground of the stage.

"Too bad for Captain Falcon, it appears that Shaun is more in the heavyweight class than he anticipated. If Shaun were a lightweight, that hit would have knocked him off his feet!" Master sighed.

"Oh! A Smash Ball appeared! Who's going to get it?" Crazy asked.

A Smash Ball appeared, just as Crazy had said, and it was clear Shaun didn't recognize the item as it flied around the stage.


Dakota didn't either. "Huh? What's that glowing ball thingy that's flying around?"

"A Smash Ball," Zelda explained, her Triforce glowing once more. "It allows a Smasher to use their Final Smash. For example, mine is Light Arrow, and Ike's is Great Aether."

"You don't have it?" Marth asked the girl.

Dakota had a Samus Glare on as she looked at him. It was weird to see it work so successfully on someone other than Samus. "No. For some reason, most of the items disappeared before we became Smashers."


"KID! GET THAT ITEM!" Ike hollered.

"YEAH! LISTEN TO HIM! HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING! I think..." Dakota added.


Shaun reacted instantly, as soon as Ike had given him the advice. He got the Smash Ball just mere seconds before Falcon, and began glowing strangely.

Falcon had the feeling he was screwed.

"GO GET HIM, SHAUN! TEACH HIM A LESSON!" Dakota yelled out as Shaun landed on the ground in front of Falcon, ready to strike.

"SHUT UP!" Shaun replied, startling everyone in the stands - it was the first thing he had ever said in the entire time that he had been here.

"Holy crap! Shaun said something!" Crazy exclaimed.

The said fighter dashed towards Falcon, and unleashed his next attack. "Eruption!"

"Holy crap! Shaun said something again! ... Oh, wait... That's just his Final Smash... That doesn't count."

Almost immediately, Falcon found himself surrounded by red flames, a sword, possibly even two, were coming from all angles, slashing him. So... this is the brat's Final Smash...thought Captain Falcon. The swords were coming at him, slashing him, cutting him. If the safety measures weren't running, he knew this would have hurt. To Falcon, the attack seemed to last forever. To Shaun, only minutes.

At the end, Falcon found himself thrown right off the stage.

"GAME!" announced Master Hand.


"I can't believe that scamp told me to shut up! I should tell Dad! Or better yet, his dad!" Dakota complained. "I was just cheering him on!"

"Winner is... SHAUN!"

"No freaking duh, Genius!" Dakota yelled in response.

"Well, you were a bit loud..." K.K. defended. He looked over at the stage to see that Shaun was walking off.

Dakota grunted in annoyance. "Well, at least he won! Maybe now Falcon will think twice before flirting with women - especially my mother and Cain!" At her strange words, she waved goodbye and walked off to catch up with her friends.

Marth watched her, stunned by her words. She did look remarkably a lot like Samus, come to think of it. Ike sighed and rubbed his left eye as it twitched. Zelda looked at him worriedly before looking away. Link winced when he realized Dr. Mario was approaching.

"Zelda! You realize we have a check up today, right?" Dr. Mario asked.

"Yes..." She turned to him trying her best to appear innocent.

"Good!" Dr. Mario then scanned the group before landing on Ike. His look became one of worry. "And how are you handling, Ike?"

"Handling," Ike replied, as he too played innocent. "Any check up for me?"

"Yes... how about after I'm done with Falcon and the boy? I'll come find you," Dr. Mario offered.

"Sounds good," Ike answered as he looked away.

Dr. Mario walked off, whistling a happy tune that sounded suspiciously like the Mario theme song. A Smash Generation girl was walking towards the group, and nearly got trampled as he continued.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" she complained, as she turned to watch Dr. Mario continue his trek down the hall. She stopped and a look of confusion was suddenly painted across her soft features. "Hey... Who was that?! He looked like Mr. Mario..."

Ike's eyes widened as he watched the scene before him. Marth gasped at the girl's comments. Zelda huddled close to Link in fear. K.K. blinked, nearly stunned. They all knew what that meant.

A girl from 2029 didn't recognize Dr. Mario, which meant only one thing.

Dr. Mario didn't live to meet her.


All that was left was Link, Ike and Marth hanging out at the Roost. They had soon been joined by fellow swordsmen Ephraim and Seth (who had a large bandage wrapped across his chest and right arm), and Falco decided to join their conversation soon after, forcing Marth to try and speak in English. It soon left to Ike, Ephraim or Seth to translate what he was saying.

"... And then that kid... that kid was strongif he was able to defeat Captain Falcon!" Falco continued. "What world was he from? I like him! He taught that flirt a lesson, alright."

Ike looked at Marth as Falco continued his rant. "(Marth, what time is it?)"

"(3:15. Why?)" Marth replied, before taking a sip from his drink.

"(Dr. Mario... I don't want him finding me,)" Ike explained. He fiddled with his glass, which was now empty. The bartender noticed, and prepared another one.

Marth looked at his friend in obvious worry. "(Ike... what's wrong? Why were you cut? Why are you leaving? What does Master Hand have to do with it?)"

"(Yeah, Ike!)" added Ephraim, who had turned from his conversation with Seth and Falco to listen in on what the two were talking about. "(Eirika is really worried.)"

Seth nodded when Ephraim finished. Falco looked at the swordsmen in confusion.

"What's everyone saying? I don't understand Japanese." He looked at Link, hoping the Courage bearer understood.

Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. "It's clearly a private conversation."

Ike sighed as he contemplated what his friends wanted. "(Do you really want to know?)"

Marth, Ephraim and Seth nodded. Ike even caught a glimpse of Link inclining his head.

"Ugh... (great)..." Ike groaned. "(Alright... I have...)"

The three leaned in closer in anticipation. Ike noticed Link tightening the grip on his glass. The bartender came back with Ike's glass, now filled.

"(I'm a... I'm an insomniac.)" To Ike, it felt like a great weight had been taken off his shoulders as he told his friends. The entire weight of the world was no longer on him. In Smash tournaments, insomnia was a big deal. If the fighter was tired all the time, they could make mistakes during a battle, and it could possibly even cause them to get hurt, badly. Ike sighed.

Marth, Ephraim and Seth were taken aback. Link's glass shattered in his hands.

"Whoa! Link, you alright?" Falco asked as he turned away from Slippy at the sound of the glass breaking.

The bartender rushed over and began picking up the glass. Link stretched out his left hand and inspected his palm. Cuts were scattered across it, blood coming from some of the cuts and shards of glass were still in his hand. Marth turned around and offered his hand to Link.

"Link... I (shall) take (the) glass out..."

Link patiently sat as Marth continued to get the glass out.

"(So, you have insomnia, Ike? Why didn't you ever tell us?)" Marth asked as he took glass out. He almost looked hurt.

"(When did you get it?)" Ephraim asked as he winced, watching Marth remove the glass from Link's hand. It looked really painful.

Ike thought about it before answering. "(Shortly before the last tournament... possibly. I started having these crazy nightmares... things I thought I had forgotten... some things that I didn't want to remember.)"

"(Ike... I had no idea...)" Marth turned away from Link's hand to turn towards Ike.

"(So, you're leaving for a bit to recover?)"

The four Emblemria citizens turned in shock towards the speaker, who just happened to be Link. He blinked as he surveyed each of them under his critical eye - his eye never missed anything, after all. Ike nodded after a moment of silence.

He grunted as he lifted his glass. "(Yeah... Master Hand is taking me out for awhile. I don't know where, but we'll be back in a month or so. Then I'll have some time to catch up on some sleep.)" He took a swig of his drink.

"(It's going to end up good for you,)" Seth assured. "(Who's going to take care of the matches while Master Hand's gone?)"

Ike placed his glass black on the table. "(He called her 'Little Hand' – apparently she is also part of the Smash Generation. I recall a 'Nutjob Hand', too.)"

Marth, Ephraim and Seth shuddered. Link watched the blood flow on his hands before poking Marth in the shoulder. Surprised, the prince turned back around and produced a roll of bandages, wrapping Link's wounded hand carefully.

"(I don't think you'll be able to fight until it heals...)" Marth sadly told the Hyrulian. "(When did you learn Japanese?)"

Link grunted. "(I've always known it.)"

"(Well, it sure is a surprise, that's for sure!)" Ephraim chuckled.

"Here's a new glass, Mr. Hyrule," the bartender announced, and placed it in front of Link. "Be careful, now."

Link nodded as Marth tightened the bandages.


When Link walked into his home that day, with bandages on his left hand, Zelda was shocked and scared. She rushed over to him and inspected the hand.

"Link! What happened?" she asked.

"I..." Link didn't know what to say.

From the back of the room, Ganondorf entered calmly as he strode in. When he noticed the bandages, he came over just as calm, but worry was evident on his face to those that could see it. Shortly after the Brawl Tournament, and the attack from Tabuu, the tension between the three Triforce bearers had lessened during the time between the two tournaments. There were still moments where they had fights, but the friendship had been strengthening through it all and it was evident to everyone.

"Link?" Ganondorf asked.

"I... broke a glass. The shards scratched my hand," Link explained, stretching his hand.

"Guess that means you can't fight in the battle tomorrow, huh?" Ganondorf guessed. "Man, that's annoying! I wanted to beat the snot out of you!"

"Well..." Zelda began, "I guess you won't be able to."

Link shrugged as he watched the scene before him. That day, Link's name was added to the "Not Permitted to Fight" list.


The next day...

The stadium was filled with people anticipating the 'official' first match of the Generations Tournament. The Veterans of the Smashers stood on the stage, anticipating the opening ceremony. Ike was not present. Roars of cheers and boos erupted throughout the stands, and Master Hand was currently replaced with a small, thin hand wearing a white glove. Crazy Hand sat next to this new hand.

"Attention, all Smashers and fans!" announced the little hand, "My name is Little Hand, and I am currently replacing the Master Hand for this tournament while he is away! Ike Greil, Zelda Hyrule, Link Hylia, Samus Aran, Seth and Jigglypuff are currently suspended until further notice, each for medical purposes!"

Boos erupted throughout the stadium as Samus, Zelda, Seth and Jigglypuff shifted in embarrassment. Link grunted as Marth looked at him. Everyone noticed that Ike was missing. Little Hand hesitated, but Crazy assured her.

"Um... Also, please welcome our newcomers for this tournament!" she now announced.

"He's not as big, he's not as bold, but this bad Koopa is just as bad as his father! Please welcome, Bowser Jr!" she announced, as Bowser Jr arrived through the shadows of the stadium, waving to his new fans.

"He's Sonic's little co-pilot, little golden boy and he's a technical wizard to boot! Please welcome, from the country of Mobius, the great Miles "Tails" Prower!" Now Tails hovered into the stadium from a blue plane that flew by. He jumped down and hovered to the ground using his two tails. He rushed over to Sonic and they exchanged hands.

"Great to have you here, Tails!" Sonic laughed.

"Don't be shocked by her small size, this little imp is as much of a powerhouse as she is fast! She's our own Twilight Princess; please put your hands together for Midna!" Roars erupted through the stadium as a Twilight portal arrived and Midna came out of it, in her imp form. Link, Zelda and Ganondorf blinked in surprise. From the stands, two of the Smash Generation looked confused as they watched.

"Surprised?" Midna taunted, as she flew over.

"They're the perfect sibling duo to fight against! He uses a lance, she a rapier. They're the prince and princess of the land of Renais. Please welcome Ephraim and Eirika!"At this, Marth must have clapped the loudest among the Smashers. The twins arrived through teleportation magic, and waved at the crowd before rushing over to him.

"She's Fox's most important treasure, a magical telepath and the newest of the Star Fox team. Don't go easy on her - she clearly won't on you. Please welcome Krystal!" Fox nearly fainted at the sight of his one true love as she arrived via Arwing. She rushed over and hugged him.

"The next member of the Star Fox team. The communications expert, hell, he even chatted with Snake once! He's as slippy as he is a toad, please welcome Slippy Toad!" The crowd ignored Little Hand's lame joke as they went crazy for the Toad now arriving via Landmaster. He rushed over to his team.

Snake grumbled to himself as Slippy waved at him.

"We have enough Pokémon, but we can't have enough trainers! She's as dangerous as she is pretty; please welcome the Pokémon Coordinator, Sapphire!" She didn't arrive through using a Charizard, but she did arrive through using a Blaziken - racing down the hallway and eventually arriving next to her cousin, Red.

"Hey, Red, how's the training?" she asked.

"Great!" he replied.

"You asked for him, and you got him. Sad thing is, he didn't want to play our music. Despite all that, he's dangerous as he is amazing at music - please welcome Smashville's own K.K. Slider!" K.K. ignored the cries of his name as he departed the Animal Crossing train and trotted calmly across the stage towards Marth.

"Where's Dakota?" he asked.

"(She hasn't been introduced yet,)" he replied.

"The last of our newcomers - at least until Seth heals - is this one. He's a hot head, Sonic's self-proclaimed rival, and thinks he's as strong as he is hot. Put your hands together for Knuckles!" Knuckles arrived via dashing from somewhere above the stadium and landed right next to Sonic and Tails.

"Show off," muttered Sonic.

"That must-a be it, right?" Mario asked.

"Alright, now this is going to take awhile!" proclaimed another little hand who had suddenly popped out of nowhere next to Little, clearly the Nutjob Hand Ike had mentioned. "Hello, I am Nutjob Hand, Little's brother! I am going to introduce to you the GENERATIONS!"

"WHAT?!" cried out some of the Smashers. They clearly hadn't read the board.

"First up - He may be a plumber in training, but he's no pushover and loves a good fight! His name is Justin!" Almost immediately, a portal pipe arrived, but instead of coming out of it, a young male probably a couple of years younger than Dakota blasted right through, with blonde hair and blue jeans with a red shirt. He looked like a blonde Mario, but he was clearly 5'9", and he was missing the mustache. He stepped aside. His Smash sash was tied around his neck.

Mario seemed interested in the new Smasher, and watched the boy's movements carefully. "He walks a-sort of like a-me..."

"Mario... who are they? The Smash Generation?" Peach asked, but she got no answer, as Mario wasn't sure.

"Second, he's Justin's little cousin, but don't get him mixed up with a Ghostbuster - he uses those things as weapons! Welcome Aaron!"Another pipe arrived, and ghosts poured through, producing a brunette of similar height to Justin wearing black jeans and a green shirt. He smiled at his cousin as he stepped aside, some ghosts following him. His Smash sash was around his left arm.

"AH! Ghosts!" Luigi cried, and ducked for cover. From the other side of the stage, Aaron cackled so hard he fell over.

"So we have another Koopa? You can't have enough! This guy loves a good night of doing graffiti and playing with his friends! Here's BJ!" A large Koopa smashed through a brick wall, looking like Bowser Jr on steroids. He roared menacingly, but when he eyed Justin and Aaron - who casually waved - he stepped over and sat down. His Smash sash was around one of his horns.

"BJ? What kind of name is that?" Bowser asked himself as he watched the rather large Koopa walk over to his friends.

"You may have seen him fight yesterday. He killed Captain Falcon to the point of almost needing a full body cast! He's rude, blunt, and rather truthful with his words! Here's Shaun!"Shaun casually stepped down the stairs and gripped his sword, twirling it once in his hand in practice before putting it back. He ignored all the cheers that he was getting, and just glared at Captain Falcon, who chuckled hesitantly. He stepped over to his friends.

"Hey! It's that kid that beat up Captain Falcon! Go him!" Ephraim announced, surprised. "It's shocking... He's so thin and small... almost appearing fragile..."

"I know," Seth added, as he readjusted his bandages a bit. "But you can't judge depending on size. Kirby is powerful, and look at how small and fragile he looks."

"So his father isn't a Smasher anymore? That doesn't matter at all! He's a prince, very noble and doesn't care for being careful! Here's Johan!" Johan jumped down from a balcony above, and produced his sword - a glowing steel reflecting light. He had red hair and his Smash sash was tied to keep it out of his face. His glowing red armor glinted in the sunlight, his bright green eyes eyeing everything around him. He smiled at the crowd before stepping next to Shaun, who just ignored him as he greeted him.

"What an ass..." Snake complained. "That Shaun kid may have done you a favor, Samus, but I don't like him!"

"Why? Because he's rude?" Samus asked. "Let him get used to the situation."

"Johan looks like Roy," Ephraim pointed out next to them, randomly.

"She's a little crazy and on the awkward side a little, but she has artillery that you don't want to face! She's special in the ways of the fighting style that she uses - completely perfected, we assure you! Here's Dakota!" Dakota jumped down, did a somersault in the air, and produced a box - surprising Snake to hell. Getting underneath it, she made it so that the box turned over, and went right side up. The surprising thing was - it was empty! Another box was produced just beside Johan. Dakota sprung up from underneath that one, and waved as people cheered at her amazing trick. She winked at K.K., who smiled.

"That was impressive," K.K. mentioned to Marth.

"(Yeah... How did she do that?)" the prince asked in return.

"No clue."

"Are you tired of Pokémon being in the tournament, yet? I can tell you that I am! But, the sad thing is, you can never have enough, especially when they're so cute! Like this aura user, Riolu!" To those words, a Riolu jumped down from the balcony, and landed on her feet, happily reaching out to the crowd, giving off a cheerful aura. Lucario smiled as he watched the Riolu rush over to Dakota. She produced a Smash sash and put it around the Riolu's head.

"I remember when I was that little," he calmly stated to Pikachu.

"(You were little?)" Pikachu asked jokingly in the Pokémon language.

Lucario ignored him.

"Next up, we have a strange Smash Generation. He's a fox -raised by a wolf. He's a strong telepath, the kind you don't want to face. He's probably almost as rude as Shaun. Here's Todd!" An anthropomorphic fox suddenly appeared in the middle of the stage, bearing a staff similar to Krystal's - possibly even a complete duplicate. The staff was rusted, and he was brown with streaks of bright blue in his fur. His dark, beady eyes showed an emotionless personality, his clothes ragged and needing a good wash. His Smash sash was tied around his staff. Todd didn't do anything to please the crowd. He just turned around and ignored everyone, only waving at Dakota and Shaun.

"Wow... that kid needs a good spanking," Falco commented.

"He has a remarkably strong mind," Krystal added. "He just needs a good teacher."

"He needs a parent," Wolf stated, surprising everyone. "Just a loving, caring parent."

"Next up, we have a racer! Just like Captain! The only difference? Shaun hasn't tried to kill him yet! Here's street racer Ensign!" A race car crashed through the stage, ejecting a teenager wearing a bright green racing suit and blonde hair with dark brown eyes. He wore a set of goggles around his face, his Smash sash tied around his wrist. Ensign saluted to everyone before stepping to the side and smiling at Dakota suggestively, to which she punched him.

"I like her!" Snake announced. Samus laughed as she patted him on the back.

"That kid is a street racer?" Captain Falcon mentioned beside him. "Street racing? Bah!" At this, he scoffed and crossed his arms. "Street racing is more dangerous than track racing. You can get into more accidents and even get killed."

"Yeah? Sounds about your style," Snake sneered.

"This next one might surprise you. He's a Gerudo from the Gerudo desert, one of only two males to be born in that race! I'm not going to ruin anything, so I'll just announce him! Here's Gavin!" A menacing boy that looked remarkably a lot like Ganondorf stepped out of the shadows next to Dakota - scaring the hell out of her. His skin was not green, but a deep tan. His eyes were a sickly yellow. His Smash sash was tied around his right leg. He smiled at the crowd.

"Holy crap," was all Ganondorf could say.

The boy merely looked at them, a dark look in his eye.

"It's time to produce another set of siblings! They don't fight side by side often, but they can be dangerous when provoked! He's Rinku, she's Zel! Here are the siblings of Hyrule!" Two sibling Hyrulians stepped out of a Twilight Portal produced by who-knows-what. Rinku had bright blonde hair with his ears sticking out, and his blue eyes were a bright ocean colour. He wore green clothing similar to Link's, and it was clear he ditched the hat. Like most of the Smash Generation, his Smash sash was tied around his head. '

His sister, Zel, was a lot like Zelda in many ways besides the name. She had brown hair and deep blue eyes. She was dressed in a way similar to a Sheikah, but there was more uniqueness to the outfit - Zel had added a skirt. Her Smash sash was tied around her neck, made so that it blocked the lower part of her face.

Link and Zelda had nothing to say - they were at a loss for words. They watched as the two rushed over to Gavin.

"Shame," Dakota sighed. "Maven couldn't make it."

"He's an angel from Angel Land, a soldier made for defending his Goddess, Palutena! He fights with a lance, and speaks in the third person a lot! Put your hands together for Lance!" A boy with wings erupted from the air, a lance tied to his back and a large grin upon his childlike face. His mop of brown hair waved in the wind, and his deep cerulean eyes gazed at the audience with pleasure. His bright white wings flapped, feathers falling to the ground below. His beige toga didn't move, but when he landed onto the stage, the fabric began to sway with the wind, revealing his Smash sash to be acting like a belt. He took a bow before going to his friends.

"Wow," Pit breathed as he stood next to Mario. "He's from my land... but I don't even recall him!"

"Aren't you the-a captain? Shouldn't you a-know him?" Mario asked.

"Exactly... and I don't."

"And yet another sibling duo... man am I getting tired of these... from the land of Renais... again... Oh what the hell? Here's Aden - the male - and Aine - the girl!" Two more twins arrived via teleportation magic, revealing a blue haired male and a red haired female.

The blue haired male, Aden, wore blue armor similar to Ephraim's, with his Smash sash tied around his neck. His soft features seemed to mimic Seth's, and his lance was tied to his back. His sister, Aine, with her red hair, wore armor similar to Eirika's, with her Smash Sash tied around her right arm. She had a broadsword at her side, and glared at everyone around them. They turned around before heading to their friends. Aden waved at Shaun, who did not wave back.

Eirika was speechless at the sight of them. Seth sighed.

"They look deadly," Ephraim dead panned.

"She's deadly, feisty, killer, and flamey - here's the best friend... possibly... of Shaun! She's the reason we had a surprise fight yesterday! This Princess is no princess... she's deadly and you don't want to mess with her! Here's Cain!" Cain jumped down to the ground before taking out two swords and swinging them around. She wore deep blue armor and blue clothing throughout. Her short blue hair blew in the wind and her deep green eyes glinted in the light. If anyone didn't know any better, she couldn't have been Shaun's best friend - she could have been his sister. She sheathed her swords before walking over to Shaun.

Marth gasped. "(That's the girl that didn't recognize Dr. Mario before!)"

K.K. did a double take. "Oh my god! You're right!"

"So, she's from Emblemria?" Ephraim asked. "She looks like you, Martha."

"(Don't call me that!)" Marth exclaimed. Ephraim just laughed.

"Here's another Pokémon Trainer, though he's more of a junior than anything else! Don't scare him though... he's a little jumpy. Here's Lukas!" A large Fearow came down, with a boy with white hair and blue eyes atop the Pokémon. He wore a black outfit with a white sash around his forehead, bearing a Pokeball symbol. His Smash sash was tied around the strap of his one strapped backpack on his back. He recalled his Fearow before bowing, releasing his other two Pokémon - a Grovyle and a Gardevoir. The two Pokémon bowed before he recalled them. He walked over to his friends.

Red and Sapphire looked at each other before smiling at cheering him on their heads.

"I hope he becomes a good trainer," Red told his cousin. "He might be a worthy opponent someday."

"I agree," Sapphire smiled.

"Hey, Lucas! He has the same name as you!" Ness laughed. "Guess we'll have to call you Luke, huh?"

Lucas smiled a small smile and nodded as he rubbed his hands together shyly.

"She's feisty and tricky -sly like a fox! She's here searching for her brother! Here's Vixen!" Almost immediately, a blue furred fox with brown streaks jumped down and landed on her feet, firing her laser into the sky. She was dressed similar to Falco, but she clearly had Fox's spirit. Her Smash sash was small, like a ribbon, and tied to hold her blue fur out of her face. She smiled at everyone before heading to where the rest of the Smash Generation was.

"Holy..." Falco shook his head out of shock. "She's looking for her brother?! That freaking cold-hearted fox is clearly her brother!"

"They even look alike," Fox commented.

"Maybe... she doesn't want to believe that he is her brother..." Krystal suggested with a sad tone in her voice.

"He's a star warrior, just like Kirby and Meta Knight! However... he's not as strong as them, but he wishes he was! He's got the heart to prove it! Here's Tad!" A blue blob, similar to Kirby and Meta Knight, came out of the shadows, and landed on the ground softly. He had a sword like Meta Knight's, but he had no armor or special cape. His eyes were a dark red, and his mouth turned into a frown. He had a Smash sash tied around his head. After a series of whoops and cheers, Tad scampered over to the rest of the Smash Generation.

"He is worthy," Meta Knight said calmly. "He is worth training."

"Poyo? What do you mean, poyo?" Kirby asked.

Meta Knight didn't answer him.

"Don't mess with this bad wolf, for he's Todd's older brother! He will fight no matter what the causes! Here's Kiba!" A brown furred wolf jumped down, similarly dressed to Fox, but the clothing was black. His Smash sash was tied around his wrist and his claws were out of his paws. His boots needed a bit of mending, and he was rather thin. He grinned and saluted to the crowd before turning and heading over to Todd.

"That kid doesn't look so dangerous!" Falco protested loudly, as he was trying to go and beat him up. Fox and Slippy held him back.

"Whoa, give them a minute, Falco! The ceremony hasn't even finished yet!" Slippy argued.

"A yoshi from Yoshi Island, this yoshi can spit out bubbles! Hence... her name. Here's Bubbles the Yoshi!" A pink Yoshi arrived via egg and smashed into the ground, causing her to fall over. Silence was scattered around the stadium until, anxious, Bubbles fired bubbles out of her mouth. Roars suddenly erupted, and Bubbles jumped up, happy. She rushed over to the others.

"Yoshi! I like her, yoshi," Yoshi stated.

"I-a... I-a am unsure, Yoshi," Mario sighed. "I-a feel like-a I've seen that-a boy before... The-a one named-a Justin."

Silence surrounded the two. Next to Mario, Pit shivered. He felt like he had seen Lance too, but he had no idea who he was.

"These two aren't fighting... but they're so cute I couldn't resist! She's Pear, the sister of Justin and single-handedly tamed BJ! He's Riley, the brother of Dakota and loves to kick Ensign! Here they are!" Almost immediately, a young girl in a pink princess dress similar to Peach's flew down the stadium using her umbrella. She landed gracefully on the ground, her brown hair flowing in the wind and her deep blue eyes glinted with a hidden laughter. She giggled and closed her umbrella. She rushed over to Justin.

Riley, on the other hand appeared via box, wearing similar clothing to Ness and Lucas – a blue and black striped t-shirt with brown shorts. He was a blonde, and had brown eyes. He gave the crowd a peace sign before rushing to his sister.

"She's so cute! The dress she's wearing is so adorable!" Peach giggled.

"That kid, the boy? He reminds me of me when I was a kid," Snake commented.

"Please keep in mind that these Smash Generation kids are from the year 2029, so please help them if they can't figure out the microwave. On a better note… LET THE OPENING CEREMONY BEGIN!!" announced Crazy Hand, now taking centre stage from the two younger hands. "We'll start with the first battle of the season - Mario vs. Luigi! Will the two competitors please stay on the stage while the remaining Smashers head to the stands? I'm so excited!"

Little turned to her brother and moved up and down in a mock nod. "Yup, he's crazy."

"He's Crazy Hand!" cackled Nutjob. "What do you expect?!"

Cries, cheers, whoops and roars sounded from the stadium as fans cried out for Mario and Luigi. The Smashers looked across the stage to the Smash Generation, eye to eye with them, each of them feeling like they had seen the kids before, but unable to pinpoint where exactly they had seem them.

Soon, the Smashers and the Smash Generation walked through the back door, heading to the stands for competitors only. Luigi and Mario stayed on the stage, ready for the fight of their life. The Shadow... vs. the Shadow Maker, was the words that came to Peach's mind as she turned back to give Mario a reassuring thumbs up.


In the stands, Marth and K.K. approached Dakota, who was grasping onto the bars, waiting for the first fight. She seemed almost excited, but nervous as well. K.K. smiled at her.

"What are you so nervous about?" he asked.

"This will be the first time I will see Mario and Luigi fight," she explained. "I may know them, but they retired shortly before I turned ten. I'm so excited but I am so nervous!"

Shaun stepped over, ignoring all the glares and smiles he was getting from everyone around him. He stopped next to Dakota, his thin, frail looking body seeming so small compared to her healthy, well built one. He leaned over the bars, eyeing the two brothers waiting for the battle to begin.

"Do you know Mario and Luigi, Shaun?" K.K. asked calmly.

Shaun shook his head, deciding to stay quiet about himself. Marth seemed skeptical. To him, he was sure Shaun knew the brothers. He was part of the Smash Generation, right? Then why wouldn't he know?

"Shaun's quite new," Dakota explained with a smile. "We found him in Gritzy Desert while we were traveling around! He was like, dead there. It was so weird. Cain, being the loving, caring person that she is, helped him... and then he decided he would never leave."

"Shut up, Dakota," Shaun stated with a warning tone.

Dakota zipped her mouth.

"And folks, here we go! The first battle of the season: Mario vs. Luigi! Who will win? Who will lose? I don't know! I'm so excited I'm spinning in my chair!" Crazy announced.

"Hands can spin in chairs?!" Little asked, astounded.

"I guess so, because he's doing it," Nutjob answered with a chuckle.

On the stage, Mario and Luigi glared at each other, sweat falling from their foreheads in slow beads. They were ready.


The first battle of the season! Mario vs. Luigi! Who will win? Who will lose? Stay tuned for next time, on the Smash Generation!

Next episode: The Shadow vs. the Shadow Maker! The Shadow Rises!



It's all dark until a chibi Ensign fell out of the sky dressed like Bandit Keith from Yu Gi Oh. He suddenly popped in front of the screen, pointed a finger at the sky, and with stars in his eyes, exclaimed the following phrase:

"I will conquer this entire tournament and win it! … In America!*" ("In America" copyright of LittleKuriboh, the creator of the Yu Gi Oh Abridged Series.) "See? See my amazingly bold text? That means I'm an advanced being of strength and awesomeness! In America!*"

It suddenly cuts to Dakota and Shaun, who both fall back in stunned silence.


Random Bits of Info:
Yes, we know that Dakota is probably insane. She's also a pyromaniac! Would you believe that in pre-development, she was going to be an average girl? (Kageshi)
2. We already have the legend above, but whenever a character speaks, and the text is bolded, that means they are all powerful. (Axann)
3. When creating the characters, the four of us instantly agreed on Shaun's personality. (Raxas)
4. Dakota and Shaun are best friends, sure… but they don't really show it well. (Chrislma)
5. Yes, we know the Metroid Stage turns upside down, too… we just thought it would be fun, since the Smashers know that as well, since it's the only stage that does that! (to our knowledge…) (Axann)
6. Our portrayal of Crazy Hand is not as good as game2002's… he's the best. He was our inspiration! (Chrislma)
7. It took exactly three days, two hours and thirty minutes for Kageshi to write the opening ceremony. She complained the entire time… but hey, she was the one that wanted to do it in the first place, so it's entirely her fault. (Raxas)
8. In our story, Hands can do anything, including spinning chairs. They're amazing that way. (Chrislma)