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'So, what story would you like tonight?' Jaspara asked the two young children in the spacious room.

The four-year-old redhead sat up in his bed and grinned.

'"The Cat with the Blade"!' he exclaimed.

'But, Rasche, I tell that one every single night. Surely you're bored of that old folklore tale?'

Rasche shook his head and continued smiling. Jaspara gave up and asked the slightly younger, black-haired boy.

'What about you, Roland? Any other stories you wanna hear tonight?'

Roland shook his head.

'I like that story,' he said quietly

Jaspara gave up and began her story.

'Once upon a time, there was a cat. This cat was very clever. She could wield a magical blade called Regulus. However, Regulus had a sister blade called Rega. Regulus controlled the power of light and Rega that of darkness. This cat was especially special because she wasn't just a cat. She was a creature called a metamorph. She could transform into anything she wanted and was the one who was to be able to control both powers and regulate them evenly. However, the cat's mother was a terrible woman. She wanted to control the powers instead of her daughter. So she plotted with a Beast against her daughter. They plotted to kill her and turn her into stone. The cat heard about this and ran away. She ran until she found a very fancy kingdom. This kingdom was Carnava. She wandered the streets until a young man found her and took her in. This man had two wonderful children and many friends. He was also good at swordsmanship and so trained the cat to be able to control the Regulus. In return for safety and training, the cat had agreed to look after the man's two children. However, one day the cat's mother found where her daughter was hiding. She stormed into the house and prepared to cast a magic spell on the cat. However, the older of the two children got in the way. The cat's mother got angry and cast a new spell. The kid was knocked away and the cat was paralyzed. When the kid woke up, he didn't remember anything about the cat. The man and his other son so badly wanted to tell him about the cat but knew that if they did, they'd never see him alive again. But help was at hand when the boy noticed the new statue on top of the church tower. The oldest son talked to the statue. He did so for four whole years, for about an hour each day. It is predicted that one day the cat will return and the older boy's memory will return with her.'

Jaspara looked around. Roland had fell asleep but Rasche was still wide-awake.

'Who's the cat?' he asked.

'It's folklore; it's most likely not true!' Jaspara exclaimed quietly, shocked at the question.

'Well, I've never heard of it from anywhere except you so it must be real. Who are the people?' he asked, stubbornly refusing the answer Jaspara had given him.

Jaspara looked into Rasche's green eyes. Her own yellow ones glinted as she leant over near the side of Rasche's head.

'I am the cat. I wield the blade. You're a smart kid, figure out the rest,' she whispered in his ear, her black hair tickling Rasche's cheek.


'You know where she is now, dear. Relax,' a man's voice said. The speaker was a great Beast with a red body and black fur on his head. His yellow eyes were nearly luminous.

'No! I will be the Adverse One!' this was a woman's voice. She wore a revealing red top and a black skirt. Her blonde hair was tied back and her brown eyes were full of fury.

'I know you will. But give it time, Marcie.'

'No, Bharva, I will NOT give it time! I want the power that she possesses! Make the preparations for her to be captured as soon as possible!' the woman was obviously impatient. Bharva gave up and walked away, plotting how best to ambush the Training Area.


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